Teaching for the high school program in America after grades 5, 6, 7

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America is the second largest country in the world, which is annually selected by hundreds of people from different countries in order to learn English. I must say that the number of educational institutions here is not inferior to the United Kingdom - about 50 schools private and public ipa you can find in each of the US states.

The popularity of secondary education in the US is also at a high level, since all without exception educational institutions here have excellent equipment, only qualified teachers are invited to work, the curriculum harmoniously combines academic and language lessons, as well as activities aimed at physical and creative development of students. This is not all that America's middle schools deserve their popularity.

Compared with the same UK, the secondary school in the US, or rather the upper grades, is a little less specialized. That is, to obtain a matriculation certificate in the United States, the student needs to receive credits for a certain number of common subjects, without any deviation in the humanitarian, technical or other direction. For example, among the required disciplines are American literature or creative writing.

Without too much modesty, one can say that the way to the leading American universities, such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford and other higher schools of the Ivy League, begins in the middle schools of America. In addition, an American-style certificate gives its holder the right to continue education in almost any higher educational institution. One of the most important advantages of the middle classes in America is the complexity of the program for different categories of students. This makes it possible for each student to practically get an individual curriculum for themselves, which makes the preparation of each student more effective.

In addition, experts recommend foreign students to achieve the best results, start studying abroad just from the middle classes, and for this there are several reasons. To begin with, the psyche of a child at this age is still flexible enough to quickly and painlessly adapt to a new language environment and other environments. Another argument in favor of this age is that by the time the certificate is received, the student will already be adapted to the American educational system, and will also know English at a high level. In turn, this factor will help a foreign student continue studying abroad already within the walls of a higher school, and then build a successful career here or at home.

In this list you will find the best and prestigious educational institutions with high schools (English) in the United States, which train Russian and foreign students. Also we have placed for you descriptions, ratings and prices for international programs and the cost of courses for Russian children and schoolchildren, teenagers of foreigners, how to apply for training, student feedback, so that it would be easier for you to choose the most suitable option. Our experts will help you to understand what documents and when to file, what are the requirements for admission. FREE services and assistance in selecting and enrolling in partner institutions, the number of seats is limited.

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