The best private schools are boarding schools for boys in England and the UK. List, rating and prices for training

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Separate learning is still one of the most popular forms of education in the UK . The British have always paid great attention to the quality, fundamental education of young ladies and gentlemen, and therefore separate educational institutions, where young men andthe girls can more closely focus on studying academic subjects and etiquette, thrive even today. Many elite men's schools are included in the national rating of the best educational institutions: graduates demonstrate the highest level of academic preparation, successfully pass profile examinations for high scores and enter the best universities around the world.

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Advantages of schools for boys in England, features of separate education

Schools for boys in England can function in both daytime and boarding schools. Private bording is very popular among parents all over the world: training in a male boarding school will not only give a quality, fundamental education, but also will bring up valuable qualities that will be useful in the career and personal life of a young man. Being in a comfortable environment, in constant communication with the representatives of their gender, the boys develop leadership skills, learn to take responsibility, express their opinion and defend their point of view. At the same time, education in the male boarding school raises children in a healthy competition: boys get a powerful incentive to be faster, stronger, smarter, more enduring and successful, which in the modern world is extremely valuable.

Schools for boys in the UK take into account all the characteristics of the development of schoolchildren: according to statistics, girls grow up a little earlier than boys, so the educational and leisure plans are specially tailored to the level of knowledge, diligence and attentiveness of the young men. Much attention is paid to sports activities: young men should have a good physical shape and endurance, so sports competitions and games thrive in men's closed boarding schools, teams and teams for various sports work. As a rule, in men's boarding schools there is a strict discipline: teachers are aware of mobility, restlessness, activity of schoolchildren, so they try to instill in them a love of order and correct behavior.

At the same time, separate education does not mean that young men and girls are not seen for many years of training. Usually schools provide for a large number of joint walks, games, competitions together with other educational institutions, organize general excursions and holidays. Children get the opportunity to acquire valuable experience of communicating with the opposite sex - while in the very process of learning they are not distracted from achieving personal goals.

Determine with a simple choice

For the convenience of your choice we have compiled a complete list of schools for boys in the UK. You can view a detailed description of each of them, get acquainted with the photos of the campus, residences and the academic building, read the feedback of students who have already chosen training in a certain school. We also indicated the cost of training in each school and boarding house. The price largely depends on the choice of institution (private or public), on its position in the overall rating, on the development of infrastructure and the opportunities for comprehensive development of students.

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