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It is best to learn about our activities and the quality of the services provided by the company from the feedback of our customers and students. Sincerely, Smapse Team.
Anna K.

Anna K. (review about Home Language International London)

We would like to thank the company Smapse and personally to the manager Diana for a well-organized trip to London!

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Catherine B.

Catherine B. (review Abbey College Manchester)

At Abbey College Manchester, I attended an academic English course: I wanted to pick up something more serious than the typical English on the beach.

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Daniel K.

Daniel K. (review about Oswestry School)

I study at Oswestry School on the A-level program. To be brief - this is a special course to prepare for admission to a foreign university (they do not directly accept after the graduation from the Russian school). I arrived in England two years ago, finished middle classes here, and then I entered the A-level.

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Anatoly M.

Anatoly M. (review of CATS College Cambridge)

At CATS College Cambridge, I came to the Foundation program: this is the type of preparatory course for the university: if you have not attended high school in England, it's almost impossible for you to enter local universities. Usually those who want to go to university more seriously than Oxford choose a more difficult program (A-level), but my university does not belong to the category of selective tops, so we consulted with the consultant that there will be enough of Fundadeis.

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Oleg Z.

Oleg Z. (review of Cambridge Tutors College)

At Cambridge Tutors College, we sent our son to a program for the middle classes. From the very beginning they planned to give a higher education in England, but conferred with friends, whose children already study abroad, and they advised to start as early as possible, even to finish the school in Russia and transfer.

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Tatiana I.

Tatiana I. (review of Concord College)

I went to study at Concord College for intensive English courses - I wanted to bring up the knowledge before enrolling in school. Parents gave kindness to the English course, and we went to choose.

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Issa V.

Issa V. (review School Abbey DLD College London)

Right now I'm writing a review from England, already studying at Abbey College DLD College London on the A-level program - another year, and I will go to the University of London.

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Yana I. - review about Queen Ethelburga's College

Yana I. - review about Queen Ethelburga's College (son studies at Queen Ethelburga's College)

An excellent educational institution, we are pleased with our choice and can safely advise everyone.

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Vasily L. - a review about St. Petersburg. Clare's Oxford

Vasily L. - a review about St. Petersburg. Clare's Oxford (Parents, daughter studies in St. Petersburg. Clare's Oxford)

My daughter studies in St. Petersburg. Clare's Oxford : we are happy with the choice of the school, and the work of specialists Smapse. We will note the most important details, because in almost three years they have accumulated a lot:

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Artem V. - review about Bromsgrove school

Artem V. - review about Bromsgrove school (studies at Bromsgrove school)

I attend academic English courses at Bromsgrove school: I want to study in England, but my English level is still weak. They consulted with their parents, talked to educational agents - they allowed the opportunities, and decided to even pull up the English already in the country where I plan to stay. Yet the best Russian tutor is not a native speaker, does not live constantly in an English-speaking environment.

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