The best summer camps in England are schools on vacation for schoolchildren and teenagers. List, cost

Education information

Language holidays in England - one of the most popular areas of children and adolescent educational tourism. To learn English, schoolchildren most often go to the UK, this country attracts a special color, is distinguished by the quality of educational services.

Summer camps in England are an excellent choice for children and teenagers. Specialized educational institutions accept for training students aged from 3 to 18 years. For each age group, the educational institution has a certain assortment of programs that can meet the academic needs of children and adolescents, organize a bright, memorable vacation combined with the study of English.

We offer summer holidays in the UK for children from 3 to 18 years with 24-hour care. There are directions of study and rest and employmentby football , by tennis , by riding , by golf , by rugby , by creative directions (please specify more). [ 999.17]

Give your child an unforgettable vacation! We have collected for you a list of unforgettable children's camps, the prices are given in this section. Specialists of the company SMASS will be happy to help you choose the best option.

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Features of training

The modern children's camps of the United Kingdom differ from the classical British schools (secondary and linguistic). They have a relaxed and benevolent atmosphere, less stringent discipline requirements than the school. Also, the feature of the educational institution is the vector of educational programs.Education in England in the summer , as a rule, offers a set of educational and entertaining services for foreign students. All programs here are combined, they provide for the study of English not only in class, but also during games and entertainment, excursions.

Summer camp for children from 3 years old

English schools in England have specific features of educational and entertainment programs for children of different ages. So, kids can learn the language in developing groups, on family courses (together with parents). Summer camps for children and kids from 3 years offer a wide range of interesting programs, they allow kids to learn the basics of English on the game lessons. Junior students can improve existing skills, learn how to communicate freely in everyday situations.

Summer programs for children 14 years and over

Specialized programs also offer summer institutions for children of 14 years. Adolescents are given the opportunity to learn English for different purposes. The English camp in England for children of 15 years, for example, allows you to prepare for the passing of a language exam in just 2 weeks. At the same time, teenagers not only study, but also actively rest.

Schools in England are fairly numerous for children under 17 years old. Vacation programs are offered in different regions of the country, the institutions are located in the most touristy cities and counties.

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