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Studying in America in top schools and leading universities nowadays gives almost unlimited career opportunities. Access to them opens an appropriate level of education: in the US each university accepts foreigners, a school certificate can be obtained here.private and public educational institutions. Studying in the US, including higher education, is available to almost a student and student - it is only necessary to make due efforts, to prove one's ability to work, perseverance and ability. Thinking about how to enter the University of the United States? We will be happy to tell you about all the preliminary steps and preparation stages that you need to go through.

Education abroad - primarily in the US - is mostly prestigious. Institutions of the country occupy the first positions of international ratings, education in America really serves as a key to a successful future and great opportunities, especially higher education in the US. For the graduates of the first and second, the doors of the best universities of the world are open. A university degree obtained in the United States provides the competitor with competitive advantages in the international labor market.

Admission and enrollment services in US schools through our company - are free of charge. We are not intermediaries . We can also help you with discounts, scholarships for study in America, if the child / schoolchild currently has excellent academic performance - the education system in America is very supportive of talented and stubborn students. If you have chosen to study in the US, pay attention toSamples of entrance tests to private schools in America , which you can write here.

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Education in America: the main advantages and reasons for sending a child to study

Every talented child can get a diploma of a specialist and a high-quality higher education in the US: someone goes to a dream country for exchange, for someone, parents organize their education in the USA. Investments for studying in the US pay off quite quickly - a specialist who received a diploma in one of the universities of the United States and higher education in the US can count on prestigious work, the appropriate level of salaries and financial prosperity in any country in the world - that's why teenagers want to enter the University of the United States from all over the world. Education in America is able to open almost any door - graduates of schools and universities are ready to confirm this thesis.

Education in America provides for self-selection of a professional development program. Even at school, children are identified with the future direction of activity. Programs include several compulsory subjects and a large number of special disciplines, the amount of study which the student chooses independently.

Частные школы в Америке

The United States is, of course, not only prestige, freedom of choice and impeccable quality of programs. Students' years are remembered by the richness of school and university life, school and sport are perfectly combined: study in America is always complex, interesting, multifaceted. Also, students who have chosen higher education in the United States are given virtually unlimited opportunities to develop their creative potential, sports, art, and other achievements are celebrated by curators and management of educational institutions. Talented athletes, musicians, artists in the country are provided scholarships, which allow you to partially cover costs.

System - the scheme of education in the US

Система схема обучения в Великобритании

America and Russia have both similarities and differences in the system - education in the US has its own peculiarities:

  • Russian schoolchildren sit at desks at 6-7 years. Studies in the United States begin as early as 5 years. After the preparatory group, the students enter primary school. This stage of training in the US lasts 5 years.
  • After the children move to the secondary school level. The three-year cycle is predominantly general education.
  • Preparation for admission to the university lasts 4 years. In 9 - 12 classes (after 14, 15, 16 years) students study profile subjects in accordance with the chosen specialization. If you have not yet decided on the answer to the question of how to enter the US University, our specialist is ready to clarify this block for you in more detail.
  • The American education system also includes colleges and universities for higher education in the United States
  • The first offer two-year profile programs of practical direction. The college, in fact, allows you to get a working specialty. After graduating, you can find a job or go to university.
  • The latter gives an opportunity to obtain a bachelor's, master's, and then doctor's degree - higher education in the United States, according to the accepted standards of the Bologna system.

How much does it cost to study in the US?

Школы в США

For foreigners studying in America is paid. This applies to universities, colleges and schools. When asked how much education costs in the United States, it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer - many factors influence the formation of the price of study in the US.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a school for study in the US is the type of educational institution: the cost of programs in privatesecondary schools on a full board , for example, is $ 40,000 - 80,000 per year. In the university , training in America will cost an average of $ 30,000 - 60,000 per year, excluding food, transportation, etc.Higher education abroad is quite expensive, but the diploma obtained, as a rule, quickly pays for themselves, as it is highly valued in the international labor market and gives the right to claim a profitable, excellent post.

Study in the US and abroad for Russian children and students and foreign students has the same value. It affects not only the rating of the institution, but also its geographical location. Also considered specialty - the most prestigious and, accordingly, expensive areas of higher education in the US are medical, legal profile educational areas.

Conditions for admission to the top schools and universities of the United States

Школьники в Америке

Education in America for Russian schoolchildren is available in all secondary education stages. Enroll in an educational institution and get education in the US child can in any class. How to enter the University of the United States? The main requirement for this is a sufficient knowledge of English (for schools with a weak knowledge of the language some institutions offer an additional language program), passing intraschool entrance tests.

For foreigners who have chosen study in America, a certain level of basic training is provided. You can be enrolled in a higher education institution with a certificate of the appropriate sample (or certificate of completion of preparatory courses), a certificate confirming English proficiency at a high level. For applicants of some specialties subject profile tests are provided.

Still have questions? Do not hesitate to contact Smapse specialists for explanations and advice on studying in the USA.

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