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The section "private schools in England and the UK, colleges of Britain" provides a detailed description of the specifics of education, as well as a list of advanced and elite private schools with detailed information about each, as well as its training programs, prices, benefits, 999.2], reviews. Popular cities in the UK (school hostels are listed below) for education: Cambridge, Oxford, London, York, Brighton and small towns (if necessary, select the city you need in the search box to the left).

Also to your attention - the best British private schools and collegesfor girls , for boys and co-education with 3d tours in some of them. Talented schoolchildren and adolescents with good academic performance, the leading average private schools in England pensions are pleased to offer prices lower than the official ones for study! The amount of scholarships and discounts in elite UK schools can be as high as 50% of the cost of training, saving up to 30,000 pounds for studying for 2 years. The shares are distributed to Russian children mainly because of the difficult economic situation in the country.

Smapse will also help you and tell you how to enroll in budget, inexpensive public colleges in the UK after 16 years (after the 10.11 grade of the Russian school), costing between 17,000 and 19,000 pounds per year with accommodation and meals (purely study For 9000-10000 pounds). The quality of education and the rating at the same time are not inferior to the prestigious private schools of the boarding houses of the United Kingdom. By the way, guardianship for such colleges is not required. The cost of enrollment in the educational institutions of England for our clientsfree - you act without intermediaries.

Samples of entrance tests for admission to private schools in England , which you can write for us for free, not attending the school itself. The admission services are also free.

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Admission to prestigious private schools in England's boarding schools (the so-called British Boarding Schools)

Most often, parents planning to give their child a higher education in the UK or Europe (for example, send him to a good gymnasium or high school in England) are wondering at what age it is better to send him to school - An unambiguous answer is difficult to give, much depends on the individual characteristics, the nature of the student. This should be guided in the first place, considering the training in schools and colleges in England as a pre-university stage.

It is believed that the optimal age for starting study abroadis 11, 12, 13 years old (in Britain at this time the children go to the middle classes). Adolescents are easier to part with their parents than babies. At the same time, children, for whom the studies began at 7, 8, 9, 10 years, adapt more quickly to the new environment, they also, according to statistics, in the final class speak English at the level of native speakers. For a full-fledged adaptation of the Russian schoolchildren, it is also recommended to go through an additional, vacation course - for example, a programstudy in England in the summer , enroll in summer camp , spend winter vacations in the UK: this will help him to quickly join the language and learning environment.

The second important issue for parents is the choice of a good institution. Most focuses on the ratings of closed educational institutions, their names published in thematic media, attention, naturally, attracts options from the TOP-10. But parents need to take into account that it is not easy to give a child to one of these institutions, almost all of them accept students on a competitive basis: there is a waiting list for enrollment, which may take several years (for example, in the famousEaton (Eton), Charterhouse , Harrow). Perhaps this is the only drawback to the private schools of England's boarding houses, in addition to their price.

Частные школы Англии

British private elite schools and boarding schools of joint training from the TOP-100-200 rating have numerous [ 999.24] plusesand attract the special attention of parents who want to send their children abroad. Among them there are old (old) colleges, which are not much inferior to elite ones - they are not promoted brands, but this does not prevent their graduates from entering prestigious universities, showing high results in the entrance exams.

The third pressing issue is the time of submission of documents, as well as the preparation for testing in educational institutions. Your attention - samples of entrance exams for Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, other foreign children and students in various subjects and ages. It is recommended to do this a year before enrollment, in addition, it is worth submitting documents to several places. This will allow the child to be guaranteed to enter and receive a qualitySecondary Education in the UK.

Description of private colleges and pensions in England and the order of training (with translation into Russian)

Colleges in England generally accept children from 13 years of age to prepare for the GCSE program after the 8th, 9th grade. For Russian schoolchildren and foreign students at the age of 14, 15 years is given 1-2 years to receive a certificate of incomplete secondary education (General Certificate of Secondary Education), then follows the so-called level sixth form - senior classes (16, 17 years) with programs A-level, Foundation, IB.

British private schools boarding schools can have different priority areas of study: with an art bias, with business and economic bias, technical, medical, engineering, music, bias, media, Direction and others.

In the UK, the academic year lasts from September to July, it breaks down into 3 terms: the first and the second separate the Christmas holidays, the second and third - the Easter.

Частные школы Англии

Education in schools in England and the UK takes place mainly through intensive programs. Life and daylight in the students here is subject to a certain schedule: it includes academic lessons, sports and / or creativity, time for self-training, leisure, entertainment. The schedule should be observed by all students, followed by mentors and educators.

The special feature of the programs in the known private boarding schools is the increased attention to the physical training of students - the sport here is no less important than the general and special (in high school) disciplines. Each child, as a rule, chooses 1-2 priority for themselves sports directions, and the general list of sections is usually not limited to ten: children's attention is offered to football, tennis, swimming, golf, cricket, rugby, horseback riding and much more.

For a harmonious development of personality in educational institutions there are also open circles - practically every institution has its own choir, orchestra, jazz, dance group. Creative persons can be engaged in design, drawing, modeling, etc.

Free time appears in the students after dinner (subject to homework). Sleeping for different age groups varies between 22: 00-23: 00.

Accommodation in private British schools and boarding schools

Private schools hostels in England mostly accept students on a boarding basis: the children are offered rooms in the hostel (residence), the pupils of the lower classes live in rooms for 4 to 10 people.

Accommodation in "dormitories" They are spacious, separated by partitions rooms. In "dormitory" each resident has his own corner with a bed, a desk, a small closet for storing personal belongings, shoes, clothes. Senior students are accommodated in double and single rooms.

Nutrition for children of all ages is foreseen for a hot three meals a day. The menu, as a rule, is offered meat, vegetarian, fish, several dishes are served with each meal.

The territory of the boarding house is under protection, it is forbidden for children to leave the campus. If such conditions seem to the parents to be harsh, they can send the child to the international college of Great Britain.

Частные школы Англии

In them the orders are not so strict, the children have more freedom, the placement conditions are also different. But the typical elementary school in England, like the average, tempers the will: living in a few ascetic conditions does not allow children to grow mercantile consumers. Discipline teaches responsibility, and lack of opportunity to escape from school allows you to get a brilliant education.

The price of tuition in private high schools in England, boarding schools and colleges in the UK

Tuition fees in schools, boarding schools and colleges vary depending on the rating of the institution, the results of the graduates' exams, prestige, history; The average cost of education in England : in school and college £ 14 000 - £ 25 000 per year (full-time - without residency), at the guest house - £ 30 000 - 50 000 per year in the most expensive.

What documents are required for the submission to private schools of England's boarding houses for secondary education programs?

The list of documents varies slightly between schools due to small differences in the work of the admissions offices of educational institutions in the UK. But the database of documents - that which is required to be collected without fail for admission, remains unchanged:

  • school annual tables (academic year estimates) for the last 2-3 years of training
  • copy of the student's passport (schoolchild or schoolgirl)
  • letters of recommendation from teachers of mathematics, English, directors, written in free form with translation into English
  • certificate of English (An optional requirement for British private schools due to the availability of their own entrance tests)
  • some private schools in Britain may require a single test Ukiset - before submitting documents to the school for consideration by the admissions committee
  • school registration forms (to be completed by our company)
  • Skype interview with an applicant
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