Children's language camps in the USA / America, summer holidays for children, teenagers, schoolchildren. List of schools, rating, prices for training

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Summer holidays in the USA are planned with the aim of the child improving English and having a great time. The far sight with which the trip to the USA to the children's language camp is organized can be different - from entering the school to further higher education abroad.

In addition to the summer season, the child can also take courses in language school abroad and other times of the year, for example, for winter, spring or autumn.

Vacations provide Not only learning English - summer, winter programs, as a rule, are combined, include academic modules and cultural and entertainment program. Children's camps in the United States accept kids and teenagers, some have family programs with day groups for parents.

Useful sections for children's camps in the US at different times of the year

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  • winter
  • fall
  • [999.28 ] Spring
  • buy a ticket to the children's camp you are interested in in the US for holidays you can on our portal, or pay directly to the school, having previously requested the availability of seats with us
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Summer Holidays in America's Camps: Language and Adventure Training

The core educational institutions are located in different parts of the country, most often they are based on campuses of prestigious schools, universities - this allows to provide foreign students with comfortable living conditions, security of stay in the city and the region.

The most popular are the youth training camps in America with the study of English in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Big Apple and Miami. International educational and entertaining centers accept for training students of different ages, from junior high school students to high school students, including providing an opportunitystudies in America for Russians and foreign students.

детские лагеря в США

Summer Camps The United States has the conditions for learning, developing children and youth, their programs provide for a full, A memorable vacation: classical excursion, adventure programs are offered to children and teenagers, new entertainments are waiting for guests every day.

Classification and specificity of the work of language camps for children in the US

Language courses in the USA take more than 10 million people annually, around 12,000 specialized institutions work in the country.

Language courses abroad organize camps of various specializations, To choose a place of rest is recommended taking into account the direction of the programs offered in it. In the USA there are centers:

  • Academic Profile: Children and adolescents improve language skills, skills necessary to pass IELTS and TOEFL tests, are preparing to enter an American school, etc.
  • Professional orientation profile: to Programs in English are added to the study of core subjects. Training and rest in such institutions motivate foreigners to enter American colleges.
  • Developers: offer a wide range of optional activities, from electives to subjects to surfing or skiing.
Языковой лагерь в США

Prices for children's language camps in America: programs, accommodation, excursions

The cost of children's camps abroad in most cases includes a full range of services, including curriculum, school materials, accommodation, meals, regular excursions and activities, sports games, transfers (at certain times, but not All schools), as well as insurance. Depending on the prestige, location and popularity of the school, the option of accommodation, the price for everything in America varies on averagefrom 1100 to 3000 dollars a week .

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