Primary and secondary education in Switzerland. Study in a secondary school in Switzerland after 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 class. Prices for training, list of schools

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Switzerland is one of the most popular and prestigious European countries for training. Primary and secondary school education in Switzerland is conducted in 4 languages: English (like schooling in the USA ), German , French And Italian, but are taught to students in the framework of the German, French, Italian, national system and the international program IB . Choosing a school is recommended taking into account further plans and financial opportunities. The cost can be different (from 45000 CHF to 120 000 CHF) - experts will be able to choose the ideal program, and for Russian students and schoolchildren it is possible to apply several times a year.

Samples of entrance tests for admission to private schools in Switzerland , which you can write for us free of charge, without attending the school itself. Services on admission are also free.

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Secondary education in Switzerland for Russians: opportunities and features

Education in the leading schools of the country for Russian students is an excellent opportunity to get not only high-quality academic knowledge, but also a chance to enter a priority university in Europe or the world. The country accepts foreigners of different ages: the primary school is open to children 6 years and older, the zero preparatory class is accepted by 4-5-year-old foreigners. Primary education children receive for 4 - 6 years.

The secondary school provides for a 3 to 5-year cycle of study. The educational program includes various disciplines: children have the opportunity to learn their native language, at least 2 foreign, natural sciences, geography, history, mathematics, and art. Some cantons also provide ethical and religious instruction.

Specificity of the educational process in private boarding schools in Switzerland

Secondary education in Switzerland is more democratic, for example, school education in the UK or Germany, but the process of obtaining it is not easy. Students learn through intensive programs, especially complex is the national one.

The control of the level of achievements is carried out in institutions on a permanent basis, and this method is highly efficient. Parents of students can monitor the effectiveness and productivity of their studies on the monthly reports of their child's curators.

Elite boarding schools Switzerland offers foreign students a lot of opportunities for physical, creative development: professionally organized and conducted extra-curricular activities contribute to raising the overall level of the child's education.

How much does secondary education in Switzerland cost?

In a European country with a high standard of living, services have high enough prices, this also applies to training. The issue of value is relevant for everyone who wishes to send a child to study in a European country. The price depends on the type of program, the rating of the institution, the package of additional services.

Estimated cost per year: CHF 60,000 - 90,000 with boarding school, full-time: CHF 20,000 - 50,000 . Yes, education in Europe is quite expensive, but the diploma obtained will quickly pay off due to its high value in the international labor market.

Среднее образование в Швейцарии

Types of programs, training in Switzerland after 8, 9, 10 classes, feedback from students and parents

The main types of academic courses in private schools in Switzerland's boarding houses are as follows:

  • The national Matura program is the most difficult. It is presented in 5 types, each of which involves studying 13 to 15 subjects of the main group, several additional ones and at least 3 foreign languages. Specialization in the Matura program can be humanitarian, linguistic, natural-science, technical. The choice of direction is carried out by students in 13-14 years.
  • The German Abitur program is similar to the national one, but is presented in 3 types. Students are invited to study the choice of technical (mathematics, engineering, natural sciences), public (economics, sociology, etc.), humanitarian (arts, literature, languages) science. The students of the German branch have chosen a specialization earlier (at 11 - 12 years).
  • The French program includes two cycles. General education (for children 11 - 16 years) is completed by examinations in basic disciplines. Students who successfully pass them receive Diplome National du Brevet (certificate). The specialized cycle lasts 3 more years. It ends with the receipt of the Diplôme du Baccalaureat de l'Enseignement du Second Degree.
  • The Italian program Maturita is similar to the French one. Specialization in the institution students choose in 14 years. They can study humanitarian disciplines, natural, exact sciences.
  • The British program provides for the study of children up to 14 years (after 8 and 9 classes) of a large set of subjects. After that, 5-10 priority disciplines are selected within the GCSE course (9th and 10th grades). Another 2 years for training students spend wishing to obtain a diploma in a British university. They pass the A-level course (11 and 12 classes), providing for in-depth study of 4-5 subjects.
  • The American section provides for studies in the classical school curriculum of the United States. Upon completion of the institution, students receive a High School Certificate. This document is recognized by the universities of the United States, Canada.
Обучение в Швейцарии

Also, foreign students can study under the IB international program: it is considered today one of the Most balanced, effective, but also the most difficult in the school system (according to statistics, only 70% of students successfully pass examinations at the end of the course). In Switzerland IB is offered in 10% of institutions - in Britain, for comparison, only 1% of educational institutions accept students for a similar course. A two-year program for students 16 to 19 years old is now operating in more than one hundred countries of the world, and the certificate is recognized by many universities in the world.

British and Anglo-American sections are most popular among Russian students, which are open in almost every private boarding house. Programs allow you to get a truly British or American education in ultra-comfortable conditions.

There are also exclusive educational institutions in the country that have no analogues in Europe. In "finishing schools", modern girls can not only receive brilliant academic training, but also learn manners, the art of doing household chores, and living in a volatile business world. Schools for real ladies have been working in Switzerland since the XIX century, and today they have changed the vector of education and training of girls: the graduates brilliantly play social roles and feel comfortable both in the image of the business lady and in the image of the keeper of the home.

The country in the 21st century is the undisputed leader in the diversity of curricula. The main goal of the study here is not the preparation of highly specialized entrants for higher education institutions, but the harmonious development of the personality of each child. Students are given exceptionally high-quality food for the mind, there are many opportunities for physical, creative development. Children in boarding schools are helped to create a tolerant attitude to values ​​different from their own. Foreign students in the country receive a high-quality education, corresponding not only to international standards, but also to the diplomatic norms of modern society.

A lot of feedback was left by our clients, whose children were trained / trained in this amazing country. More details are available in the relevant section .

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