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Prestigious summer schools and courses abroad for children and teenagers

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You can choose the best school from this list for teaching English abroad in the summer. We have compiled for you detailed and complete descriptions of summer camps abroad and programs for training, indicated the cost of each of them, and posted reviews of other students - if you have any questions, please contact our experts. Each school is ideal forstudy abroad for Russian students, will provide a rich selection of training programs, comfortable conditions for study and living and a high level of service.

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Study and vacation in the summer abroad

Summer study abroad is a great opportunity to have a fun, interesting and useful vacation. Language courses abroad are very popular among students all over the world: children from all over the world come to study, and to learn the chosen language in such an international atmosphere is not only exciting but also productive. Through constant communication with other students, the emotional barrier is very quickly overcome, speech and communication skills develop, and friendship with new friends remains with you for many years.

Combined courses are a useful and interesting way to spend time

Summer schools often offer combined programs that combine effective teaching with a lot of leisure, entertainment, sports and sightseeing activities. For example, for schoolchildren, football camps are offered, where pupils are expected to practice the chosen sport under the guidance of professional coaches and current game masters. The courses with a rich excursion program are also popular: for example, groups of students go on a tour of the Lake District of Britain, go on an African safari, rest at the ski resorts of the Alps or on the gentle coast of the Cote d'Azur. Many famous summer schools work on the basis of prestigious universities: it is a great opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultural and academic environment, choose a university for further study abroad, enjoy the infrastructure and architecture of huge campuses, feel part of the single brotherhood of students.

Studying in the summer abroad will be an excellent preparation for those students who plan to continue their education abroad - for example, they want to enter a foreign university. Visiting the summer camp, students will be able to actively develop language and academic skills, quickly adapt to the language environment of the host country, learn the characteristics of the local educational system. Many summer schools also offer to pass effective preparatory courses for various language exams and tests: profile diplomas and certificates are highly appreciated by universities around the world, and the students-holders of these certificates gain an advantage when enrolling in the chosen program.

Summer study abroad is effective and affordable

In the list below we offer you the best summer schools for study abroad. You can get acquainted with the description of each of them, read the testimonials of students, see the cost of specific courses. Training prices can vary considerably (they depend on the rating of the institution, the country of study, the course chosen), but you can select the most optimal and profitable option for each student. If you are at a loss with the choice - contact our specialist: we will take into account all your wishes, opportunities and requests and we will choose the best option for summer training.

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