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Choosing for their children the best and elite private boarding schools in Switzerland (American, British, international), parents rely on prestige, ranking and efficiency of teaching. Attention of foreigners is offered several educational elite directions, and the choice of the training system is determined by the individual academic requirements and ambitions of the child.

Prestigious secondary private boarding schools in Switzerland are open to students of all nationalities, in fact, they are international - education is held here by representatives of different countries (the Swiss contingent does not exceed 2%). For comparison,in Britain, only 10-20% of foreigners study in schools in boarding schools , other places are distributed among the citizens of the country.

Samples of entrance tests for admission to average private schools Swiss hostels, which you can write from us without attending school. Services on admission and are free.

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Private schools boarding houses in Switzerland: comfort, service, quality of services

Education in Switzerland has several characteristics, and one of the main ones is comfort. The schools have excellent conditions for stay, education, creative and physical development, the daily routine in terms of studying and resting students is organized at the highest level.

Closed bording reminds five-star hotels, campuses are characterized by a developed infrastructure. School residences have design interiors, in the dining rooms, as a rule, European (national Swiss, German, Italian, French) dishes are served, tables are served accordingly.

The level of comfort is not the only thing that private schools are different from competing British establishments. In educational institutions, special attention is paid to sports - distribution in the country received its extreme kinds, this is due to the geographical peculiarities of Switzerland and the priorities in the field of tourism.

Home Swiss boarding schools - distinctive features

Switzerland's prestigious private secondary boarding schools are distinguished by their camerality: the campuses are relatively small, they can accommodate up to 100 students at a time, many can accommodate up to 50 children.

A special atmosphere reigns in the boarding schools, The child is given as much attention as he needs. Family atmosphere, traditions, goodwill of the staff make the students' stay especially comfortable.

The general atmosphere influences the formation of relations in classes - they are particularly united, friendly, and each child is given the opportunity to develop in accordance with their individual preferences, needs, ambitions.

Training programs in private boarding schools in Switzerland: secondary education

Switzerland is a country where high-quality primary and secondary education can be obtained . There are several directions, each of which has its own peculiarities. The systems meet the standards of certain countries:

  • International Baccalaureate is one of the most popular. Receiving a certificate at the end of the school gives the right to enter any European university. IB is an English-language program (other languages ​​are studied additionally). The formation of this direction is universal: private schools with in-depth study of mathematics and English form the educational foundation of children and schoolchildren.
  • A-level & amp; GCSE (in British schools) represent the traditional British system of secondary education, are optimal for those wishing to continue their studies in England.
  • The American Section(in American schools) is aimed at students preparing for enrollment in US universities, is among the most common in Switzerland, allows students to choose universities in the United States, Canada and Britain for continuing education.
  • The French programincludes two cycles. General education (for children 11 - 16 years) is completed by examinations in basic disciplines. Successfully passed them schoolchildren receive Diplome National du Brevet (certificate). The specialized cycle lasts 3 more years. It ends with the receipt of the Diplôme du Baccalaureat de l'Enseignement du Second Degree. Recently, the French Baccalaureate program is available.
  • Abitur (German section) is common in the German-speaking part of the country. Its feature is the guarantee of admission to German universities, it includes 3 main directions: technical, humanitarian, natural science.
  • The Swiss national Maturite program is the most multifaceted, complex, it provides the possibility of learning in different languages: German , French , includes qualitative academic substantive training. The training system provides for the mastering of 13-15 disciplines and 3 languages.
  • The Italian program is similar to the French one. Specialization in a private school students choose at the age of 14, you can study humanitarian disciplines, natural, exact sciences. The Italian matriculation certificate (Esame di Stato) is issued at the end of the Italian section of the secondary school

Regardless of the selected section, all schoolchildren are provided with opportunities for physical development (sports, including skiing), creative activities, intensive cognitive recreation on weekends.

Some boarding schools in Switzerland offer special integration programs for children who do not have the knowledge of English or have a weak knowledge of the language, whose purpose is to help the child learn the language and prepare for teaching in academic subjects.

Tuition fees in private schools in Switzerland

The price of secondary education in Switzerland in prestigious private schools with boarding and full board varies from 70,000 Swiss francs to 120,000 per year.

How to enter a private school in Switzerland? What documents and knowledge are needed by the applicant

In order to enroll in a private Swiss boarding school, not only a standard list of documents, but also certain language and academic knowledge will be required.

The main list of required documents for the family:

    [ 999.5] copy of the passport of the passport
  • school yearly scores (tables) for the last 2 academic years + quarterly / trimester grades for the current academic year
  • language certificates (preferably as new as possible so that they are relevant)
  • letters of recommendation from teachers of English and mathematics, sometimes it is possible from the principal
  • motivation letter (not always)
  • registration forms and school forms
  • Skype interview or a personal visit to an educational institution

In addition to the above list, children It is also required to pass the internal tests of the school in mathematics and English to determine if the children are well prepared at the time of enrolling in a private school.

Please note that, being the official representatives of most Swiss private boarding school schools, we help with the free selection and organization of admission to the desired schools for our school children and clients.

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