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Top 20 insitutions abroad and in Europe that offer summer english . Education for children, students, adults, foreigners and international students abroad and in Europe. List of institutions, ranking, prices

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One of the best options for summer vacations for children and schoolchildren from Russia and the CIS - summer English courses, training for schoolchildren and students abroad and in Europe. On this page we have compiled for you a list of institutions with the best programs, indicated their rating and the cost of various courses - you can easily find the best option for yourself and get advice from our managers.

Top 20 insitutions abroad and in Europe that offer summer english . Education for children, students, adults, foreigners and international students abroad and in Europe. List of institutions, ranking, prices

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Summer English courses in Europe and abroad: advantages

  • Diversity of schools and countries

You can choose for yourself almost any European country: Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland and others. For each of them we have compiled a list of institutions offering the most effective, balanced summer courses - just use the rubricator in the left field of the page. You can choose a prestigious private school abroad, a popular international college, a language school or a network training center: the ratings and cost of institutions will help you in choosing.

  • Immersion in European culture and history

Summer English courses in Europe and abroad not only improve language skills. They will help to learn a lot about European history and culture, the features of the mentality and the nature of different countries and peoples, immerse themselves in the language atmosphere with a head - in these conditions, study abroad becomes especially effective, fast and productive.

  • Strong academic preparation

The best private schools, language centers and colleges on this page have successfully proven themselves for many years of successful work. Pupils and students of Russia and the CIS, having chosen summer English courses in Europe, will be able to prepare effectively and comfortably for training on longer, more thorough programs. The education system in Russia and European countries differs significantly, and studying at summer English courses abroad can painlessly prepare a child for transition to a new academic and linguistic environment.

  • Interesting combined programs

All courses of English abroad and in Europe, presented in the catalog, include not only training: the students are waiting for a huge number of recreational activities, circles of sports and creativity, interesting excursions to the most famous monuments and sights of European countries. The leisure program is not only an element of entertainment: it is an excellent opportunity to sharpen conversational skills and get rid of the language barrier, expand vocabulary, practice oral English in real life conditions, constantly fixing in practice the knowledge gained in the classroom.

Summer English courses in Europe: varieties and opportunities

Depending on your goals, requirements, opportunities and prospects, you can choose for yourself the best option for studying at summer courses in Europe - there are many options for summer programs:

  • Universal language course "English language + entertainment, leisure, sport and excursions" (including standard, high and high intensity)
  • Courses of leadership and development of personal qualities for children and schoolchildren
  • Thematic programs of English abroad: with theatrical-dramatic, musical, artistic bias
  • Summer sports academies (various kinds of sports are offered - you can choose according to your taste: tennis, golf, rugby and others)
  • Summer Business Courses for High School Students
  • Family programs "Child + parent": a unique opportunity to study and relax with the whole family
  • Academic summer language programs: intensive development of academic skills, preparation for admission and study in the best private schools, colleges and universities in Europe and abroad
  • Preparation for language tests: IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge exams and other
  • Preparation for specific programs: summer preparation course for IB, A-level, etc.

Summer education abroad for children and schoolchildren: rules and features of summer courses

Usually the best private schools, colleges, boarding schools and universities abroad and in Europe offer summer school courses for children and schoolchildren. They offer comprehensive, "package" programs: the cost of the course includes accommodation and board meals, a leisure and excursion program, the necessary materials for classes, initial testing of knowledge and a corporate certificate at the end of the program. Accommodation on summer English courses in Europe is most often organized either in host families (which are carefully selected and constantly checked) or at the residences of the chosen educational institution, includes boarding (minimum three meals a day).

Each educational institution forms its own unique program of summer courses for children and teenagers. As a rule, language and academic classes are held in the morning, in the morning hours - after lunch students are expected to have sports and creative electives, fun leisure activities and games, fascinating excursions, useful master classes and creative meetings. Each week there are 1-2 long excursions for the whole day - the detailed schedule of each for you will be specified by our manager (it depends on the chosen course and educational institution).

You can be sure: summer English courses abroad and in Europe will be an unforgettable adventure for the child and the best opportunity to discover his talents and potential!

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