Language test preparation in the USA for pupils and studens. List of institutions, rankings, prices

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Passing language exams in the US is a rational decision for those who plan further education in the country: obtaining secondary, higher education, advanced training. Tests, preparation for which is possible in schools and specialized centers, can confirm the skills of English in its British or American version.

Language exams in the United States can be passed by adolescents and adults. In this section of the catalog, the experts of SMAPS collected the best proposals for students over 15 years of age. On the page the training centers are sorted for easy alphabetically searching. You can also choose programs for different criteria or a combination of them.

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Features of the Smapse directory

In our catalog you will be able to choose courses to prepare for the tests by several criteria. These include:

  • the type of the program;
  • the type of educational institution;
  • the location of the training center.

Programs are divided into several Groups, they are classified according to the type of test and the level of actual English proficiency.

SMAPS experts collected on the pages of the catalog current offers from the best providers of educational services in America. Participation in our project will allow those who wish to pass international tests.

Language Exams in America: Types and Features of Programs

Exam preparation programs in America are numerous. Regardless of the type of test, they are divided into short-term, long-term, individual. The first are designed for a period of study in a few weeks. Long-term courses can last six months, academic semester. Individual programs have a so-called open, or free, deadline, the actual duration depends on the level of current knowledge and ambitions of a particular student. On our site you will find programs designed for various lengths.

Today in the US, you can take several language test options. The most popular are:

  • International IELTS;
  • American TOEFL.

Many educational centers also offer business English training programs. Specialized schools accept students for training courses to develop the skills required when passing the Cambridge EFL.

Expert selection of the training center and program

Those who wish can pick up the possible versions of the programs not only in the catalog presented. If you require courses that correspond to individual parameters (for example, starting at a specific date, with training in the evening, etc.), we recommend that you order an expert selection by contacting the specialists of the SMAS. Our managers will provide you with a list of educational institutions and programs, taking into account all the criteria specified in the application - you will only have to decide on the choice and book a specific course.

Regardless of what examinations you plan to take, you can order a selection in several ways. Our experts are ready to advise you on the phone (there is a hot line in the SMASS, calls on the territory of the Russian Federation are not charged, a callback order is available). In online mode, you can get advice through Skype or online chat. Also applications for selection are accepted by e-mail.

Consultations are free of charge. Cooperating with the SMASS, you get expert assistance from experts in the selection of educational institutions abroad, organization of departure and training in the selected country.

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