It is best to learn about our activities and the quality of the services provided by the company from the feedback of our customers and students. Sincerely, Smapse Team.
Alexandra and Herman

Alexandra and Herman (The parents of Seraphim (studied at OISE Queen Ethelburga's))

In the school of Queen Ethelburga our eldest son is studying, that's why we decided to send this youngest daughter to summer school - she is still studying in Russia, but we are planning to transfer her to England. So they decided to give an opportunity to prepare, to get a little English.

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Oksana and Konstantin

Oksana and Konstantin (Parents of Alexander and David (15 years old, studied at OISE Oxford))

We sent children to summer English courses together with Smapse . We express our gratitude for the good, high-quality and thoughtful work!

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Nicole (Studied at OISE Heidelberg)

In Germany my sister and I went in the winter, took German courses at the school OISE Heidelberg. Yes, usually in such schools go in summer - but we somehow with parents Were in Europe on the eve of Christmas, and we so wanted to feel this fabulous atmosphere again! There it is very beautiful, not cold at all, all cheerful and benevolent - that's why we asked for a ticket for the winter holidays.

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Olga H.

Olga H. (Student OISE Newbury Hall (GCSE course))

In OISE Newbury Hall I am studying at GCSE course: at the 6th grade, my parents and I decided to do better at the English university, and Went to consult how this is best done. They turned to Smapse : Papa's colleague had already sent his son to an English schoolwith them and very advised. In fact, the contact with the consultants was already from the first meeting: we were listened carefully, offered to take tests on English and the general level in subjects, picked up a whole mountain of schools, from which we subsequently chose. We stopped at OISE Newbury Hall: I approached both reviews, prices and ratings, and I liked the photos externally, green, quiet and cozy, and I'm not a fan of huge megacities.

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Irina (Studies at Carlsbad International School)

I study at the school Carlsbad International School on program IB : it's something like a special preparation for the university. In Russia, the school is 11 years old, and in Europe - 12, so I needed additional courses in front of the university. I chose the Czech universities with my parents, because with a high quality of education and a prestigious diploma, there is a very low cost of study - and to study in such a beautiful and cozy country is very comfortable.

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Eugene S.

Eugene S. (Father of Nikita, a pupil of Enforex Barcelona)

My son studied at the Spanish children's courses at the school Enforex Barcelona . We wanted to find an unobtrusive language program for him in a warm country so that he could both learn and relax. English knows already well, went to England and America for the summer - decided to try the Spanish: it seems that the language is not too complicated, and no one will refuse to relax in Spain.

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Alexey (Learn Chinese in Mandarin House Shanghai)

I went to school Mandarin House in Shanghai on business matters: I work with an international company, and recently (like many others) we started to establish partnership with Asian countries. Chinese language was needed, and in a short time, so I turned to Smapse with a request to pick up a language school for me. My colleague sent his daughter to study in England with this company and highly recommended - I can immediately say that the recommendation worked for a bang and I never regretted that I started working with Smapse.

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Oleg and Mirra A.

Oleg and Mirra A. (Lara's parents, Ecole de Tersa's students)

My wife and I are sure that education abroad is not only a great opportunity, but also a great responsibility, this should serve as a reward. Therefore, when our daughter showed good results at the end of the next academic year, they decided to give her a ticket to a foreign language camp.

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Tatyana (pupil)

A bit of a photo after the first week in Sedbergh School

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Nikita (Student Shawnigan Lake School)

My brother and I go to school Shawnigan Lake School : Canada was selected by parents on the advice of friends. In the office Smapse, which we arranged the entire trip, went the whole family - choose a responsible job! We liked the description and pictures of the school (beautiful and modern), parents bribed ratings and reviews of parents and students, an acceptable cost. At first they even thought that we had a discount! But everything is more prosaic: Smaps, they say, work as direct representatives in Russia, so they do not charge an agency commission of intermediaries.

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