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Children's educational tourism is rapidly gaining popularity, covering today all the civilized countries of the world. Most often parents choose language courses for their children. A wide selection of summer English courses is offered in Great Britain.

Studying in England in summer is quite popular among preschoolers, schoolchildren, and university prospective students. They are offered complete immersion in the language environment. Vacation educational programs in Great Britain are divided into academic programs and development programs - the latter are a "lite" version of the classical courses, they lack the shortcomings of academic programs that are very similar to traditional school ones.

Education in England in summer is possible in language schools, specialized summer camps and international educational centers. Most programs for teenagers are offered on the basis of private boarding schools. Teens can study on the campuses of famous British universities. Summer options in this area allow not only improving language skills, but also plunging into the university environment, adapting to the conditions of life on campus. This is especially true if the adolescent is to continue to receive education in the United Kingdom.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the schools offering vacations in England for schoolchildren in summer, as well as with the cost of education. This section contains a list of unparalleled institutions in the United Kingdom with the possibility of studying in the summer.

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English language in England in summer: types of programs

British schools and language camps offer many diverse educational programs. For teenagers, traditional and combined courses are organized; studies in summer can have an academic and vacation focus. The first type of the programs includes classical English lessons, and such programs are quite intensive. Such courses are suitable for students who need to quickly learn or improve the language for specific purposes, for example, passing an IELTS test.

Vacation courses allow you to acquire the necessary skills for communication, develop creative or athletic abilities. Also, programs of this type can have a tourist profile – in order to learn the English language in this case, the children will have to travel around the country or the region.

Conditions of accommodation in schools

Affordable education options provide a choice of accommodation conditions. Foreign students are offered accommodation on a campus or in a host British family. Touristic programs with accommodation in the residence of the school are very popular as well.

How do foreigners study in summer in Great Britain?

Children can learn the English language in different ways. The most popular courses are standard English courses – it is the basic language program in its vacation version that has several features – one of them is the priority of the communicative method of teaching. In addition, standard English vacation courses include an extended entertainment program, contests, shows, themed evenings, excursions in the framework of education, etc. Extra-curricular program serves to solidify knowledge, improve conversational skills. At the same time, participating children studying on English courses in England get an opportunity to have a good vacation and to make lots of new friends.

Specialized English language courses for children

The best traditional and specialized schools and camps work for students in the country. The camps often offer profile (specialized) courses for summer holidays in England – they imply a combination of language learning with some kind of activity. Children who are keen on various sports or art can also recreate and learn English at the same time. There are also relevant programs available for schoolchildren with a focus on sports.

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