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The best schools are private boarding schools in Switzerland, elite boarding schools for schoolchildren and students. Catalogue, description, ratings and prices for education

Education information

When choosing the best and elite private boarding schools in Switzerland for their children parents rely on prestige, ranking and efficiency of teaching. Several educational elite directions are available for international kids from all over the world, and the choice of the education program is determined by the individual academic requirements and ambitions of the child.

Prestigious secondary private boarding schools in Switzerland are open to students of all nationalities, in fact, they are international – education is effected here by representatives of different countries (the indigenous Swiss contingent does not exceed 2%). For the sake of comparison, in Great Britain, only 10-20% of foreigners study in boarding schools, other places are distributed among the citizens of the country.

Keep in mind, that you can at any time address to the samples of entrance tests for admission to private boarding schools in Switzerland, which you can complete in our office without visiting the school itself.

The best schools are private boarding schools in Switzerland, elite boarding schools for schoolchildren and students. Catalogue, description, ratings and prices for education

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Tuition fees in private schools in Switzerland

The price of secondary education in Switzerland in prestigious private boarding schools with full board varies from 70 000 CHF to 120 000 CHF per academic year.

Private boarding schools in Switzerland: comfort, service, and quality

Education in Switzerland has several characteristics, and one of the main ones being high level of comfort. The schools have excellent conditions for stay, study, creative and physical development – the daily routine in terms of studying and relaxing is organized at the highest level.

Closed private boarding schools remind five-star hotels, and campuses dispose of developed infrastructure. School residences have designed interiors, and in the dining rooms, as a rule, European (national Swiss, German, Italian, and French) dishes are served.

The level of comfort is not the only thing that private schools are different from the British private educational institutions. In private boarding schools in Switzerland, special attention is paid to sports - in the country extreme kinds of sports are becoming increasingly popular due to the geographical peculiarities of Switzerland and the priorities in the field of tourism.

Boarding schools in Switzerland – distinctive features

Switzerland's prestigious secondary private boarding schools are distinguished by their coziness: the campuses are relatively small, they can accommodate up to 100 students at a time, many can accommodate up to 50 children.

A special atmosphere reigns in the boarding schools - the child is given as much attention as he needs. Family atmosphere, traditions, kindness and benevolence of the staff make the students' stay especially comfortable.

The general atmosphere influences the formation of relations between the students in classes – they are united, friendly, and each child is given the opportunity to self-develop in accordance with their individual preferences, needs, and ambitions.

Secondary education programs (offered in English, French, German, or Italian) in private boarding schools in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country where high-quality primary and secondary education can be obtained: Switzerland's best private schools are popular among students from all over the world, who value international atmosphere in these educational institutions.

Several educational programs can be examined below; each of them has its own peculiarities. All programs meet the standards of certain countries:

  • International Baccalaureate program is one of the most popular programs with the students. Receiving a certificate of IB at the end of the school gives the right to enter any European university. Private boarding schools in Switzerland that offer the International Baccalaureate program teach students using English (other languages can be studied additionally) with in-depth study of mathematics and English, as well as subjects of interest of students. The education provided by this program is versatile.
  • A-level program and GCSE program (applicable to British schools) represent the traditional British system of secondary education; such programs are optimal for those wishing to continue their studies in the United Kingdom.
  • The American section (American schools) is aimed at students preparing for Admission to US universities, it is among the most common programs in Switzerland, allowing students to continue their studies in universities in the US, Canada and Great Britain.
  • The French programs include two cycles. General education (for children at the age of 11 - 16 years old) is completed by examinations in basic disciplines. Students who successfully pass them receive Diplome National du Brevet (certificate). The specialized cycle lasts for 3 more years. It ends with the receipt of the Diplôme du Baccalaureat de l'Enseignement du Second Degree. Not long ago, the French Baccalaureate became available for students.
  • Abitur (German section) is common in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Its feature is the guarantee of admission to German universities, it includes 3 main directions: technical, humanitarian, and natural science.
  • The Swiss national Maturite program is the most multifaceted and complex, it provides the possibility of studying curriculum in different languages: German and French, and it also includes qualitative academic education. The education system provides for the mastering of 13-15 disciplines and 3 languages. A few private schools in Switzerland offer this program.
  • The Italian programs are similar to the French ones. Students choose their specialization at the age of 14 years old; they can study humanitarian disciplines, natural sciences, and exact sciences. The Italian matriculation certificate (Esame di Stato) is issued at the end of the Italian section of the middle classes;

Regardless of the chosen destination, all members of schools in Switzerland are provided with opportunities for physical development (sports, including skiing), creative activities, and educational holidays during the weekends.

In some schools in Switzerland, special integration programs are provided for children with lack of knowledge of the English language or with a weak command of the language. The purpose of such programs is to help the child learn the language and prepare for following the curriculum.

international private schools Switzerland, requirements

Many parents ask about the best schools in Switzerland. Smapse specialists in the selection of educational institutions recommend taking several points into account.

The best colleges and schools in Switzerland are not necessarily the most prestigious and expensive. The cost of education in this case is not the most important factor. Optimal choice will be an educational institution offering a program that will allow the child to enter the chosen institution in future. For example, if you are to study in France, it is recommended that you choose the direction of French Baccalaureat. By the way, the cheapest private college in Switzerland can be considered Chantemerle, where the cost of tuition with full boarding is roughly 40 000 CHF per academic year.

Elite educational institutions differ not only in academic orientation - each of them have their own traditions, atmosphere, they are different in location: some are on the shores of lakes, others are in the mountains.

Modern private institutions in Switzerland open their doors to those wishing to obtain a high-quality education. Democratic boarding schools provide children and teenagers with everything they need for balanced academic and personal development.

Not without reason every year Swiss schools are becoming more and more popular. The feedback on education in Switzerland encourages wealthy parents to choose Swiss educational programs for their talented children as a step on the way to obtaining a desired specialization.

What documents are required to apply for private boarding schools in Switzerland and boarding schools for secondary education programs?

The list of documents varies slightly between private boarding schools due to small differences in the operation of the admission offices of educational institutions in Switzerland. However, the basic list of documents that are required by every independent boarding school includes the following documents:

  • Annual school reports containing grades for academic years for the last 2 or 3 years of study;
  • A copy of the student's passport;
  • Several letters of recommendation from teachers of mathematics, English or other foreign language, as well as from the representatives of school administration (directors, his deputies, etc.), written in free form with translation into the English language (or any other language of instruction in the country);
  • A certificate of language proficiency in a language of instruction (preferably as relevant as possible);
  • School registration forms (which our specialists will help you fill in);
  • Skype interview with the applicant;

In addition to the list above, children are also required to pass entrance tests of a school in mathematics and English to determine whether they are well prepared at the time of enrolling in a private school.

Please note that Smapse, being the official representative of most of the Swiss private boarding schools, help with the free selection and organization of admission to the desired schools for our clients.

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Hi, i have a 14 years old daughter interested in study in a boarding school for a year. She woud prefer a school thar offers the IB since she would like to study design later, just in case she stays 2 extra years. I am not looking for a expensive school, it needs to be affordable. Could you pls advice me? Thanks
Good afternoon! We ask you to send to our mail information about the current progress, our mail Thank you!
Hello, is there a school in St. Sophia St. Augustine, and how to contact them? Thank you.
Good afternoon! If the school is not represented on our site, then you can send us its exact name by e-mail, we will try to contact the school and clarify the questions that interest you. Thank you!
Hello. I'm interested in how much it costs to study in Switzerland and study in Germany (the child is currently studying in 9th grade)? How much does living in these countries cost? What amount does the child need with him? For what period of time is the visa issued for training? How many years to study?
Good afternoon! Thank you for your questions, the cost depends on the choice of the school, usually our specialists send out several options for each country, also on our website you can see schools by country, schools provide training, accommodation, meals, additional classes, sports and creative groups. Training in high school under the program IB in English lasts 2 years, under this term the visa is made.
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Inga, hello! Thank you for your positive feedback, we are very pleased that the school of our partners you liked and went in all respects! We hope to hear about your success again!
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