The best universities in England for Russian and foreign students. Higher education in the UK: rating, prices, list of universities

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The universities of England are among the best higher education institutions in the world. Universities of Great Britain are considered to be one of the most prestigious, they are very popular among foreign students - in some of them the number of students from abroad reaches 90%. Modern British universities for many become an excellent career start, because even while studying here a student can get practical experience in one of the partner companies.

SMAPS specialists have collected for you in this section the best English universities: the list is available online, you will need only a few minutes to select an institution.

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The advantages of studying at universities in England

Universities in the UK, including universities in England, have several advantages over other popular and prestigious educational institutions in the world. The first and foremost is the international status: highly qualified specialists are trained here, diplomas are recognized in most countries of the world. Cambridge and Oxford are among the most prestigious, but the diplomas of other educational centers produce an equally impressive impression on international employers. The education received in the country becomes a competitive advantage of the applicant.

The TOP-10 of the best universities in the world includes institutions from two countries: the higher education institutions of Britain, listed in this section, and the United States. Education in the UK , as practice shows, is cheaper than the American, the cost of training rarely exceeds 33,000 pounds per year, while at Harvard the student will have to spend at least 50,000 in a similar currency. In addition, the Bachelor's degree in England lasts 3 years, and not 4, as in the United States.

Educational institutions (the list you will find on the pages of the Smapse catalog) are also distinguished by a first-class material and technical base, which makes the learning process more effective. Educational institutions have all the necessary academic resources, here to the services of students both old libraries and ultramodern laboratories.

Training in the famous universities of the UK and internships for Russian students

Лучшие университеты Англии

By choosing higher education in the UK and being identified with the University in England, Russian applicants and foreign students can expect to practice in the specialty - each direction provides such training. Training at universities in the UK necessarily includes theoretical modules and practical programs, the latter being held both on campuses and on the territory of partner organizations.

Universities of Great Britain for Russians and students of other nationalities also offer the possibility of cost optimization. Foreigners have the right to apply for grants, grants - this requires academic, professional, creative, and sporting achievements.

Features of choosing an alma mater

How expensive are universities in England? As a rule, the first thing that an applicant is interested in is the cost of training. This question is certainly relevant, but we recommend selecting an educational institution for other parameters. First of all, this is the specialization, the level of academic achievements, and it is also worth considering the location (the regions of the country differ substantially in the cost of living).

Price is one of the defining criteria when choosing a University of Great Britain - but, focusing only on it, you run the risk of missing other important points and making a mistake. To avoid costly mistakes, we recommend that you carefully study the catalog provided. If you need individual advice, the experts of the SMASS are always ready to help!

Famous British universities: list

Лучшие университеты Англии

Below in this section you will find a list of the most popular destinations for Russian and foreign entrants. Clicking on each variant of the list, you can find more detailed information about programs and specialties. As for requirements and options for admission, you can see them in the "preparation for the universities of England "or to get a free consultation with one of our specialists.

5 categories of institutions in the UK

By the time of foundation, universities in Britain are conventionally divided into 5 main categories, it is important to take into account foreigners when choosing an educational institution. All British higher education institutions provide for their own internal rules and traditions, but some common features in one category of institutions can still be traced.

The most prestigious group, which includes the oldest and most respected world institutions, founded before the 16th century, is Ancient Universities. It includes institutions with a unique structure and centuries-old traditions. The group includes:

  • University of Oxford (taught since 1117),
  • University of Cambridge (1209),
  • University of St Andrews (founded in 1413) ;
  • University of Glasgow (1451);
  • University of Aberdeen (founded in 1495);
  • University of Edinburgh (1583).
  • [ 999.17]

    The following type is Red Brick (red brick). This is a conditional term, uniting former applied or engineering colleges, which became universities of Great Britain before the Second World War. Their distinctive feature is location in large industrial centers and practical (natural-science) direction of education. Red Brіck institutions include:

    • University of Liverpool;
    • University of Bristol;
    • University of Sheffield;
    • University of Birmingham;
    • University Of the Leeds;
    • University of Manchester.

    Лучшие университеты Англии

    Also in the RedBrick group include a series of higher education institutions Russell Group. This is the 14 universities in the UK, which, in common with the previous 6 educational institutions, constitute an integral educational group with common principles, training system and scientific values. Meetings of representatives of universities took place in an informal atmosphere in the Russel Hotel, which gave the name to the association. The group includes:

    • University of Wales,
    • University of Nottingham;
    • University of Wales (Bangor);
    • University of Exeter; 999.50]
    • Queen's University of Belfast;
    • University of Swansea;
    • University of Newcastle Upon Tyne;
    • Cardiff University;
    • University of Hull ;
    • University of Wales (Aberystwyth);
    • University of Reading;
    • University of Leicester;
    • University of Dundee;
    • University of Southampton.

    In the 1960s. Britain embraced a new wave of higher education and Plate Glass institutions emerged. The term is explained by the fact that instead of traditional bricks the buildings were built of large glass sheets. A new look at architecture emphasized the departure from the old view of the educational system in the UK and the creation of a new modern order. This category includes: University of East Anglia; University of Surrey; University of Kent; University of Stirling; Aston University; Brunel University; University of Ulster; University of Bradford; Heriot-Watt University; University of York; Keele University; University of Bath; Loughborough University; University of Sussex; University of Essex; University of Strathclyde; Cranfield University; University of Salford; City University; Lancaster University; University of Warwick.

    The next group of universities in England is characterized by a relatively recent time of foundation and a polytechnical focus of training. The so-called New Universities were given the right to be called universities only in 1992, although they were founded earlier and existed as colleges. The Law on Further Education gave them the opportunity to compare in rights and state subsidies with classical British higher educational institutions.

    The group of "new universities in the UK" includes: Coventry University, University of Gloucestershire, Anglia Ruskin University, Bournemouth University, Kingston University, Napier University, Oxford Brookes University, Edge Hill University, London Metropolitan University , Sheffield Hallam University, University of Northampton, University of Greenwich, De Montfort University, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Northampton, University of Greenwich, University, Robert Gordon University, University of Abertay Dundee, Middlesex University, University of Teesside, University of Bolton, University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow Caledonian University, Liverpool John Moores University, Northumbria University, University of Glamorgan, Staffordshire University, Un University of Portsmouth, University of Westminster, University of Portsmouth, University of Hertfordshire, Southampton Solent University, University of Lincoln, Of East London, University of Sunderland, Nottingham Trent University.

    Лучшие университеты Англии

    In 2005, Britain's education system was supplemented by another category - Recently Created Universities. It included higher institutions, previously called colleges and trained mainly bachelors. This category includes: York St John University, Queen Margaret University, Canterbury Christ Church University, University of Winchester, University of Chester, University of Cumbria, University of Chichester.

How to choose the right university?

  1. Study the profile and specialties offered by different universities and universities in England, and select from them those options that are suitable for the direction.
  2. Explore the ratings from the agency The Complete University Guide and The Times Subject Tables.
  3. Determine the geographical location, the ability to travel, proximity to the airport and major cities.
  4. Learn the scientific and material basis, what opportunities does it offer students.
  5. Find out what kind of policy the institution adheres to foreign students, is it possible to receive a scholarship in your specialty.
  6. It is worthwhile to inquire about the results of the official audit of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.
  7. Find out what requirements are for applicants, which need to be studied additionally for studies in England for Russianstudents.
  8. Learn the cost of the courses.
  9. Take care of the comfort of living, learn about the living conditions in the residence and the requirements for students.

Tuition fees at universities in England

The price of tertiary education in British universities ranges from 10,000 pounds to 30,000 per year (for medicine and near medical sciences).

How do I enter the University of England / UK? What documents and knowledge are needed by the applicant

In order to enroll in an English university, not only a standard list of documents, but also certain language and academic knowledge will be required.

The main list of required documents for the family:

  • Copy of passport
  • for bachelor - school certificate and passage of the Foundation program, or the program International Year One
  • for master's degree - completed bachelor's degree + if necessary, passing the pre-Masters
  • IELTS certificate issued not earlier than 2 years before the application for the student visa
  • Letters from teachers of English and mathematics, sometimes it is possible and from the principal / dean
  • motivation letter
  • Skype interview or personal visit to the educational institution

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