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Tourist medical insurance. Opportunity to compare prices and place inexpensively

Insurance of tourists traveling abroad is quite simple in the design process, and the policy is able to save you a lot of strength and nerves in case of unforeseen situations. In order to buy travel or medical insurance for travelers abroad, you will need:

  • Identify the country and dates of the trip
  • Specify the birthdates of persons who need to arrange insurance
  • Consider additional factors and indicate them (the most frequent is the desire to indulge in active recreation And extreme sports)
  • Get acquainted with the provided programs and choose the one that is most suitable for you, compare the prices of medical and tourist insurance for travelers abroad
  • Fill in the personal data in the questionnaire, necessarily specifying the correct phone number and e-mail address
  • To pay for insurance (there are many convenient ways for this, including online)
  • To receive the letter on the e-mail specified by you with the enclosed policy of insurance.

Online insurance for travelers abroad (TZD): you can buy an insurance policy online

If you are planning to spend a vacation abroad or go on a long training course - do not forget to issue an insurance policy! This applies even to trips to a visa-free country or traveling in Russia - an insurance policy will help you relax calmly and comfortably, feel confident and secure. Having issued insurance (and today you can also arrange medical and travel insurance online), you can get help in any country of the world wherever you are, which will greatly enhance your enjoyment of travel and save time, energy and money in case of an unforeseen situation. It is especially convenient that today the insurance policy can be obtained online, you do not need to travel anywhere and stand in lines - just get it on your email.

Tourist medical insurance will be required in the following cases:

  • Getting a visa
  • Canceling a trip
  • Traveling in Russia
  • Studying Abroad
  • The illness or accident that occurred in Another country
  • Loss of documents or baggage
  • Extreme sports activities
  • Travel by car
  • Damage to health and / or property of third parties.

Why you need to buy medical insurance for travelers

As a result of the survey, which was attended by more than 1,200 people, constantly traveling around Russia and the world, we realized that for travelers one of the main principles is to be sure of their safety. People want to know that they will definitely receive qualified help in any stressful situation - flight cancellation, loss of baggage or document theft, accident or illness. Insurance for travelers abroad in this situation will become a real savior, and not just a formal document for obtaining a visa. Advantages and advantages of an insurance policy can be summarized as follows:

  • It's simple and convenient - today you can buy an insurance policy for people traveling abroad online, by sending a letter to your e-mail
  • Simply get a visa - there are special online forms accepted in embassies and consulates
  • The speed and efficiency with which insurance owners are served in Russia and abroad
  • A wide range of offers covering all traveler protection options - you will be able to compare prices and choose the most optimal cost of insurance policy
  • High quality of service and service.

Insurance of students traveling abroad

Insurance policies for students traveling to study abroad - a measure very useful and popular, about which Parents and family members are always worried. It is very important for relatives to know that their child will be safe, and even when they can not help him at a distance, the student will receive qualified medical care and care in any force majeure situations. Insurance protects in the event of injuries, diseases caused by acclimatization (after all, the student visits a new country with an unfamiliar climate, kitchen, environmental situation), allows you to use the necessary medicines, provide inpatient care and even use the services of dentists. To buy travel and medical insurance for a student traveling abroad is to take care of him and protect him from the negative influence of any unforeseen situations.

Students' medical insurance

This type of insurance covers almost all types of expenses that will be needed when providing medical care to a child in another country:

  • Medical examination and diagnosis
  • Surveys and analysis
  • Prescription and non-prescription medicines
  • Dressings and other medical supplies
  • ] Means of simple fixation, for example, gypsum or crutches
  • Treatment in hospital and medical supervision
  • Transport in appropriate conditions if necessary
  • In acute condition - dental treatment
  • If necessary, surgery (if it can not be done in another country for any reason) - Transportation of pupils to their home country and necessary medical support on the road
  • Visit by a relative (if the period of inpatient treatment is more than 10 days)
  • Search for the missing student (if the child is lost during the excursion, walks, expeditions, etc.) - note that This item on the organization of searches is included in the insurance contract separately, in standard standard contracts it is usually not.

What should I do if the insured event occurred?

As soon as the insurance accident occurred (the student fell ill or was injured, became the victim of an accident ), Immediately contact the service center of the insurance company, where the employee in Russian will describe in detail your further actions and will undertake the organization of the necessary activities: search, transportation, treatment and examination, appointment of a doctor, etc. The service center works in a 24/7 mode, without holidays or weekends - you can be sure that you will get prompt, qualified help absolutely at any moment. To call a service center employee, be prepared to state your full name, location, insurance policy number, contact number, briefly and describe in detail what happened.

The service center will help you if you have legal problems - for example, you have stolen documents or lost luggage. Do not settle for suggestions of dubious agents abroad, promising to solve your problems quickly and cheaply! Contact the insurance company where you were helped to make out an insurance policy, by a 24-hour service number - only this option will give you the opportunity to get a qualified, professional, legal help from a doctor or lawyer.

The cost of student medical insurance

Medical insurance students can not only save your time and nerves, but also significantly limit financial spending. Let us give one example, taken from the story of an eyewitness.

A student who did not have medical insurance on a football training session and hit his hip, suspecting a fracture in the femur or rib. At the reception the doctor prescribed only standard medications to him, after examining the site of the damage - there was no x-ray, no bandages, no prescription of painkillers, and a check for 200 dollars was issued for this reception!

The cost of medical and travel insurance for students always depends on several factors:

  • In which country is the training

Some countries set a different cost of medical care even depending on the institution in which the student is studying

  • The student's age

Many countries for students Under 22 years old, who receive the first higher education (usually bachelor's programs), set a discount of 20%

  • Duration of the training course

The longer students plan to study abroad - the longer the insurance policy is drawn up for a longer period. If the training course is designed for several years, a standard annual insurance is issued, which is subsequently reissued the required number of times. Some insurance companies provide policies for a period of 2 years, and the longer the term of the policy, the more profitable its cost.

  • Group or individual training

Many insurance agencies provide a special discount for students who travel as part of a training group of 15 people.

  • Estimated insurance coverage

Typically, the amount of student insurance varies from 15 to 100 thousand dollars, from 60 cents to 2 dollars per night in a foreign country.

In any case, even when making the most expensive insurance policy, its value repeatedly pays off in the event of an insurance event, the elimination of the consequences of which will cost significantly more.

How to calculate the cost of insurance? Can I compare the prices of insurance policies and the cost of medical insurance?

In a special form, select the countries and dates of the proposed trip - the system will make the necessary calculations within a minute and will generate for you possible Options for insurance from Russian companies, indicating all prices. If necessary, in the next step you can supplement the insurance with necessary details (for example, tick the special box if you are planning to engage in extreme sports), and the cost will be automatically recalculated.
On this page of our site you can arrange insurance for people traveling abroad, buy an insurance policy in just a few minutes. To do this, just enter your data and compare prices from several insurance companies and agents - we select the most optimal prices for you so that you can choose the best offer. Our service will allow you to compare the prices of insurance policies from the following reliable companies: ERV, Alfa Insurance, Rosgosstrakh, Ingosstrakh, Liberty Insurance, Consent, Support, VTB Insurance, Zetta, Renaissance Insurance, Russian Standard Insurance, RESO, VSK and others.

Insurance of students traveling abroad from an accident

If a student is insured and injured in a foreign country as a result of an accident, after returning to the country he will receive monetary compensation, directly depending on the severity of the received Injury. This will be very useful, since usually a lot of drugs are needed for recovery, physiotherapy, medical supervision, etc.

The cost of accident insurance varies from 1 to 10 thousand dollars: depending on the severity of the injury received, 30% to 100% of the sum insured is paid. On average, the accident insurance for a week is $ 0.1, for a year - $ 153.3 (if the insurance cover is the minimum amount of $ 1000). If you can use the discount for young students (up to 22 years old, first-time university graduates), your expenses will be reduced by another 20%.

Medical and tourist insurance for students. Exceptions

Like any type of insurance, medical or travel insurance for students (and also other types) has its limitations, under which the insured amount is not paid:

  • Attempted suicide and caused in The process of injury and injury
  • Intentionally inflicted injuries (by you or third parties) for the purpose of obtaining insurance benefits
  • Injuries received in the state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, with the use of any toxic substances
  • With the participation of a student In fights, wagers and disputes, riots and terrorist acts, strikes and military actions
  • In countries where extensive natural disasters occur, medical quarantine is introduced due to the spread and epidemic of dangerous infectious diseases - we recommend in advance to clarify the ecological and political situation in the state where you are planning to go
  • In violation of established rules of conduct in the host country.

Regarding the last point, we give an example. For example, training is conducted in a warm country with the possibility of beach recreation, and for this you can use common urban and municipal beaches. And the student, arriving at the coast, discovers on the shore a red flag, signaling that bathing is strictly forbidden. If you ignore this warning, you can become a victim of sharks, jellyfish or other marine predators, and the insurance company will not pay insurance in this case, even if the student found it necessary to arrange medical insurance, as the student deliberately neglected the rules of conduct and official warnings.

Insurance of students traveling abroad. Baggage

It is quite logical that tourists and students are extremely sensitive to their luggage, especially students traveling abroad for a long time - and the loss of luggage becomes very unpleasant and disorganizing factor. Baggage insurance will help you in this case: it will be enough to produce documents and a statement confirming the incident (usually they can be obtained at the airport or the carrier's transport company) and you will receive compensation at the full cost of the baggage (only 15% ). You can get a similar luggage insurance policy for the entire trip period, or you can choose insurance only for the time spent on the way - the cost of the policy thus varies from 250 to 5000 dollars. Carriers usually pay only part of the lost or damaged baggage, while the insurance agent pays the remaining cost.

Insurance of student civil liability

Unfortunately, in any country in the world at any time, this situation may happen that you unintentionally and accidentally damaged someone else's property or caused harm to another person, or you lose all documents , Including the passport. It will be especially difficult to solve such a problem in a foreign country where you do not know the language and legislation, do not have familiar lawyers or lawyers that you could turn to - in this case, the program of liability insurance will be indispensable. In this situation, you will be provided with a professional lawyer who will represent your interests and visit the courts, participate in the proceedings. Insurance coverage of this order is from 10 to 50 dollars, and costs about 182 dollars a year. We recommend that you buy such insurance for travelers abroad, if you are not sure about your level of a foreign language - it's very, very difficult to explain yourself in a critical situation with authorities and victims.

Trip cancellation insurance and change of terms

If you have already completed a study program abroad and bought tickets, but suddenly there were unforeseen circumstances of great strength (drafting an army or summons to the court, the death of a close relative) , The appropriate type of insurance policy will help you get back the money you paid for the tickets. The costs are returned in full (usually a sum of $ 200-3500), excluding only overhead (15%). The cost of such an insurance policy is 4% of the selected amount of coverage.

If you have already gone to another country, go through training and at this moment receive news of the death of a close relative - the agent pays for you tickets to your home country for a few days, plus tickets back to the country of training (flight in economy- Class).

Medical insurance for Schengen visa

Registration of a Schengen visa will require you to arrange an insurance policy for a traveler abroad for the duration of the trip - this can be TZD or an insurance policy for travelers abroad (you can buy it and At online registration of the visa). The whole area of ​​the Schengen agreement is established by the territory, and the amount of insurance coverage starts from 30 thousand euros. A similar insurance policy covers the following potential costs:

  • Provision of professional, qualified medical care at the place of injury or at the place of disease detection
  • Transportation of the patient to his or her home country under the appropriate conditions, with medical care and observation en route
  • Repatriation (posthumous transportation of the body) to the chosen burial site.
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