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It is best to learn about our activities and the quality of the services provided by the company from the feedback of our customers and students. Sincerely, Smapse Team.
Victoria K.

Victoria K. (review of Windermere Preparatory School)

The child has been studying at this school for many years - they started with primary classes, when they themselves lived in the US (by the work of the spouse), then moved to the middle classes and study there. School like, when changing their place of residence they decided not to translate, just change to a boarding house (to live and study on the same territory).

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Rahim S.

Rahim S. (review of TASIS the American School)

Good afternoon! Let me also insert my five cents about my favorite school.))

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Karina I.

Karina I. (review of Leysin American School)

Excellent school, I'm glad that I'm studying here!

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Ivan G.

Ivan G. (School of Duerman)

If there is money and opportunity - then I advise everyone exactly this school, it is better to not find quality at all, as it seems to me.

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Nikolay P.

Nikolay P. (review of the school Georges School Montreux)

Children went to school . Georges School Montreux for summer vacations, to learn French - course and school we are very happy, all parents are advised to try this option for their children.

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Lena K.

Lena K. (school review Lake Mary Preparatory School)

A great school for those who love and are ready to learn - lazy people here do not belong!

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Regina I.

Regina I. (review School Institut auf dem Rosenberg)

They sent her daughter to study in Switzerland, to the Institut auf dem Rosenberg school, and they did not regret ever!

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Eugene N.

Eugene N. (review of Bellerbys College London)

Excellent school, excellent course, great city. I am absolutely satisfied and would not want to change my choice.

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Elena P.

Elena P. (school review Brooke house)

My daughter went to summer English courses in Brooke house - they agreed to leave a review, because they were very happy with the trip!

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Anna K.

Anna K. (review about Home Language International London)

We would like to thank the company Smapse and personally to the manager Diana for a well-organized trip to London!

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