The best children's language camps in Switzerland, summer holidays for schoolchildren and teenagers. List, rating, cost

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Language children's summer camps in Switzerland during holidays for schoolchildren, teenagers is a kaleidoscope of memorable events: excursions, sports events, games and much more, they allow to combine studying and / or improving a foreign language with cognitive, active, combined rest. The result of the trip will be the quality of knowledge and conversational skills, a huge amount of impressions and emotions - a vacation in Switzerland in the summer will give you unforgettable memories, lots of new knowledge and friends.

Vacation programs for children in the language camps in Switzerland have several distinctive features. The first and often determining choice of parents is the traditional Swiss quality: ininternational language camps countries receive students from experienced teachers, whose qualifications are confirmed by international diplomas, maximum attention and support.

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Organization of vacation training, seasons and language learning in Switzerland

Summer schools and camps differ not only in linguistic orientation - in some, emphasis is placed on academic training, in others - on leisure and sports. In the first case, the students are offered a rich training program with a load of 18 to 22 lessons per week: it leaves less time for leisure activities, but allows faster achievement of high academic results.

In schools with an emphasis on sports and recreation, children learn about 15 hours a week, and the sport can take 2-3 additional hours daily. Evening hours in schools are reserved for entertainments, which are organized by specialists and educators.

Students can go on vacation with training all year round - a vacation in Switzerland during the summer holidays is among the most popular programs, but other seasons can be called quite in demand. Language camps in Switzerland to choose from:

  • summer
  • winter
  • spring
  • [999.20 ] autumn
  • You can buy a ticket to the children's camp in Switzerland for you on vacation or you can pay directly to the school by requesting a seat

In the children's camps in Switzerland, which are about 250 in the country, a five-day day is accepted, on weekends the students are offered excursion programs, and those who wish can also focus on sports. In winter, most students choose skiing, rest in Switzerland in the summer involves active recreation, hiking (horse, equestrian, bicycle, water).

The lessons of non-standard formats contribute to the development of the communication skills of children and adolescents. The advanced methods used in the process make it possible to guarantee the effectiveness of training.

Another feature is the sporting focus. Sports and physical development of adolescents in the country paid much attention, opportunities for improving skills more than enough. There is everything you need to practice different sports, from swimming to snowboarding.

In addition, the country provides its guests with the opportunity to study in the camps not only English : there are seasonal schools with the study of Italian , French, German languages. Moreover, some centers offer courses for Spanish and Chinese .

Teachers of each children's center are native speakers, communication with them allows students to progress quickly in improving English, Italian, German, French as a foreign language.

Лагерь в Швейцарии

Study and vacation on vacation for Russian children and foreigners in Switzerland, age of participants

Language vacations and rest in Switzerland in the summer is always interesting and very exciting. The majority of camps are located in picturesque places near lakes, in foothills, near to woods. Students are guaranteed perfect ecological conditions of stay: clean curative air, natural food.

Students will not be bored at campuses at their leisure - their attention is offered a lot of various entertainments, themed parties, picnics, sports events, concerts and much more are organized.

The excursion program deserves special attention: during trips children can get acquainted more closely with the history of the country, its architectural, cultural sights, nature. Among the popular destinations the leading places are occupied by the full sights of Geneva, Zurich, Bern. Interested teenagers can be offered a weekend tour of the old Swiss castles. Nature lovers await the majestic Alps.

Language camps in Switzerland accept children of very different ages, each center is divided into:

  • the smallest (from 3, 4, 5, 6 years) who come, as a rule, with parents, guardians accompanied by nannies,
  • older children (7, 8, 9 years) - from 7 years Perhaps independent stay in a number of camps at the boarding school
  • schoolchildren (10, 11, 12, 13 years) - for the children organized a wide variety of events that will not make you miss for a minute!
  • and adolescents (14, 15, 16, 17, 18 years)

The age you need can be selected in the search box at the top of the page in the "advanced search" section

[999.20 ] Языковой лагерь в Швейцарии

Accommodation and accommodation options for youth summer camps in Switzerland

The vast majority of language camps are private boarding houses. Accommodation in them is offered in cozy residences, from the windows of rooms which offer stunning views of lakes, mountains, forests, ancient objects of architecture. Foreign students can stay for 1-2 people, as well as accommodation in 3-4-bed rooms.

Food is organized in the dining room on the campus, it can be 3 to 5 times a day. The menu is offered in most traditional European schools, except for this chef of school canteens often prepare national dishes of the country whose language is taught.

Prices for children's summer language camps in Switzerland

The cost of a summer camp for children in summer in Switzerland in most cases includes a full range of services, including curriculum, school materials, accommodation, meals, regular excursions and events, sports games, transfers (at certain times, but not in all centers) As well as insurance. Depending on the prestige, location and popularity of the school, the option of living, the price for everything varies on average from1500 to 3,000 Swiss francs per week .

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