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The best universities for foreigners in Europe and in the rest of the world. The list of universities, prices for education and ratings.

Education information

It is important to know that foreign universities are now open for foreign students. In order to study abroad schoolchildren can go to any country in Europe, North or South America, Asia, and Australia. Foreign universities accept foreigners for bachelor's programs, master's programs abroad, and doctoral studies. Moreover, there are University Extension courses, that is – professional postgraduate courses for specialists in a university without the necessity of being an actual student of the university. On our website you can choose a country of interest and a program taught at universities of the country chosen. The most prestigious and popular universities are located in Great Britain and other European countries, the Americas. In every country there are certain unique features of the admission to the university, which supposes compulsory one-year preparation for the admission after graduating from a foreign school, education on language courses abroad, as well as examinations in different subjects in some cases. Find more information about the process of admission in section "Preparing for a university abroad after the 11th grade”, there you will be able to choose a country of your interest and examine the list of universities and other educational institutions.

Higher education abroad opens up perfect career prospects for those who gets a diploma of a university in Europe, North or South America, Asia, which in its turn will provide great opportunities for increasing the level of financial solvency and the quality of life in general.

However, in order to persevere in this matter, it is necessary to select the right university. Doing it by yourself will not prove to be easy: you will have to devote a great deal of time just to retrieve general information from official sites, which are, or course, in English, and then to translate it either by yourself or via any automatic translator service. Smapse specialists have come up with a list of educational centers and universities, sorted by name: there you will find ratings and costs of education services presented by universities from more than 30 countries.

Also, our experts will recommend you several education options that differ in price, notwithstanding the traditionally high quality of education. All you have to do in such case is to decide firmly on whether your child will go abroad to get prestigious and proficient education, what interests he has and what budget you possess. Our specialists will take over from here and organize the trip from cover to cover.

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Structure of higher education abroad

Most foreign universities, higher schools, and colleges work on generally accepted Bologna educational system. According to its principles, higher education in universities abroad is divided into several stages:

  • Diploma programs, certificates of education

There are short-term programs (up to 1-2 years), providing basic aspects of theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and abilities. Graduates of diploma and certificate courses can start working immediately after graduating (especially those who have been taking practical, working specializations). Also, the diploma course will be an excellent starting option for those who doesn’t yet know what he would like to do in future from the perspective of job. After getting the necessary minimum of general knowledge, a student will be able to go on and enter the bachelor’s degree program according to his sole discretion.

  • Bachelor's program

This is the first and the main stage of higher education in every country of the world – the stage that implies 3 or 4 years of education. Usually (particularly, in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom), major subjects (which are called “majors”) and additional minor subjects (“minors”) are selected, which every student learn in order to develop his skills and determine his future studies’ specialization.

There is a huge benefit for those, particularly, who study in American universities: in many of higher education institutions abroad students are allowed to remain “undecided”, that is if they are not sure what specialization they would like to learn, they take on a general education program, which helps them to make their minds. In a year or 1,5 years such students, however, shall nonetheless choose the most interesting and top- priority faculty and profession. Nevertheless, this easing is not available on several complex specializations: e.g. law, medicine and pharmacology, veterinary medicine, dentistry, architecture and some engineering sciences.

  • Master's Degree

Master’s program is an additional stage of higher education which is designed for 1-2 years. Many make a comparison between Master’s degree abroad and postgraduate studies in a foreign country. There are, in fact, some common points between the two, however the differences are significant. As a rule, students who in future would want to take up a prestigious, highly paid position as a top-manager choose to get their master's degree, as it is of much importance and help if they want to become real professionals in the field and know all the subtleties of the chosen specialization. The Master's program is also great for students who want to slightly adjust the chosen course, choose a narrower specialization and field of knowledge. For example, if a bachelor's degree was obtained "Hospitality" specialization, then during his Master’s degree student shall focus on something like "Hotel management in the luxurious segment".

It is worth noting individually a special type of master's program – MBA (or Master of Business Administration). Many students from countries all around the world choose to get their MBA degree abroad, without paying attention to the other options of the master's degree. And such great demand makes sense: today virtually any top-manager vacancy on the world’s labor market require an MBA degree. MBA diploma allows the graduate to work in a managerial position in almost any segment of the business (especially finance, commerce, human resources) in any country in the world.

  • Higher doctorate studies

This is the last stage of higher education, which is not so popular with the students, as very few of them reach this stage. The Doctor’s Degree can last for 2 years and up to 5-6 years – all depends on the chosen specialization. However, getting a doctoral degree abroad is in outstanding demand, as it means an exceptional, deep level of knowledge and an unrivaled level of preparation, a high level of ability.

As a rule, those who want to work in the scientific field in the future have to complete higher doctorate studies. It is crucial to become researchers in laboratories, inventors or scientists, etc.

It goes without saying that there is a large number of additional courses: advanced preparation, development of additional skills, acquisition of additional specialization, preparation for language or professional exams and much more. Our experts will gladly help you choose the best option for you depending on your child’s capabilities and desires.

List of best universities in the world: how to choose a university that suits your needs within a short time?

Smapse would like to draw your attention to our experts’ catalogue of the best universities of the world – you can choose the best and most suitable one in various ways.

Our directory provides the opportunity to sort information based on specific parameters. In this section you will find blocks with the countries that offer education abroad for international kids, as well as with types of educational programs. Direct selection will allow you to filter off, for example, the universities of technical and humanitarian profiles or in other way according to your academic criteria.

A filter by type of programs will ensure that your time spent on looking up a university suitable for you is optimized. Do you need complementary preparation for the admission? Then you should select the appropriate program from the list. On the search results page you will see all the universities in the world, in which a chosen course is available.

It is possible to choose universities abroad by country. In the catalogue there are also advanced search options available. They allow you to add additional inquiries, e.g. the priority language of education, to the search.

Лучшие университеты за границей

Foreign universities: types and characteristics of universities

In the Smapse directory, universities abroad are represented in a list: each university has its own characteristics. In order to get acquainted with them, as well as with the requirements for admission, the conditions of living, education, the availability of scholarships and grants provided by the chosen program, you can visit the page of the specific educational institution.

The foreign universities listed in the catalogue can be divided into several categories in the perspective of size and education level. There are large universities abroad that provide high-quality educational services and are included in the list of global TOP-100 universities of the word, and there are relatively small private universities that have their own specialization or profile. In the catalogue, we have included numerous options that are absolutely viable to enter.

You can also arrange options according to the average price of education per year. Please note that the cost depends on many factors. One of the most important factors is certainly the rating of the university. Studying in prestigious universities of international level will cost more than studying in less renowned ones. The cost of the programs also varies depending on the country of study. Therefore, getting higher education in branches of prestigious universities of Asia, North, Central and South America is much cheaper than in the main campuses of universities located in Europe, the USA, and Canada.

Студенты в университетах Европы

Which type of university is better to enter to get education abroad: public or private?

In the Smapse directory you will find information on private and public universities located in more than 30 countries. Unlike secondary level of education, which implies that foreign children can only enter private boarding schools or day schools, higher education is available for international kids both in private and public universities. Which university is better to enter: public or private? This question is rather difficult to give unambiguous answer to. The choice depends on many factors, particularly on the following:

  • desired specialization of the education,
  • your financial abilities,
  • level of basic academic education (the results of special tests, university examinations, an exam in English that shows the level of command of the language, etc.),
  • desirable region of education.

We highly recommend you to pay attention not only to the type of a university and its rating when making up your mind about what educational institution to enter. To get more detailed and accurate results you shall make a search from the perspective of profession desired in future. Practice shows that small private universities as well as large ones which lack international fame and renown ensure the high quality of education, equal to that provided by top universities of the world. At the same time, their prices for education are lower and there are more opportunities to optimize your costs.

How to choose the best and most relevant university and educational program abroad

So, you have looked through a zillion of universities in all over the globe, you have decided that your child has to enter a university in the United States, Great Britain or other countries of Europe, however the question still stands: what university to choose and how? Have no fear, as the specialists of Smapse team are ready to help you with professional advice. We offer help in the process of selection of university on a case-by-case basis.

Университеты Европы

On our website there is always an operator and chat available to recommend you a number of universities with regard to your priorities, your child’s interests and skills, desired program (preparation for admission to the university, bachelor's degree, master's degree or doctoral degree). You can also get a piece of advice via Skype. We accept applications for selecting a university by e-mail as well.

Also, the experts of Smapse are ready to advise you by phone. For our clients there is a multi-channel phone (free calls on the territory of your country). On our website there is a possibility of ordering a callback. Just fill out simple form, and our managers will contact you in an instant.

Education in foreign universities is still a dream for many international kids and their parents. It is time to make that dream come true and to take the first step on the way to achieving the goal. Call us or send us a letter, and the professional specialists of Smapse will help you with the selection of foreign universities that meet your requirements. And what’s more important – they will do it for free!

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