The best universities for foreign prospective students in the USA. The list of universities, prices for education and ratings.

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Nowadays studying abroad has become exceptionally prestigious and fashionable, and US universities have long deserved reputation as a desirable university for students from all over the world. America is one of the most popular countries where foreigners have been studying for more than a decade. Higher Education in the USA provides young specialists with up-to-date knowledge with the required skills. American universities and US colleges educate future professionals in various fields of activity. Higher educational institutions of the country are among the leaders in the international industry ratings year after year. The universities of the USA offer a lot of practical programs for foreign prospective students. Anyone who would like to study in the country with the newest technologies and huge opportunities inevitably faces the problem of choosing an educational institution - the universities of America and colleges of the United States are very diverse, so it's quite difficult to deal with such diversity independently. We present to your attention the most popular and prestigious universities in America and colleges in the US, the catalogue of which is compiled by Smapse experts.

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Leading US universities: the best of the best

Universities of the USA, the catalogue of which is presented on our website, belong to different categories of educational institutions. Some are members of the famous Ivy League: among the most prestigious universities in America are Princeton, Harvard, Yale, etc. No less popular are the educational centers, the list of which is presented below:

  • Dartmouth College,
  • University of Pennsylvania,
  • Brown University, etc.

Университеты США]

The best American universities offer their students balanced courses and programs, which are developed by world’s famous teachers – the students will be taught by outstanding professors from all over the globe.

Graduates of well-known universities in the USA in the first six months after completing their studies find a highly paid job in their specialty: the index of employment in the Ivy League institutions exceeds 95%.

Features of studying in universities of America

At US universities, the most comfortable conditions of stay and education are created for all foreign students: they can live on campus, freely use academic resources and infrastructure.

ВУЗы Америки

Universities have specialized departments that educate American students and foreign students of other nationalities. It is worth noting specifically the availability of vocational guidance – specialists of a university in the USA help foreigners find a job while they are studying. Side jobs which later can convert to the regular one allows students to reduce the financial costs of education.

Universities of the USA organize special courses of English for foreign students: the programs give the opportunity to improve language skills for better perception of academic material during the education in the university on a program with relevant disciplines.

tuition fees in US universities for international students

If you have already asked yourself the question how to enter a US university, you are probably concerned about the price of education. The cost depends directly on the rating of the chosen university, as well as on the chosen specialization. Note that the quality of teaching in all American educational institutions that are open for foreign students is at exceptionally high level.

Лучшие университеты США

The cost of education also depends on the specifics of the program. The most expensive are specializations involving scientific research (medicine, dentistry and others).

US universities for foreigners, offering education in America for foreign students is a step towards a future successful career. Having received academic knowledge both with practical skills in a university of the United States, each graduate can count on prestigious work in future.

tuition fees in US universities for international students

The price of higher education in universities in America ranges from 30 000 USD to 60 000 USD per year in the most prestigious universities. As for the colleges of the United States (community colleges), the cost starts, as a rule, at the level of 10 000 USD for the academic year without residency on campus.

How do I enter a University of the United States of America? What documents are needed and what are the academic requirements?

In order to enroll in an American university, you will need not only a standard list of documents, but also certain language and academic knowledge certificates.

The standard list of required documents includes:

  • A copy of your passport;
  • For applicants for the bachelor’s degree – school certificate and/or successful passage of the Pathway program;
  • For those entering a university to get their master's degree – a diploma of bachelor's degree and (if necessary) passing the pre-Masters program;
  • TOEFL certificate issued not earlier than 2 years before the application;
  • Passage of SSAT exams (depending on particular US university);
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers of English and mathematics, sometimes even from the school principal or university dean (applicable to the master’s degree);
  • A developed motivation letter;
  • Skype interview or personal visit to the educational institution;

Note: Additional documents (diplomas, certificates, commendations, etc.) will increase the chances of a positive decision of the selection committee.

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