Prestigious secondary school education in the USA. Education in the US secondary school after 7, 8, 9, 10 classes. List of schools for students, prices

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The secondary school education obtained in the USA gives an opportunity to a teenager-foreigner to enter the chosen university of the country or the world. You can start learning at any age: more often studies in America for Russian schoolchildren begin with passing the upper grades, but also for younger students the doors of private boarding schools are also open.

Russians can get secondary school education in America in one of two ways: the first one is a one-year exchange program that allows you to enter public institutions (in this case, the official cooperation of the current and the host is needed). The second way is to enroll inprivate boarding school . Each of the educational institutions of this class is classified as elite, each can offer comfortable living conditions and effective study. There is an opportunity to enterstudy abroad after the 8th, 9th grade and earlier.

The programs of such educational institutions are an excellent preparation for enrolling in an institution of higher education (the month of graduation in the USA - mid-June, when children pass the final annual Exams). Primary education foreigners can get in public institutions - this option is optimal for children living in America with their parents or relatives.

Samples of entrance tests for admission to private schools in America (for secondary education), which you can write for us for free, not attending the school itself. Services on admission are also free.

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American primary school system - primary education

The school cycle in the US is designed for 12 years. The system of elementary grades includes preschool and primary educational institutions: in the zero (preparatory) class children are admitted from 5 years. For foreigners, this program is available if the child has a guardian in the territory of the country or he lives here with his parents.

среднее образование в америке

Elementary school provides 5-6-year training, in the first class children are accepted in 6 - 8 years (depending on the staff). As for the program, it is comprehensive, there are also provided for developing creative circles, sports activities

School Secondary Education in the USA: Grades 5, 6, 7

The educational stage provides for training up to grade 8: at this stage it includes the study of mathematics, English, natural, social sciences, physical education and 1-2 subjects to choose a student. According to statistics, most children choose technology, a foreign language and art.

Education is a profile, but a free choice of disciplines is available to children only in high school. At the secondary level, a division according to ability is possible: students who demonstrate success in specific subjects are trained in the relevant group - they are offered an intensive program with more complex tasks, more information for self-study.

Senior schools in the US: training after 8, 9, 10 classes

Senior programs are presented in two versions:

1. High School Diploma Program

A program with 9 or 10 (depending on the knowledge of the student's language and school credits) for 12 classes, after which graduates receive a school diploma - School Diploma, and further Possible admission to American and Canadian universities.

2. International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate Program, which prepares students for an internationally recognized system. The end of the course opens the doors to the universities of all English-speaking countries of the world.

Старшая школа в США

Features of education and specialty of school education in America

Everyone who plans to send a child to study in America, for sure, wonders what schools there are in the US. The system of secondary education of the country is represented by private and public educational institutions.

The first represent 10% of the total number of institutions. The list compiled by the experts of the SMASS includes the best educational institutions of the country, which differ in the quality of the academic preparation of students in foreign languages ​​and in exact sciences.

Successful education is practically a 100% guarantee of admission to one of the American universities. Educational programs in boarding schools are not cheap, but the competition in them remains high, the costs are fully justified by the quality of knowledge and the opportunities for further academic development.

Public and private secondary schools are distinguished by teaching conditions. In boarding schools, children are divided into groups consisting of a maximum of 15 people (usually 10-12). Students independently choose subjects for study, make a schedule of studies - accordingly, by studying each discipline, the child finds himself in a new team, which promotes the development of communicative skills.

Middle schools also provide for academic training in basic (compulsory) subjects. These include computer literacy, mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences, English, physical education. The latter in the senior classes replace the chosen sport, and the sports successes of the entrant are taken into account when enrolling in a university.

In boarding schools, children are also offered an in-depth study of priority subjects. The program Advanced Placment corresponds to the first year of the bachelor's degree, and the subjects of the course can be counted in the university. More aboutThe comparison of AP and IB .

Private schools in America have one more distinctive feature - the system of teaching children: here they give not a dry theory, as is often the case in Russian Educational institutions, and the algorithm of mastering knowledge, schoolchildren work much independently, learn to search for the necessary information, analyze it and apply it in practice. This is just a big plus in comparison with studying in Russia.

The SAT exam is completed, consisting of 2 levels. The first includes mathematical, verbal parts. The second allows to assess the level of knowledge of the student in the three selected disciplines. SAT I is sufficient for admission to an American college. Prestigious universities require a SAT II certificate.

Middle and high schools of the USA offer different directions for future entrants. The most popular and standard are:

Старшие школы в США

Prices for secondary school education in the US: private schools boarding schools

The cost of education varies depending on the rating of the school, the results of graduate examinations, prestige, history. Average cost per year: $ 40,000 - $ 70,000 with training, accommodation, meals.

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