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The interest of foreign students to the educational institutions of the United Arab Emirates grows year after year. Private schools in the UAE attract people wishing to receive quality language and academic training. Education in the UAE is offered in secondary and higher educational institutions in English and Arabic. Higher education in the UAE can be obtained at a prestigious university with international accreditation.

Studying in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a great prospect for a subsequent career. In the dynamically developing UAE highly qualified specialists are highly valued, each foreign student has every chance to remain in one of the richest countries of the world as an employee of a local or international company.Study in Europe and the UAE is convenient, effective and prestigious - it covers all educational levels, from secondary schools to universities and specialized specialized courses, including language ones.


The structure of education in the UAE

Education has no cardinal differences from, for example, the British or American. The country offers preschool, primary, secondary (incomplete and general), vocational, higher education. The international system of university degrees (bachelor's, master's, doctoral) is one of the advantages of studying at the last step.

Foreigners in the country are receiving non-state educational institutions. Private schools offer their students a variety of programs, ranging from linguistic to academic. A large number of international educational centers are open in large cities of the country. The Russian students prefer to study in the United Arab Emirates in American and British schools, and there are several reasons for this - among them is the language of instruction (English instead of the difficult to study Arabic, as in public schools), the traditional organization of the learning process, technological learning.

In American and British schools, students can study in different programs. One of the most popular are the exam. At the courses, students can prepare for the delivery of TOEFL or IELTS, and effective short-term courses are also offered here. They will allow to spend a vacation with advantage (improvement of English).

The advantages of studying in the UAE

  • This is a developed prosperous country with almost zero crime, high culture. Staying here is absolutely safe for foreigners.
  • Branches of the most prestigious and popular British, American schools, universities are open in the country. Training in them is available to foreign students.
  • In the Emirates, most schools and universities present standard academic requirements for applicants, which almost always come down to the level of English. Only in a number of cases do foreigners have to pass additional examinations or pass an interview.
  • Living conditions and education are extremely favorable for foreigners.
  • National diploma or certificates are quoted worldwide.
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