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Caterham School Caterham School School

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Description Caterham School Caterham School School

  • Year established Caterham School: 1811
  • Location: England, Caterham
  • Age: 3-18 years
  • Type of training: joint
  • [999.9 ] Number of students: more than 800
  • Programs: High School, GCSE / IGCSE, A-level
  • Accommodation: residence (from 11 years)
  • Price: from 9480 GBP for Trimester with accommodation
  • Rating: is in the TOP-30 boarding schools in England according to GCSE / IGCSE, A-level

In the 19th century Caterham School was founded as a boarding school for boys. Since 1995, joint training is offered here. In Caterham School, British and foreigners receive a qualitative fundamental education. In addition to academic training, the school pays much attention to the development of sports, creative talent pupils.

The school is often called a paradoxical institution. Atypical here is quite a lot. The first is the location. The school-boarding house is located not far from the busy highway M25. At the same time it is quite quiet, cozy, clean. From the road the school separates several hundred meters of the forest valley. The school is just a few minutes' walk from the center of Caterham. But the area in which it is located, you can call it a little crowded. The red brick building of the school from afar looks grand. In fact, it is designed quite simply, without excesses. Inside the main building used atypical wall decoration: red brick, tiles. The school inside does not look ascetic. Its role is played by the interior decoration and well thought out lighting. From the windows of the school building offers a stunning view of the hills, the well-groomed territory of the school.

The pedagogical composition of the school in Great Britain is very interesting. Many teachers are practitioners. In particular, the director of the school before the beginning of his teaching career received experience in business (in Lloyds Bank, BP). He, today the teacher of mathematics, is the author of 6 manuals on the subject. Particular attention in school is paid to sports. Many teachers are well-known athletes at the regional level.

The boarding school and academic results are known. 83% of its graduates enter the rating universities. 7% choose Oxbridge. Caterham School is one of the most powerful and prestigious educational institutions of its class. 93% of her students receive AB exam grades.

Programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Caterham School Caterham School School

Program name
07.09.2015 -24.06.2016
from 9 480 £ / term

The secondary school curriculum consists of compulsory disciplines and optional. Schoolchildren prefer to study those selective subjects in which they can show their abilities most vividly. Caterham School provides an individual approach to each child, pays attention to the development of personal qualities, assists in access to sources of information.

07.09.2015 -24.06.2016
from 9 480 £ / term

The certificate of incomplete secondary education is the goal of training on a two-year GCSE program. Knowledge after the end of the course is commensurate with the passage of grades 8-9. Academic English, foreign and mathematics are included in the range of compulsory subjects. To the most widespread additional sciences, the college includes economics, literature, business, physics, law, accounting, but students can choose from 70 admissible. The GCSE certificate is awarded to those children who will pass two compulsory and three to five variative disciplines on high scores.

The children acquire the central baggage of knowledge in classroom activities. Practical courses are fixed in the laboratories on experiments. Evaluated search independent work and teamwork. The schoolboy must do the homework and present the conclusion in the audience. College highly appreciates innovation and individuality in the results of assignments. The success of learning subjects is assessed in all courses. The effectiveness of the program is visible after the passing of a nationwide uniform exam, which allows you to obtain a British GCSE certificate.

07.09.2015 -24.06.2016
from 10 000 £ / term

The program was formed taking into account the requirements of universities and is preparatory for future entrants. Specialization in the A-Level electives at Caterham School is quite extensive: 3D design (plus graphics), psychological bases, Japanese, mathematics, management and politics, Spanish, physics, business, French, economics, photography, history, geography, management and textiles , Chemistry, architecture, Greek.

The special pride of the college is the musical direction of instruction. The students of the educational institution organized up to 20 active music groups and regularly hold concerts, take part in theatrical performances. The electives of the game on different musical instruments are especially numerous. Schoolchildren without the proper level of musical skill can raise it in individual classes. With hearing and voice, singing in the choir is possible. Students can also develop their passions in a circus studio or in dance classes.

In the Caterham School for the hobbies of students established the work of a number of clubs: writers, historical, philosophical, chess and discussion. Mugs of cooking and ceramics are visited by students of both sexes.

Accommodation and food

The number of boarders in the boarding school exceeds 150. Children are provided with three dormitories. Two of them are masculine, one is feminine. Junior students are accommodated in rooms for 6 people. GCSE children are in 2-4-bed apartments. Senior students are given the choice between double and single accommodation. Most of the rooms in the hostels are with amenities. Sanitary rooms are also located on the floors. Accommodation in Caterham School obeys a simple principle: the older the student, the more comfortable living conditions are provided to him. This is a common British practice.

The residences of the school have rest rooms, laundries, kitchens. It combines the possibility of comfortable living with an interesting pastime. Children are monitored in 24/7 mode. In each residence there are educators.

Nutrition for boarding children is organized in the cafeteria of Caterham School. Students are offered international and traditional English cuisine. Meals are always varied, mandatory include fresh fruits, vegetables, lactic products.

Subjects and sport

Subjects list: 3d-design, Advanced mathematics, architecture, art, Art and design, biology, Bookkeeping, business, Business research, chemistry, Cinematography, Computers, Dramatic art, economics, English, English literature, ethics, French, geography, German, graphic arts, Greek language, Health care, history, History of art, Italian language, Japanese, Latin language, management, maths, philosophy, physics, policy, psychology, right, Spanish, the photo
Events list: aerobics, archery, Art studio, Arts and crafts, Athletics, badminton, basketball, carting, Circle of foreign languages, cricket, dance club, Debating circle, Dramatic circle, Economics and business, fencing, fitness, football, golf, gym, gymnastics, hockey, judo, lacrosse, modeling, music studio, netball, Pilates, rugby, Scientific research group, Sports running, swimming, tennis, volleyball, water sports, yoga


  • The optimal environment for the disclosure of the academic potential of the child.
  • A place where every Briton and foreigner is perceived as a person, aware of his value, feels himself part of a large, harmonious school family.
  • Creative extra-curricular activities.
  • Continuous support of students by teachers, educators, curators.
  • Developed school infrastructure.

Equipment Caterham School Caterham School School

The school with more than two hundred years of history is distinguished by modern infrastructure and equipment. For comfortable study, interesting pastime, all conditions are created here. On 30 hectares of the picturesque forest valley of Harestone, educational buildings with modern auditoriums, lecture halls, laboratories, sports center, playgrounds, fields, rest area were located. A feature of Caterham School is the computer equipment of training blocks. In the classrooms in total there are more than 600 PCs.

Term dates and fees

The school year at Caterham School opens on September 1-3. The autumn stage of study is coming to the end on December 12. Students plan their holidays and fun from October 17 to November 2. Spring term will call for classes on January 5. Joyful vacation period awaits children February 13 - 22, and the spring stage of academic training is finished on March 20. The summer part of the training course begins on April 13 and will last until July 4. Holiday fun awaits the guys from 22 to 31 May.

Caterham School requests that a number of fees not included in the course fee be taken into account upon admission. These include individual music lessons, registration fees (£ 100), registration at a guardianship agency, GCSE and A-level exams, English lessons (£ 1200) and a per seat deposit (one trimester cost). Curatorial assistance also provides for additional payments.

Entry requirements and extra fees how to apply, what is required to enrol

Required documents, depending on the type of institution:

camp / language school
  • copy of 1 page
  • certificate of language proficiency (if any)
private school, boardinghouse
  • copy of the 1 Pages of the passport
  • certificate of language proficiency
  • school report card with grades for the last 2-4 years (depending on the school)
  • school registration form
  • recommendation letters from Teachers of foreign languages, mathematics and a class teacher. Additionally, an educational institution may request a recommendation from the principal
  • Testing for knowledge of mathematics, language, other subjects
  • Interview with a representative of the school (possibly in person or by Skype)
  • Literacy, awards, student personal achievements (if any)
  • motivation letter (not for all schools)
  • passport size photo (depending on the school from 1 to 12 pcs)
  • medical certificate of the general health of the child , Discharge of vaccinations
  • birth certificate of the schoolboy (s)
  • copy of the page 1 passport of the passport
  • certificate of language proficiency
  • school certificate for the bachelor, diploma of Higher education for the master
  • letters of recommendation from teachers of foreign languages, mathematics and the class teacher. Additionally, an educational institution may request a recommendation from the principal / dean
  • certificates, awards, personal achievements of the student (if any)
  • motivation letter / personal statement
  • interview with a representative of the institution


Caterham School Caterham School School reviews


Recommendations on when to apply

Language courses, schools and children's language camps Primary and secondary education - private schools Preparation programmes for entering universities - higher education Higher education (after completing accredited programs A-level, IB, High School) - Bachelor, Master, MBA
- we recommend to apply 6-9 months before the start of the course (some camps and schools offer discounts for early booking or for lengthy study programs)
- there are some very popular and high demand children's camps, where the applications need to be submitted 1 year in advance (in particular Switzerland , Great Britain , USA , Canada , Austria)
- we recommend to apply one year before the start of the training program,
- some schools have a specific time frame (September-November - please specify an individual school)
- some schools require tests in several stages (UKISET, internal tests of the school: English, mathematics, logics, subjects, interview, some require a personal visit)
- we recommend to apply one year before the start of the program,
- for Foundation and Pathway programs, IELTS and TOEFL certificates are usually required, respectively

- recommended submission one year before the start of the program,
- the deadline normally closes in January, for TOP HEIs and, as a rule, in March in other universities
- for a bachelor, a Foundation or Pathway preparatory program a completed A-level, IB, High School + IELTS / TOEFL are required
- for Masters you need a graduated higher education, in some cases you need a pre-Masters program
- MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
Official representatives. Submission of documents and admission free of charge
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