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A children's summer camp in England is a great opportunity for a child and a teenager to spend an interesting time learning English (especially during the summer holidays). Foreigners of different ages take seasonal centers and specialized schools in the country, in any of them your child will never be bored - language courses and children's camps in England almost always successfully combine teaching, entertainment, sports and sightseeing program. Every British camp (be it a budget or elite option) is a rich academic and entertainment program, a lot of opportunities for creative development, sports. Classes allow students to develop language, communication skills, to find new friends, to adapt to the educational environment of the country, to get acquainted with its culture, traditions.

For your attention we offer a wide selection of children's language schools (with virtual 3D tours) and numerous language courses in England depending on the season and additional activities:

  • Summer ] (Vacations in summer camps: June, July, August)
  • Winter(camps for the winter: December, January, February)
  • Spring (spring camps: March, April, May)
  • Autumn (Camps in the autumn: September, October, November)
  • You can buy a ticket to the children's camp you are interested in on our portal, or pay directly to the school, having previously requested the availability of seats with us

The choice of language training camps for Russian schoolchildren and other foreigners in Britain is wide - language courses in England are located both in megacities and in cozy small remote places, their programs are also diverse, most of them do not provide for Only learning English. Some language courses in England are aimed at children who are fond of sports (tennis , football , golf , riding , rugby , etc.), others on Creative personalities interested in theater, music, fine arts, design, photography, cinematography, etc. Choose the school and the program is recommended in accordance with the preferences of the child.

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Organization of training in a children's language camp in the UK

Many parents are wary of sending children to seasonal camps and schools because of academic stress in them. Vacations are designed to rest young people, and in the summer centers do not forget about it. Certainly, language courses in England provide for the study of English, but, as a rule, no more than 3 hours a day. There is a five-day period, that is, on weekends, students improve English not in academic but in a leisure environment (during excursions, walks, recreational activities).

From Monday to Friday schoolchildren attend classes - but not traditional (usual for any Russian child), but communicative, non-standard format: classes take the form of role plays, quizzes, discussions, etc. Education in such an environment gives its fruits - children have the opportunity to be liberated, and this, in turn, contributes to the acquisition of knowledge and the effectiveness of development of language skills.

Also schoolchildren on language courses in England are offered various electives - the total load for older teenagers is no more than 4-6 academic hours a day, and there is plenty of time for leisure.

Языковой лагерь в Великобритании

Study tour to England for the summer for Russian and foreign guys

Interesting vacations are those about which the schoolboy talks in awe. Emotions and impressions - the main thing that distinguishes high-quality children's leisure from mediocre, and specialists of educational institutions understand this perfectly, carefully think out a leisure program for their foreign students.English courses abroad will be remembered by your child for a long time in the summer and will give you a lot of terrific emotions.

On excursions included in the cost of language courses in England, children can get acquainted with the outstanding sights of England, for example Stonehenge, university cities Cambridge, Oxford, medieval castles, visit the natural parks and amusement parks, go horseback riding. On the territory, you will not be bored either - there are organized a barbecue-paty, theme parties, discos, sporting events and much more.

Accommodation and accommodation of children (in families, on campus, in residences)

Seasonal youth vacation programs assume full boarding. On campus they are under the supervision of adults in 24/7 mode: for the care of specialists language schools abroad the child gets from the moment of meeting at the airport and is under it until the return flight. Children are accommodated in cozy residences in one, two - four-bed rooms.

Some schools and language courses in England may offer a family option (usually provided for older students, but there are exceptions). It is recommended that families live in more independent children who have the experience of traveling abroad to school.

The power may be 3 to 5 times. On excursion days, the children receive packed lunches.

Языковой лагерь для детей

Prices for children's summer camps in England (without training and with English lessons)

The cost of children's camps abroad in most cases includes a full range of services, including curriculum, school materials, accommodation, meals, regular excursions and activities, sports games, transfers (at certain times, but not All schools), as well as insurance. For Britain - depending on the prestige, location and popularity of the summer camp, the option of accommodation, the price for everything varies on averagefrom 400 to 1700 pounds per week in the most prestigious and elite.

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