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Foreign universities are now open to Russian and foreign students. On study abroad you can go to any country in Europe, in North or South America, Asia, Australia. Foreign universities accept foreigners for bachelor's programs, master's programs abroad, doctoral studies. Areas for increasing the academic qualifications for specialists are open. You can choose the country of interest and the program taught at universities abroad. The most demanded institutions of higher education in Great Britain, America , other European countries. For each country there is a certain specificity, which presupposes one-year preparation for admission to the university after school in Russia, the passage of language courses abroad and in some cases the passing of exams. More information about the programs of admission in the section "Preparing for a university abroad after the 11th grade, where you can choose the country of your interest and study educational institutions.

Higher education abroad opens career prospects for the holder of the diploma The demanded profession provides an opportunity to increase the level of financial solvency and quality of life in general.

But, in order to achieve such goals, it is necessary to select the right institution. Do it yourself is not easy: you will have to devote a lot of time to studying information from official sites in an automatic translation into Russian. Smapse specialists compiled a list of educational centers, sorted by name: it presents rating and inexpensive private audited universities in more than 30 countries.

Participation in the project provides applicants with an opportunity to enter prestigious universities in Europe, America, Canada, countries of Asia. Also, the specialists of SMASS can recommend training options that differ in the affordable value of programs and the high quality of educational services. The applicant only needs to make a decision about getting an education abroad and paying the appropriate course. Organization of the trip experts of SMASS will take over.

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List of leading universities abroad: how quickly to choose a university

Smapse brings to your attention an expert list: the best educational institutions of the world are collected in the catalog - you can choose the best one in various ways.

Our directory provides the ability to sort information based on specific parameters. In this section you will find blocks with the countries in which training is available, types of educational programs. Direct selection will allow to sort out the institutions of technical and humanitarian profile according to academic criteria.

A filter by type of programs will ensure the optimization of the time spent on finding an educational institution. Do you need special preparation for admission? Select the appropriate program. In the search output directory you will see all the universities in the world, in which a particular course is available.

It is possible to choose universities abroad by country. Also in the catalog is an expanded form of information search. It allows you to add the priority language of instruction to the sample.

Лучшие университеты за границей

Foreign universities: types and characteristics of universities

In the SMASS directory, universities abroad are represented in the assortment. Each educational institution has its own characteristics. To get acquainted with them, as well as the conditions of admission, residence, education, scholarships and grants (if they are provided for by the chosen program), you can visit the page of the specific educational institution.

The foreign institutions listed in the catalog can be divided into several categories, educational institutions are classified by size and level. Its services to foreign students are offered by large educational institutions that are part of the global TOP, small private profile universities. In the catalog, we placed the options, the receipt of which is absolutely real.

You can also classify variants according to the average price of training - the cost depends on many factors. One of the most important is certainly the rating. Training in prestigious institutions of the international level will cost more than in less known ones. The cost of the programs also varies depending on the country of study. So, to study in branches of prestigious universities in Asia, Latin, Central America is cheaper than on the main campuses in Europe, the USA, Canada.

Студенты в университетах Европы

Which higher educational institution is better to do: public or private?

In the directory of SMAPS you will find information on private and public institutions of developed countries. For foreigners, programs are open in both. On the question of which university is best to do, it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer. The choice depends on many factors, in particular:

  • of the desired specialty,
  • financial ability of the entrant,
  • the level of basic academic training (the results of special tests, university examinations, a test of knowledge of a foreign language, etc.);
  • 999.9] of the selected training region.

We recommend that you pay attention not only to its type and rating when selecting. Search by profession is more rational. Practice shows that small private universities or large, but not advertised at the international level, ensure the quality of education at the level of TOP Education Institutions. At the same time, the cost of training in them is lower, there are more opportunities to optimize costs for it.

Individual selection of educational institution

You have studied the collection of universities for applicants, decided to enter the university in the United States , Britain or Europe, but did not decide on the choice of the institution? The experts of SMAPS are ready to help you with professional advice. We offer a selection of institutions individually.

Университеты Европы

On-line to recommend to you interesting universities in view of the priority specialty and type of program (preparation for admission, bachelor's, master's, doctoral) can be an operator of online chat. You can also get expert advice via Skype. We accept applications for the search for an educational institution and by e-mail.

Also, the experts of SMASS are ready to advise entrants by phone. For you, dear customers, there is a multi-channel phone (free in the territory of the Russian Federation). The catalog presented on the site provides for the possibility of ordering a return call. Fill out the simple form, and our managers will contact you in the near future.

Education in foreign universities is still a dream for many. It's time to turn it into a goal, to take the first step on the way to achieving. Call or write us, the experts of SMASS will select for you free of charge foreign universities that meet the stated requirements.

Structure of higher education abroad

Most foreign universities, higher schools, colleges and universities work on the generally accepted Bologna educational system. According to its principles, higher education abroad is divided into several stages:

  • Diploma programs, certificates of education

Short-term programs (up to 1-2 years), providing a basic foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and abilities. Graduates of diploma and certificate courses can already start working (especially in practical, working specialties). Also, the diploma course will be an excellent option if you are not completely determined with the profession: having obtained the necessary minimum of general knowledge, you will be able to transfer to the desired bachelor's program without losing time and money.

  • Bachelor's program

The first and the main stage of higher education - the stage is designed for 3-4 years. Usually (in particular, in the USA, Canada and Great Britain), major specialties (Major) and additional minor (Minor) are selected, which the student can supplement his skills and classification.

A big plus (in particular, relevant for American universities): in many of them the student can act "in general", and not any specific specialty - there is even a special status of "undecided". Later (after 1-1,5 years) the student can already choose the most interesting and priority for him faculty and profession. However, this rule does not work for complex specialties: law, medicine and pharmacology, veterinary medicine, dentistry, architecture and some engineering sciences.

  • Master's Courses

An additional stage of higher education, designed for 1-2 years. Many call it an analogue of Russian postgraduate studies, residency, internships - there are in fact common points between them, but the differences are significant. As a rule, students who want to occupy a prestigious, highly paid, managerial position choose to study at the master's degree and receive a degree, they want to know all the subtleties of the chosen specialty. Also, the Master's program is great for students who want to slightly adjust the chosen course, choose a narrower specialization and field of knowledge. For example, if a bachelor's degree was obtained in the specialty "Hospitality", then the magistracy student can focus on the direction "hotel management in the segment luxe."

Separately it is worth noting such a kind of master's program, as MBA - Master of Business Administration. Many students from Russia choose it abroad, not paying attention to the other options of the master's degree. And such demand is quite justified: today practically any managerial, top vacancy on the world labor market is not without the requirement of the MBA. MBA diploma allows the graduate to work in a managerial position in almost any segment of the business (especially finance, commerce, human resources and human resources management) and in any country in the world.

  • Doctoral studies

The highest stage and stage of higher education, to which, of course, not all students reach. Doctorate can add to your term of study and 2, and 5-6 years - it all depends on the chosen specialty. But getting a PhD abroad is quoted incredibly high: it means an exceptional, deep level of knowledge and an unrivaled level of preparation, a high level of ability.

As a rule, those who want to work in the scientific field choose to be doctorates: to be researchers, inventors, scientists, etc.

Of course, there are a large number of additional courses: advanced training, development of additional skills, acquisition of additional specialty, preparation for language or professional exams and much more. Our experts will help you choose the best option depending on your capabilities and desires.

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