Preparation for the universities of England. Training in England after the 10th and 11th grades. Cost, list of schools, rating

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Britain is a recognized world leader in the quality of higher education: the prestigious universities of the Misty Albion are the alma mater of famous scientists, politicians, financiers, artists. Today, universities are open to foreigners, including students from Russia, but anyone wishing to get a British education will have to work hard to enter universities in England.

There are a number of academic programs whose purpose is to prepare, in a linguistic and academic sense, for UK universities. About how to enter the universities of England, as well as what is needed for admission to universities in the UK at various stages (after grade 10 or after school - grade 11), we will discuss below.

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The training system of Russia and England

Education systems in the two countries are very different. The main differences are the time for studies in Europe , the UK and Russia (the number of years spent in school) and the availability of in-depth courses in subjects. At the same time, there are similarities - both envisage a general education part of secondary education and pre-university preparation.

But in Russia, compulsory education has a 9-year cycle (after the 9th grade, children can receive a specialized education or continue school education), and in England - 11-year. British schoolchildren after the 10-11 class enter the A-level course, where they study profiled subjects in-depth for 2 years. Accordingly, the universities of the United Kingdom do not accept the Russian certificate (including the full secondary education) as sufficient for admission.

Study abroad after the 11th gradewill require some additional training. To bring the secondary education, obtained in Russia, in line with international standards, allows specialized pre-university courses. They give yesterday's students the opportunity for a short period of time to improve English, identify gaps in the subject knowledge and eliminate them, to develop a profile terminology. Each pre-university program in Britain provides for in-depth study of 3 to 5 subjects, passing exams on them.

подготовка к поступлению в университету в Англии

Possible options for studying in England after grade 10, 11

The question of how to enter the university in England, worries everyone who decided to get a prestigious higher education in one of the famous educational centers of the country. Foggy Albion universities offer several programs today: they are traditional bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees, a diploma about the end of any of them opens career prospects for the student of yesterday.

There are several possible enrollment options, each of which has its own characteristics. At the same time, regardless of the chosen path, the entrant needs to be properly prepared for integration into the new environment. One of the most important moments is, of course, knowledge of the language, and the level of language proficiency should not be lower than advanced. You can improve existing knowledge and skills in several ways. The first one is traditional language courses (you can find a suitable program in the directory of the CMPA).

But excellent English is not the only requirement. Great Britain has a different educational system from Russia. To bring the level of academic training in compliance with British standards allow specialized courses - upon their completion the enrollment in the chosen university is almost guaranteed, but this is provided the competent choice of the program and the successful assimilation of the educational material.

Smapse experts recommend choosing specialized courses inthe best schools in England , as well as the colleges or institutes you plan to attend (if they are offered by the school). Also, pre-university training programs are available in international profile centers, such institutions are also represented in our catalog.

Practice shows that each entrant is looking for his way of entering the university of Great Britain, Europe. We recommend to use proven methods, which will be discussed further.

Russian students have 3 roads opened:

  • transfer from the university to the Russian Federation for a course lower in the selected British institute (subject to passing the examinations In profile subjects and with fluency in English);
  • passing the training at the pre-university program with subsequent enrollment to the relevant faculty;
  • obtaining a diploma of a specialist or a master's degree in the Russian Federation for the submission of documents for magistracy in Britain .

The most accessible and effective way of enrolling in educational institutions are profile programs, such Are offered in many institutes of the country. To enroll in a course of study, the student must be proficient in the language at a level sufficient to perceive the curriculum, to have a certificate with an average score of at least 4.5 to 5.

Preparing for the University in England: UK Admissions Programs

подготовка к поступлению в университет в Англии

University Fo u ndation Certificate / International Foundation Certificate

The UFC is One of the popular pre-university programs. Its main distinguishing feature is universality: the program allows you to adapt the knowledge of the applicant to the British system, adapt to the academic environment, improve English.

The subject of the UFC introduces foreigners to the methods of teaching in Britain, helps to update or gain knowledge of relevant disciplines. UFC courses are usually held on the basis of colleges or institutes - during the training students can get acquainted with the local atmosphere, living conditions in residences and on campus, choose electives, clubs and communities.

The list of subjects studied is determined by the requirements of a particular institution. The program provides for mandatory and elective modules. The duration of training at the UFC is 1 year, the enrollment is based on the results of specialized exams and taking into account the English test. The classic UFC programs do not work for Oxbridge, the most prestigious universities in Britain and the world offer their own more complex and expanded pre-university training courses, such asPre-U , for example.

List of institutions offering the program Foundation

International Diploma Program (thesis program)

The program was introduced relatively recently: it is aimed at successful applicants from British universities with deep knowledge of relevant disciplines. IDP gives the graduates the opportunity to enter the second year. The program combines the Foundation course and the first year of the undergraduate program.

For a year IDP students study the language, several profile subjects. The certificate issued at the end of the program demonstrates the level of knowledge acquired at the initial stage of higher education, as well as the ability of the student to continue studying at a higher education institution.

List of establishments offering the program International Diploma Program .


A number of institutions in Britain accepts only after the completion of the pre-university A-level program. Basically, this is the top 10 institutions of higher education in England. The program provides for in-depth study of up to 6 core disciplines. Examinations at the end of the course are equal to the introductory examinations. The national A-level program by most prestigious universities of the country is accepted as the only one possible for continuing education on the bachelor's program.

List of establishments that offer the program A-level .

International Baccalaureate (international ba

IB is also one of the priority pre-university programs, in Britain many institutions accept the International Baccalaureate certificate. The program is called a priority for foreign applicants. International Baccalaureate is recognized in more than a hundred countries of the world. Passing the training course allows the student to choose almost any prestigious university in Europe, America, Canada, other states.

International Baccalaureate is considered a high level program of complexity. The duration of studies is 2 years, during this time students study at a general level 3 subjects, 3 more - in-depth, several subjects to choose from. In addition, students learn the theory of knowledge, develop academic, social skills, skills of self-education.

List of institutions offering the program International Baccalaureate .

подготовка к поступлению в университет в Англии

Program pre-masters


For students who have received a bachelor's degree in their country, but who do not have an adequate level of language. The course prepares students in intensive order for the delivery of an international language certificate required by a higher education institution and the border guard service. Also, the entrants are taught an academic component.

List of establishments offering the program pre-masters

I would like to note that students who graduated only from A-level, IB, Pre-U programs have high Chances of entering the top universities of the United Kingdom, the United States, the world.

Program Year One

For students who graduated from grade 11 in Russia and who received a secondary school certificate, there is an opportunity to apply immediately for 1 course of a British bachelor with the help of the program International Year One. A number of universities in England provide this program in order to save time for students and help them enter the UK university more effectively.

For more information about the Year One program, ask the Smapse specialists.

Practical advice on choosing and preparing for universities in the UK

Before choosing the program in England after 9th grade , it is important to determine the priority university. It is recommended that:

  • study the profile of institutions, specialties offered in them, select several options for the priority direction;
  • familiarize themselves with the ratings of selected institutions and the level of quality of education in them; Authoritative sources of information are The Times Subject Tables and The Complete University Guide; The quality of education in Britain is checked by the relevant national government;
  • evaluate the convenience of location;
  • study the material, scientific base of educational institutions, pedagogical staff;
  • familiarize themselves with the policy in relation to foreign students;
  • find out the requirements for applicants and get information about the cost of training, conditions Residence

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