Education in schools in Switzerland after 10, 11 classes. Preparation for admission to universities in Switzerland: list of schools, prices, rating

Education information

Education received in Switzerland is considered a quality standard. The popularity of universities in the country is growing rapidly. Modern educational institutions of an intercultural multinational country are open to foreign students today.

The question remains: how to enter the University of Switzerland? The system of primary andsecondary education in Switzerland is very different from that in Russia. This is the reason for most of the difficulties that arise on the path of entrants. But this does not mean that enrollment in an institution is impossible. Preparation for universities in Switzerland is important and necessary, the main thing is to get a certificate / certificate recognized by local universities.

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Features of higher education in Switzerland

When asked how to proceed, there is only one answer: only competent preparation for this process will open the doors of the university for the entrant. At the same time, when choosing a program, it is necessary to take into account the national and state peculiarities of the country. In different parts of the country the education system and, accordingly, the requirements for university entrants are different. Thus, foreigners can now receive French, Italian, German and international (in English) education in Switzerland.

For admission to the university it is necessary that the level of academic preparation of the applicant meets the current requirements and standards. There are several ways to achieve this, each has its own peculiarities.

Education for children and schoolchildren in Switzerland before and immediately after school (10th, 11th grades)

Many graduates of Russian schools are wondering how to proceed without loss of time and without additional training. It can be done, but only after completing a private boarding school in the territory of the country itself. Direct enrollment is possible only after obtaining a national certificateSchweizer Maturität or diploma French Baccalaureate , IB , Swiss matriculation certificate in German , Italian Maturità with the natural-science, Linguistic or other bias, German Abitur .

поступление в университет в Швейцарии

The holders of the Russian certificate should bring the document on education in line with European standards. For this we recommend training on special pre-university training programs, such you will find in the catalog presented. We provided for the possibility of a convenient choice according to the given parameters: type of courses, type of educational institution, its location (the necessary filters you will find on the left panel of the page).

There are several types of educational centers being prepared in the country for applicants who are applying for admission to the University of Switzerland: the necessary training is available at the boarding school, university,day school (upper secondary education for a certificate).

Enrollment is also possible for students of Russian universities. At the same time, the passage of profile courses (preparation for bachelor's degree, master's degree) is available. The programs include academic and language blocks.

Individual selection of study programs in private schools in boarding schools in Switzerland

If you are not able to find a catalog by yourself for some reason, the specialists of the SMASS are ready to select the program individually, taking into account all your requirements and wishes.

[999.5 ] Smapse experts will recommend several types of courses, explain their features, help determine the choice of the program and educational institution in accordance with academic needs, the size of the budget, etc.

To find out how to enter the University of Switzerland, please call us on the hot line or send an e-mail request. Expert advice can also be obtained online via chat or Skype communication. Specialist assistance is provided free of charge.

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