Admission to US universities and American colleges: list, cost, rating. Training in the US after 10, 11 class.

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Admission to the University of the United States these days is quite affordable. For this we offer you training in one of the specialized universities or colleges in the United States. Admission to the US university, as well as preparation for studies in England after the 11th grade - is a responsible and complicated affair even for the local residents: according to statistics, only one in three students receive an invitation to the chosen educational institution (for example, to colleges in the USA) enrollee. For citizens of other countries, as a rule, there are additional difficulties associated with differences in the school system and the requirements for the level of English.

Admission commissions pay attention not only to the points SAT tests and excellent language skills, they also assess the psychological readiness of the future college student in the US to continue education and build a career in a certain field. All applicants who receivedschool education in the USA or in another country, must write an introductory essay in which it is necessary to clearly and clearly argue their desire to study at a certain institution, to justify their desire to continue their studies in America. However, for successful completion of higher education this is not enough, an important aspect is the ability of the student to adapt to life in the United States, to understand how people live and learn local traditions and culture. It is important to pay special attention to the choice of the preparatory pre-university program, since in American universities there may be different requirements for enrolling foreigners.

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Admission to the US university: options

For a Russian entrant there are several ways to the most prestigious higher education in the world - study in America is impossible without prior preparation:

  • after the end of grade 8 or 9 in US private school - program High School Diploma
  • at the end of high school in English-speaking countries - diplomaIB or A-level (also taught in boarding schools in America )
  • passing the pre-university program after school in the US college On this page)
  • transfer from a Russian higher education institution to a lower rate
  • master's or doctoral studies upon receipt of a bachelor's or master's degree in the Russian Federation respectively
  • enrolling in the US university immediately for the first year of the bachelor's program through the program Year One


Each of the ways has its own characteristics - for example, holders of diplomas IB or A-level have equal chances with students in the States to enroll in the chosen course. This method is considered rational, this approach allows you to adapt to learning even before acquiring the status of a student.Study abroad after grade 11- a reasonable and thoughtful approach, as well as entering colleges in the United States.

How to enter the University of America after graduating from a Russian school? - A question that worries many students. SMAPS experts recommend specialized training courses, their main task is to bring the Russian certificate in line with the American one, this will increase the chances of admission.

США подготовка к университету

Study in the US after 10, 11 class: training programs in private schools and universities in America

All these possible ways of studying in America provide for different courses and include a variety of requirements. For each category of students there are own rules and a set of necessary documents. The correct choice of the program will help the Russian entrant to save not only money, but also time.


Most A popular training program, many applicants believe Pathway, which for 1-2 semester intensive studies in America's college gives the opportunity to enroll in 1 or 2 courses at the university. Applicants for Pathway require a school certificate with good grades and 5.5 IELTS (maybe 61 - 79 TOEFL).

University Transfer Program

The analogue of the British IDP (International Diploma program), preparing foreign Students for 1 year to enroll in the 2-year bachelor's degree, while allowing you to save a year and how to get accustomed to life in a foreign country. Many colleges in the US offer this program for foreigners - we are ready to choose the best option for you.


The Foundation's main difference from the British in the United States is its orientation toward language training , Rather than complex knowledge for admission. For one year, the applicant improves academic English and is preparing for the passing of language tests. The applicants will be asked to present a Russian school certificate and pass IELTIS to 5.0, as an alternative it is possible to pass TOEFL with a success of 70-80 points.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

In the United States, six subjects are intensively studied in the international training program, and the duration of training is 2 years. The successful completion of the IB allows students to enroll not only in the university of America, but also in other prestigious institutions of the world. The program enrolls foreign students who have provided a certificate with high marks and passed IELTS 5.5 and higher. The TOEFL language test is valid for 40 - 45 points.

США подготовка к университету

Pre-Masters or Pre-MBA

[ 999.73] Programs for a master's or doctorate degree admit enrollment only upon receipt of a foreign diploma of higher education. Russian students can apply for these courses after receiving a bachelor's degree. An obligatory requirement is a Bachelor's degree and IELTS at 6.0 (or TOEFL 550 PBT / 213 CBT / 81 IBT). The program can last 6 or 9 months depending on the level of English. For admission to the Pre-MBA requires two years of experience in managerial positions.

Community colleges in the United States for international students (2-year vocational education)

This type of institution is a special college in the United States that offers part-time higher education services: after two years of study in America, students receive the degrees of Associate Degree and can begin working activities permitted in this case by the laws of the country, or immediately enroll in the third year of bachelor's degree Bachelor in the country lasts 4 years).

Thanks to the well-established transfer system and transfer by the principle of transfer guarantee, which is confirmed by numerous contracts between community colleges and universities, the student is guaranteed to enroll at the third year of the university.

To enter the community colleges in the United States, the entrant forms the required package of documents:

  • Secondary school diploma or academic excellence for The last 3 years (the second option is used when the enrollment is conducted during the final class)
  • Bank reference: the student must be able to pay the costs for the year: about 22000-28000 USD
  • Certificate or Diploma of the proper level of language skills: the requirements in institutions may vary, but on average it is IELTS 5.0-6.0 (or its equivalent in the TOEFL scale)
  • A copy of the passport (first page).

США подготовка к университету


If the student can not confirm a sufficiently high level of proficiency Language, college or we offer two enrollments: in a language school-partner for intensive courses and for the next set. Once the student reaches a high level of language knowledge during an intensive program, he will be transferred to a basic academic course at colleges in the United States.


Before the beginning of the educational process, the student passes a special orientation course, during which together with the teacher an exact list of disciplines is drawn up, which will be studied in each of the semesters, and an individual schedule is drawn up - After that, payment is already made. Payment can be made on semesters or quarters, depending on the division of the academic year in a particular educational institution.


Very different directions and subjects are studied - from Veterinary Technology, Theater and to Accounting and Agriculture. For a complete list, please contact your manager.


If the applicant still finishes his studies in the graduating 11th grade, the documents are best served until the end of spring, To have time to start the autumn set to solve visa issues.

If a school certificate has already been received, the student can file documents, but qualify for the start of studies in America in the winter (in January) - the autumn set will be closed for him already. This option is convenient because before the beginning of the course the applicant will have time to visit the college and language courses that help to effectively prepare for the course of study.

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