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It is best to learn about our activities and the quality of the services provided by the company from the feedback of our customers and students. Sincerely, Smapse Team.
Yvette P.

Yvette P. (review of Bell Bell School Albans School)

I have a bilingual family, so I learn foreign languages ​​(French and English) from the very childhood. Last year I went to the English camp at Bell St. Albans School (actually, to learn English) and I can leave a response.

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Konstantin M.

Konstantin M. (School tip Embassy Summer London UCL)

We have boys-pogody, so in summer they often rest-go somewhere together. This summer decided to try to send to the English camp abroad (they are 15 and 16 years old): we plan to study further in Moscow, but English is always useful. Yes, and the descriptions of the camps liked - they realized that the children will not be bored, because many interesting things are planned. Here, thanks to the managers of Smapse (Alexander sends warm greetings!), Which supplied us with a mountain of useful information, booklets, photographs and others like them.

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Anara B.

Anara B. (review about Royal Veterinary College)

Good afternoon!

I think it necessary to write a review about my college, because the direction is specific and not so demanded, therefore it is difficult to find normal information from live people (it was difficult for me personally). I study in London at the Royal Veterinary College on a bachelor's program (as in Russia, this is the first higher education), and I am very pleased with the organization of the trip from Smapse.

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Anna R.

Anna R. (review of Ridley College)

We have long wanted to send a child to study abroad, but in themselves people who doubt, for a long time thought - which country, what program, etc. In Smapse helped to decide. The role was also played by the fact that our relatives have long lived in Canada, in the province of Ontario, therefore the idea to go to study in Canada appeared to be successful. Flour choice of school - and now the son is the second year he studies at Ridley College.

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Albert F.

Albert F. (review of Stanstead College)

It can be said that I visited Stanstead College twice.)) The first time I came here for the summer courses of the French, and only then together with my parents decided to enter the program of the senior classes and prepare for the Canadian university.

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Irena P.

Irena P. (review of King's College Madrid Soto de Vinuelas)

We, admittedly, did not plan to study abroad from the very beginning, but my wife was transferred to work in Madrid, and a year later it became clear that everything was serious and he was there - that was the question of the move. We have a son of 8 years old, just went to school, so we had to translate a little in a hurry and without additional intensive training - but everything went well, we learned and live here for the third year already (the school of King's College Madrid Soto de Vinuelas ).

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Daria S.

Daria S. (school review Albert College)

I study in Canada for the third year, I plan to finish my school here (I was picked up by Albert College in Ontario) and entered the university.

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Polina S.

Polina S. (review of Ashbury College)

My daughter has been studying in Canada for several years now, she is completing the high school program and is preparing for the university (either in Canada or the US, and there and there have found good options).

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Sergey V.

Sergey V. (review of Fulford Academy)

It's risky to seem pretentious and generally recall, but studying in Canada is the best thing that has happened to me in my life.

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Victoria K.

Victoria K. (review of Windermere Preparatory School)

The child has been studying at this school for many years - they started with primary classes, when they themselves lived in the US (by the work of the spouse), then moved to the middle classes and study there. School like, when changing their place of residence they decided not to translate, just change to a boarding house (to live and study on the same territory).

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