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Adult language courses in Switzerland for international studens. List of 25 top institutions, rankings, prices and tuition fees

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Learning the language in Europe, and especially in Switzerland - is prestigious, convenient, and more recently more accessible: more and more schools are opened for foreign tourists, anyone can enter. Switzerland is considered a multilingual country: the population speaks equally freely in German, English, French and Italian. Learning English as an international language in the country is almost indispensable, this is the norm for any educated person who is planning to get a quality education and build a successful career.

Language courses and programs are highly efficient, practical, many of them are designed specifically for a certain category of students - for example, business communication courses, programs for migrants, etc. Separate plus - the cost of training: most often it is lower than in Germany and even more so in the UK, while the quality is not inferior to the oldest schools with a world-wide name. Thanks to the multilingual nature of the country, each student can practice the acquired knowledge every minute, constantly communicate with native speakers, improve listening skills (listening comprehension), written and spoken language, and expand vocabulary.

Adult language courses  in Switzerland for international studens. List of 25 top institutions, rankings, prices and tuition fees

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Learn German

German is included in the list of official state languages ​​- many Swiss speak on it, which will give you the opportunity to talk constantly with native speakers, hear the right rich speech, and make useful acquaintances. Effective German courses will allow you to start and maintain a conversation without any problems, watch movies and read books in German, attend sightseeing and entertainment events. These programs will be very useful if you plan to move to a country for permanent residence: the training will help to adapt to a new language and cultural environment (some schools have teachers who speak Russian). You can choose one of the special programs for migrants: after two weeks of training it will become much easier for you to orient yourself in the city and country, talk with local residents, and use the city infrastructure.

Learning English

The most popular here is international English, close to the traditional British version: often the school invites a teacher from England, who must necessarily confirm their qualifications for working with foreign students and multicultural groups. Each training class is formed in accordance with the level of knowledge of students, the most uniform degree of knowledge and skills is selected. Often students combine the study of English and another foreign language, especially often participants of long-term educational programs resort to this scheme.

English is not official in Switzerland, but it is fairly widespread: there are special English schools offering the opportunity to study all year round, summer and seasonal courses, vacation camps for schoolchildren. The level of training is so high that after the completion of the courses you can successfully apply for a place in a prestigious university in Europe.

Other language programs

Also in the country the study of French is popular, it is spoken by a large number of residents of the western regions (about 20% of the indigenous people call it their native language), so knowledge of French will be necessary if you are going to live in Switzerland for a long time. The largest French-speaking cantons are Jura, Neuchâtel, Waugh and Geneva.

Many Swiss have special accreditations and permission to teach - classes with such teachers are usually slightly cheaper than those of invited French specialists, and the level of training is not worse. Depending on the region, pronunciation may be slightly different, some features of phonetics may be observed, but there are no great differences in dialects.

About 8% of the population often uses Italian in everyday life (among them - 6% of native Swiss): most often all are residents of the canton of Ticino, south of the canton of Graubünden. It will be especially convenient to learn Italian as an additional, together with another foreign language - such a combination will not be too difficult or complex, but will give additional advantages and speed up the language progress.

The advantages of learning a language in Switzerland

  • Special formation of the curriculum

More often in the country several languages ​​are studied in the complex, for example, they combine learning German and English. Educational institutions provide a rich choice of different courses and programs for any age and category of students: those who plan to enter universities in Europe can choose an annual option, businessmen will prefer a quick intensive business language course, specialists in various fields of activity can undergo professional development for 2-3 Of the week.

  • Multicultural environment of pupils, diversity of countries and cultures represented in schools

Students from different countries of the world, representing different nationalities, learn together: it develops the skill of intercultural communication, speech, helps to learn more about the traditions of other countries. Teachers have extensive experience working with similar groups and are able to find an approach to each student, to motivate him for educational achievements, to give valuable advice or recommendation. Schools practice an individual, personal approach, respectfully and carefully treat each student.

  • Excellent opportunities for combining learning and recreation

The amount of free time for each student depends on the chosen program, its intensity and duration - but, as a rule, time for entertainment and Leisure is always. Many training centers organize full-fledged leisure programs, which also carry a learning function that consolidates the knowledge gained in a free, relaxed atmosphere. School specialists organize various trips to museums, galleries, theaters, to local cultural monuments and attractions, offer sports (mountain skiing, snowboarding, trekking, sailing, tennis and much more).

  • Accessibility of training

Any foreign student can enter the courses - it is enough to prepare the necessary package of documents and choose a school. Recently, prices for most courses and programs have dropped noticeably.

  • Comfortable living and learning conditions

In most of the country - a mild, favorable, healthy climate, unusually clean air, there is no sudden change in the weather. Healthcare is well developed here, most residents adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle, and the level of safety is one of the highest in the world.

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