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Elite education in boarding schools in Switzerland for foreign students. Education in hotel business and cooking spheres in Switzerland. List of schools, prices, rankings

Education information

Secondary education in Switzerland is considered to be one of the most prestigious in the world and is characterized by an impeccably high quality – education in Switzerland has long been considered a synonym for quality, reliability, huge prospective, and respectability. There are several reasons for such honor. Education in Switzerland combines modern educational standards and centuries-old traditions of education in Europe (that is, the traditions of educational systems of Germany and Austria, Italy, France, England, and even the USA). Education for foreigners is available in the elite schools in Switzerland, which educate the so-called "citizens of the world", and at the same time provide an individual and versatile approach to each child.

The traditions of education in Switzerland allow instilling in children purposefulness, leadership qualities, which subsequently promotes the formation of a young specialist. Studies in Switzerland can begin at any age - the most rational option is to study in a private boarding school in Switzerland: for the graduates of such institutions, the doors of the most prestigious and top-rated colleges, higher schools, and universities of the world are open. Studying abroad after the 11th grade will open the doors of prestigious world universities for the student, thus ensuring a successful career in virtually any country in the world.

Admission and enrollment services through our company are free of charge. Note that we are not intermediaries. We can help you with discounts, scholarships and grants for education, subject to excellent academic performance of your child. You can at any time address to the samples of entrance tests for admission to private boarding schools in Switzerland, which you can complete in our office without visiting the school itself.

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Education in the hotel business sphere in Switzerland: schools and institutes of restaurant business and cooking spheres, tuition fees

One of the highest priority areas of higher education in Switzerland is the hotel and tourism business, management, catering and cooking. In terms of service level, Switzerland has long served as a benchmark for European and global corporations - therefore it is worthwhile to receive education on these profile specialties here.

An important advantage of education in the hotel, restaurant and travel businesses in Switzerland is an integral, compulsory work practice and internships that students attend during their studies. Thanks to cooperation with the best national and international companies, students have the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience in prestigious restaurants, hotels and tourist sites, see the intrinsics from the inside, and learn to work in any position - from the regular staff to the top management. Internships and production practices make it possible to engage in valuable business contacts - many students receive profitable offers for work even before graduation, and immediately after graduation they occupy prestigious, highly paid posts.

Some schools of hospitality and hotel business in Switzerland are located directly in large hotels: this allows students to apply theoretical knowledge on practice on a daily bases, as well as to obtain the most useful and relevant knowledge in regards to modern business canons.

Below you will find a list of a few prestigious and top-rated profile schools:

The cost of education in such schools and institutes is, of course, quite huge: the prestige of educational institutions, and the high prices for education in Switzerland in general have an impact on the amounts of money necessary to get education in Switzerland. In general, the cost of bachelor's degree programs ranges from 17 000 CHF to 31 300 CHF per semester (academic half-year). But the costs of education fully pay off during the first few years after graduation: education in the best profile institutions in Switzerland is almost a clear pass to the largest and most prestigious companies in the world, and internships and production practices during the education help to quickly find work after the university and qualify for a high and well-paid position.

Schools and universities in Switzerland for international students

Education in Switzerland for foreign students is possible at any level, from elementary to higher: each stage has its own characteristics, but in any case it will be highly efficient, extremely comfortable and most interesting.

Secondary education in Switzerland can be obtained in private schools: they are distinguished by the high quality of teaching general and specialized subjects, as well as comfortable living conditions. Another feature is their location - the campus of each school is surrounded by stunning nature with mountains or lakes. For the same reasons, seasonal language schools abroad are also quite popular with international kids.

Education in Switzerland at a prestigious boarding school is not cheap - the average price per year is 45 000 CHF – 90 000 CHF (cost includes tuition, accommodation, and meals). Education often includes travelling to language camps during the holidays: besides the academic program for children and adolescents, there are rich entertainment and excursion programs (included in the cost), which will be remembered by schoolchildren for a long time.

Prices for studying in Switzerland for foreign students do not differ from those for the citizens of other countries – here all students are equal in rights and have equal opportunities to reduce costs through getting scholarships and grants.

Graduates of schools can enter universities in Switzerland. This stage implies getting a specialization – so education abroad after the 9th grade is complex enough and covers a lot of subjects and disciplines. The choice of educational programs in Switzerland is huge without exaggeration – however, they all share a common distinctive feature: they are exclusively practically-oriented and include such areas as economics (for high school and middle classes), business, law, art, design, architecture, music, social sciences, biology, physics, chemistry, and many others. Any educational program in Switzerland at the university level includes not just an internship in a company, but a full-fledged and paid job in the specialization.

Education in different languages in schools of Switzerland

The process of studying in Switzerland is not only effective, but also diverse. You can get the chosen specialization in the country as part of the program with teaching effected in English, Italian, Frenchor German languages. The education system in Switzerland, whose advantages are high standards of education organization, has absorbed the best characteristics from the systems of those four European countries.

The main feature of studying in Switzerland at universities is a large number of theoretical exercises supporting practical classes. Though education in Switzerland for foreigners will cost more than that in their respective countries, the subsequent prospects are much higher as well – when more than 50% of the study time is devoted to practice, the results will be remarkable.

Studying in Switzerland at the university is a step towards a successful career, and students make this step during the internship in a company. Graduates of higher education institutions, as a rule, receive lucrative offers from European and international companies.

Feedback from students and parents

Education in Switzerland today is chosen by many wealthy parents who understand the importance and value of excellent education abroad. Investments in top-quality education pay off completely. The majority of positive comments are about the quality of educational services, comfortable intensity, organization of internships, leisure; parents note the level of teaching and individual approach, and highly appreciate such amenities as campus infrastructure and surrounding nature.

Educating a child in Switzerland is not an unbearably expensive project, but it is a great chance for a young talent to fulfill oneself in life. Children's impressions of their stay in the country (check out our reviews page) are positive, like the parents’ ones. However, schoolchildren and students note not only the infrastructure, the quality of food, etc., but the ability to make decisions independently within the curriculum, engage in creativity and sports activities, and much more.

Education fees in Switzerland

The cost of studies in Switzerland is much higher than in England and the United States, ranging from 45 000 CHF to 90 000 CHF per year in the most prestigious and elite boarding schools.

The price is that high primarily due to excellent living conditions and an approach to teaching children, for whom ideal conditions of study are created.

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