GCSE in the United Kingdom for pupils and studens. List of institutions, rankings, prices

Education information

In this list, you will find the best educational institutions with GCSE in the UK, which train foreign students preparing them for studies in England after grade 8-9 . Also we have placed for you descriptions and prices for programs and courses, student feedback, so that it would be easier for you to choose the most suitable option.

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What is GCSE?

  • Short information. One-two-year course of preparation of children for study according to A-level, IB, BTEC.
  • Age of students. 14 - 16 years (grade 8 and above).
  • Academic requirements. Level of knowledge corresponding to grade 8-9.
  • English level. IELTS 4.5 (for each of the sections) / TOEFL 103 CBT / 34 IBT / SLEP 43.
  • GCSE - certificate of incomplete secondary education. The training program allows students from all over the world to become familiar with the education system in the UK in the 8th to 9th grade. The course, designed for 1-2 years, involves the study of basic and additional subjects that teenagers choose according to their preferences. Mathematics, academic English, and foreign language are compulsory. The choice of students in British schools offered literature, chemistry, physics, law, economics, biology, accounting, business discipline (more than 70 subjects). To obtain a certificate, it is sufficient to study two compulsory and three to five additional disciplines.
  • Classes are held in classrooms and laboratories (depending on the disciplines chosen by the child). The main material is given in the lessons. There are also homework assignments, individual projects. Independent, group work is practiced. The progress of schoolchildren is determined during the training period. Its level is influenced by the quality of the tasks provided by the program, the results of testing, activity in the classroom. At the end of the course, the children take the national uniform examination. It entitles you to a GCSE certificate.

Evaluation system

On average, students receive 6 to 8 subjects for a GCSE certificate. They are estimated A, B, C. They correspond to 5, 4 and 3 on a five-point system. The highest score is A *.

Learning Outcome

Certified teens can continue their studies in A-level, IB programs. During their studies in the UK schools, they receive knowledge, develop the skills required in the following courses. In addition, the program gives students an idea of ​​the specifics of academic requirements, the nuances of passing exams and the system of British education in general.

Preparation for GCSE after grade 7-8

The GCSE preparation program is aimed at 9th grade students. It allows to improve the skills of English, to pass a standard subject course of academic preparation, corresponding to the educational level. The main emphasis in Pre-GCSE is on language training.

Foreign students who are 13 years of age or older with a certificate of secondary basic education, characteristics from the school who speak English at the IELTS level of 2.5-3.0, can enter the preparatory course. The training lasts from 3 months to the academic year.

About the program

The Pre-GCSE is designed in accordance with high British educational standards. It allows to provide full-fledged preparation of students for passing exams and obtaining a GCSE certificate. The course includes an intensive linguistic, subject program. During the training, the teachers of the colleges in which the Pre-GCSE is offered monitor the academic progress of the students and, if necessary, adjust individual plans. The program also provides for the passing of exams that are identical to the actual ones (for admission to private prestigious British schools for the GCSE course).

The learning process

The Pre-GCSE course involves learning the basic aspects of English with an intensity of 10-15 hours / week. And mathematics. Students also get acquainted with a number of academic subjects, including natural, social sciences, personal, physical education, business, information technology, and art.

The preparatory course will not only provide the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills for continuing education in Britain, but also decide on the choice of a private boarding school. In colleges for students of the Pre-GCSE there are consultations of specialists on the selection of an educational institution for training on GCSE and subsequently A-level.

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