Language test preparation in the United Kingdom for pupils and studens. List of institutions, rankings, prices

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In this section, you will be able to find the preparation programs for language examinations in England. In the catalog, Smapse experts collected the most effective courses and available training directions. On the pages of the section the information is sorted by the name of the providers of educational services, and the training programs can be selected taking into account specific parameters.

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The selection of courses in the catalog is convenient

There are several filters in the left panel of the directory. The first one allows you to select training programs for language exams in the UK by type of courses. It is enough to choose a priority course, and you will get a sample of educational centers, where you can get training in order to improve the skills necessary for his delivery, skills.

Also, the programs can be selected according to the type of educational institution. The experts of the SMASS have compiled for you a list of thematic courses offered by British boarding schools, day and language schools, universities.

Want to study in a particular city? Choose training programs based on the location of the institution. One of the predefined filters allows you to sort schools, universities, centers by city.

Also in the catalog there is the possibility of an advanced search for courses. You can choose exam preparation programs in Britain with a few priority parameters. The left side of the page contains a convenient form of quick search. All you need to get a sample is to decide on the language of study, the country and the educational program.

Examinations in England: what should a foreigner prepare for?

Everyone who speaks English at a high level can pass the language tests in England. Prepare for testing is not difficult. A rational decision will be the passage of special training in profile courses.

Exams include several types of programs and tests. The most popular are:

Each course has its own specifics (this applies to both the training program and the surrender procedure). SMAPS experts will recommend suitable courses for you at universities and schools. Specialists will help determine the choice of the educational institution from among the proposals in the automatically generated search results.

Features of language tests

Examinations in England are tests to determine the level of English proficiency, to hand these out to anyone who wants to get an education in the regions of the country. Surrender requires a different level of language proficiency: for example, the Cambridge EFL includes 5 tests, and the Business English test (BEC) allows you to obtain a certificate from one of three levels.

They are surrendered in accordance with the rules and regulations established by law, experienced instructors are introduced to the latest students of specialized courses.

So, you want to pass language Examinations in Britain, but do not know where to start? We are ready to advise you on the choice of an educational center, suitable training program from long-term and short-term courses, organization of the trip. Specialists of SMASS are always in touch:

  • by e-mail, Skype;
  • in the online chat;
  • by the hotline phone.

We will help you to effectively pass the testing and Get the necessary certificates in Britain. Project experts supervise the learning process from A to Z.

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