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Switzerland has long become a symbol and a kind of synonym for precision, high quality and culture - many national products become standard (remember at least cheese or watches). In addition, the country has one of the highest living standards in the world, is famous for its security and citizens' security, and it can be said with certainty that the state owes its high-quality education to its prosperity - higher education in Switzerland is one of the best in the world. Especially it concerns the schools of hotel business and hotel management, which train highly qualified and universal specialists. Such institutions include the world-famous hotel schools of the hotel industry, including:CMS Ritz Colleges , HIM Hotel Institute Montreux , IHTTI School of Hotel Management , SHMS Swiss Hotel Management Schooland The Glion Institute of Higher Education .

The national education system is distinguished by continuity from primary school, secondary education to final university programs, so many students prefer to study here, appreciating Such an integrated approach.
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Major specialties in Switzerland at the highest level of education

It is possible to obtain a higher education in Switzerland in almost any specialty, but it is also possible to obtain a double diploma - but all are areas in which the country is an unbeatable leader.

Among the leading directions of higher education in Switzerland can be called business, tourism and hotel services, management: these areas are very developed in the country, so students are taught by highly qualified personnel, and diplomas of profile universities are incredibly highly appreciated all over the world. The business schools include Geneva Business School and European University Geneva: students know that the diploma of these schools opens the doors to the best European companies, provides huge opportunities for career growth and significantly increases career benefits.

Образование в Швейцарии

The hotel business is no less developed - and students from all over the world come to Switzerland for this specialty, choosing Cesar Ritz Hotel Colleges, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management And Glion Institute of Higher Education. The programs are maximally practical, students are constantly on probation in the hotels of the country, Europe and the world. This is not only an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience, but also a chance to make useful acquaintances that will be useful in the subsequent employment. Many schools of hotel business in Switzerland offer students internships in all departments of the hotel - from reception and placement to the managerial staff: thanks to this, the graduate really knows the work in all its subtleties, is able to make quick decisions and be guided by a variety of factors.

A separate plus of higher education in Switzerland is the diversity of curricula: one can enroll in advanced training courses or obtain higher education in Switzerland in a related profession, thereby expanding the level of their knowledge and capabilities, gaining significant competitive advantages.

Обучение в Швейцарии

Features of admission and the cost of higher education in Switzerland

It's quite difficult to enter the university of the country, the entrance requirements are high: to get a higher education in Switzerland, you must complete two courses (minimum) of the full-time faculty of the Russian university, take the entrance exam (optional). It is also necessary to prepare a package of documents: application for admission, a detailed autobiography, a copy of the certificate and a certified description, a copy of the language certificate, an academic certificate with a list of credits, exams and the number of academic hours for each subject. Please note that you must complete the document at least 3 months before the expected start date.

Let's not hide - the cost of training even in schools in Switzerland is quite high, often even higher than in other European educational institutions (say, Austria or Germany, France) - from 30,000 Up to 75,000 Swiss francs per year. Together with the high standard of living of the population (and hence the high prices for accommodation and food), higher education in Switzerland is becoming a fairly costly financial line of the budget. But ambitious applicants remember that training here is a powerful and useful investment in the future and a successful career: graduates not only find work easier, but also significantly increase the chances for a prestigious and highly paid position. Stubborn and hardworking students who successfully graduated from the country's educational institutions, as a rule, pay back the cost of their education in the first year.

Высшее образование в Швейцарии

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