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For many Russians, Turkey is primarily a tourist country, a resort state. But in recent years, the country is gaining increasing weight in the world arena as a trade and industrial leader, and in connection with this the popularity of education received in local training centers is growing. Today the country has about 160 educational institutions - both private and public - and the total number of students reaches 3.5 million.

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Structure of higher education in Turkey

As in many European institutions, there are three levels of higher education. The first one is a bachelor's degree, the duration of which is 4 years, the second and third levels are master's and postgraduate courses. Many universities support European and world student transfer programs, credit credits received in other educational institutions - this is an excellent chance for a student who can transfer to a Turkish university without losing time and repeating the curriculum.

Features of educational institutions

Most universities teach in the official language of the country - Turkish, but more and more centers (especially large and metropolitan ones) offer professional training in English and other foreign languages. There are special preparatory programs for foreign students who do not speak English at a sufficient level, summer schools and seasonal language programs are also organized. This kind of short-term training is the best chance to plunge into the educational environment of Turkey, improve your English language skills and finally decide on the choice of the educational institution.

The cost of higher education

Typically, private universities set a higher cost: 5-12 thousand US dollars for the academic year. Public universities are more accessible - but note that the cost of training may vary depending on the language: instruction in Turkish will cost 200-400 dollars for the academic year, while training in English will cost 500-1500 dollars. At the same time, living, food and leisure in Turkey are less than in many European countries, the United States and Britain, so studying in Turkey is quite a budget and affordable option for a Russian student.

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