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Issa V. (review School Abbey DLD College London)

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Right now I'm writing a review from England, already studying at Abbey College DLD College London on the A-level program - another year, and I will go to the University of London.

I was recorded on the program on the advice of my parents' friends: their son is a little older and about the same prepared for English universities: first to college for senior classes, and then to college. In universities gloomy Britain in a hurry will not do, especially from Russia (in the first place will affect the lack of English).

The course is complicated, guys, complex: if you are not ready to plow every day, not for you. A huge amount of homework (not just a-la "write examples," but "prepare a report," "do an experiment," etc.), a lot of information in the classroom, all in-depth and detailed, constantly group projects, studies, laboratory works. The bonus is that there are not many items - on A-level you choose 3-4 items that you will need to go to university. I'm going to the right, that's why I took history, sociology and all that. True, there are guys who take 5-6 subjects in agreement with the teachers, but they are like robots (traditionally these are Asian students, in general monsters for study). I like the method of teaching, very many examples lead from real life, from the latest news - for such flexible sciences as mine, it is super-useful. Constantly offer some clubs, clubs, communities, events: to admit, it is difficult for me to allocate time for them because of the volume of study (I regularly go only for all excursions - it's very interesting!), But my college friends go, content.

I'm going to do it after a year - I'm afraid of the final exams, of course, because in fact it's your A-level certificate that will be considered by the admission committee. But we do a lot of professional orientation with us: they talk about the peculiarities of different professions, about different universities and their faculties, where it's harder and much easier to help and train to write a motivation letter (oh, without it you can not go anywhere, they always demand), already issued (for a year!) a list of documents that must be prepared. In addition, there is a very convenient electronic application system (UCAS, in Russia there is no analogue), so you can knock not one, but five higher schools and look quickly where to take it.

In general, the training and choice I'm very pleased with - and otherwise wish me good luck!

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