Adult language courses in the United Kingdom for pupils and studens. List of institutions, rankings, prices

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English is best taught in Britain, it's no one's doubt. At the same time, each independently chooses language courses in England for training. Someone goes to England for immersion in the language environment for the development of communication skills. Another for professional activities is the expansion of the vocabulary of vocabulary and the availability of a certificate of passing courses in the UK. Many travel to Albion for tourist purposes, and the opportunity to learn or improve English at the same time is considered a pleasant addition to the cognitive program.

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Language courses in the UK for teenagers and adults

In each language school in Britain, several training programs are offered to students' attention. To make a choice, it is important to clearly define the purpose of the trip. In total there are more than 1500 centers in the country. Their programs vary in duration, intensity, and content. Foreign students are offered directions:

  • General English (usually with an emphasis on the development of colloquial speech),
  • profile English (programs for specialists in various fields: medicine, economics, pedagogy, jurisprudence, etc. .);
  • business English (focused on top managers, entrepreneurs, employees of international companies).

Combined programs of the "training + rest" category are also offered. They allow you to combine study with visiting museums, theaters, historical places, with arts or sports.

Education in English language schools

The training methodology is largely determined by the English course and the type of school chosen. But each of the programs offered in Britain, involves the use of interactive ways of submitting material. The study of English in British schools is practicable. Full immersion in the language environment allows you to quickly achieve high results.

All language courses in Britain are comprehensive. At the lessons students develop the skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing. Allow the material to be provided by leisure programs. They are organized by the school representatives.

Classes can be held in groups and one-on-one with the teacher. Lessons are held in classrooms, outside academic buildings. The specifics of the program are determined by the type of courses.


The British schools offer 4 options for the placement of foreign students:

  • on the campus at the residence;
  • in the school-owned apartments;
  • in the hotel;
  • [ 999.9] in the family.

The first and last versions are the most popular. Living in a residence on campus is convenient saving time on the way to the educational building. In dormitories, students are offered rooms with private facilities, designed for 1 - 4 people.

Family living is characterized by a complete immersion in the language and cultural environment. Constant communication with the British promotes the development of general language skills.

Nutrition in the school can be organized according to the scheme of a partial, semi-full board. Accommodation in the apartment is self-service.


Education in England is organized by prepayment. All the nuances about the cost of courses, methods of payment, guarantees, etc. You can check with the specialists of SMASS. Also our company offers visa support, medical insurance registration, airline tickets booking, selection and organization of the transfer.

Using the services of SMAPS, you will be able to study at the most prestigious language schools in England , accredited by the British Council. Programs of educational institutions are characterized by accessibility, efficiency. We will organize for you an educational trip to the UK at any time of the year and for any period.

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