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30 best language schools in Switzerland for children and students. List of top language schools in Switzerland, description, ranking, prices

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Give yourself or your child an opportunity to study at a language school in Switzerland. Especially for you, our company has gathered a number of accredited prestigious institutions for your acquaintance. Information about the language school you can read by clicking on the photo or title. The detailed information on the prices and the description of training programs is accessible at pressing the program.

30 best language schools in Switzerland for children and students. List of top language schools in Switzerland, description, ranking, prices

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List of leading schools in Switzerland for learning languages

In Switzerland, there are quite a few networked international schools for learning the language: for example, the courses of studying French in Lausanne Eurocentres. And in the international center of inlingua you can learn any of the official languages ​​in the branches of different cities of the country - Geneva, Friborg, Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lausanne. There is also an association of educational centers in Switzerland, for example, the C & L Study Center in Montreux or the Oekos Schule in Zurich.

This city also houses one of the most popular and rating schools for learning French - Language Studies International. LSI is located in a cozy campus in the heart of Zurich (Seefeld district), and within walking distance of it are several attractions, as well as cafes, shops and other places for fun and relaxation.

In addition, in Switzerland, or more precisely - in Geneva, at any time of the year, the teaching association Study & Live in your Teacher's Home is recruiting students. From the title it is clear that the learning process here takes place mainly in the form of individual lessons with the teacher. Since the city is in the French-speaking part, then the language of study is appropriate. In Switzerland, there are also such educational centers, where students are offered programs that combine the study of not one, but two or even three European languages.

In general, the choice of language centers and schools in Switzerland is large enough, so to find a suitable institution, a future student needs to know what to look for first:

  • Of course, the first item on the list of criteria for a potential educational institution will be the language. It is better to choose the curriculum with that foreign language, with which the student has further educational plans. For example, admission to the university. In Swiss language schools, many of which are also official centers for the preparation and delivery of major international examinations, a fairly large percentage of foreign students come to this very purpose. And the course of preparation is chosen proceeding from the fact that in the university of which country they plan to enter - England, Germany, America or Switzerland itself.
  • The next criterion of choice is the saturation and duration of the training course. Depending on the intensity of the program, even for 2 weeks (the minimum duration of the course), one can significantly improve one's state language skills in Switzerland. So, the standard program usually includes 15-20 academic hours for language classes, and intensive ones are already from 25 to 30 hours. More usually, children and adolescents are not offered, because the workload is so tangible. Thus, if the program is intensive - it will be enough and 2 weeks, and the standard course is better taken for 4 weeks.
  • The next point for choosing a school is the time of the year. Most Swiss institutions operate year-round and offer students training during all vacation periods - in autumn, winter, spring and, of course, in summer. And since simultaneously with academic studies the program of language schools includes an entertaining and leisure program, its filling in some measure will depend on the time of the year - accessible excursions, sports and so on. Let's not forget that the language school for young students is not only waiting for study, but also the opportunity to have a great rest in Switzerland, to get acquainted with their peers from all over the world, make new friends, in general, spend this time really unforgettable
  • Another criterion for choosing a language school can be considered the placement conditions: for example, whether the institution has a residence for students or foreign students will have to look for accommodation options in addition. In this case, all educational institutions can be conditionally divided into schools with boarding, when students spend 24 hours on campus and day school, where the issue of accommodation is decided additionally.

By the way, as far as the equipment and infrastructure of Swiss schools are concerned, there are very few countries that can surpass local educational institutions in this matter. Some educational institutions in Switzerland, especially elite and prestigious, are like real hotels, and not just educational centers. And of course, on the territory of such a campus is a pleasure.

Tuition fees in Swiss language schools

The price of study in a language school in Switzerland depends on several factors, from the location of the school to the presence of your own residence. The average price range is wide enough - from 200 to 1000 francs for 2 weeks of an intensive language study program.

Also quite expensive for students of language courses will be accommodation (in case the school can offer only a day-time format of education), because one of the most profitable options - host family accommodation - is not very common here, one of the preferable is to rent a room or apartments together with other students.

In addition, quite a lot of Swiss language courses are organized on the basis of universities, and students for the period of study stay in the student hostel, which also turns out cheaper.

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