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Top 25 spring schools, camps, programs for kids and studentsin Europe and abroad. Check for the best schools below with details descriptions and prices

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You can choose the best educational institution from this list for studying the language in the spring. We have compiled for you detailed and complete descriptions of institutions and programs for studies in Europe , indicated the cost of each of them, and posted reviews of other students - if you have any questions, please contact our experts.

Top 25 spring schools, camps, programs for kids and studentsin Europe and abroad. Check for the best schools below with details descriptions and prices

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Benefits of language camps in Europe and abroad

Language programs for foreign and Russian students are organized by educational institutions in many European countries - the Czech Republic, Germany, England, America, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Malta, Switzerland and many others. Each of these places has its own atmosphere and unique sights. Also, some states offer foreign students to study not only ubiquitous English, but also French or German.

Training in foreign language camps and schools has certain advantages, knowledge of which will help you choose an educational program suitable for your child.

  • At this time of year, the tourist flow is below the average. Hence, those wishing to go abroad will not have problems with obtaining a visa and buying air tickets to the country of study and back at a bargain price
  • Foreign students will be able to join the celebration of European holidays falling out for this period of the year - for example, Catholic Easter. This holiday in Europe is noticeably different from traditional Russian: the streets are decorated, chocolate hares and eggs are sold everywhere, and that's not all! Participation in such an action will surely enthrall any child and will be remembered for a long time
  • Study abroad is not without new acquaintances - in the language camp your child will communicate with peers from different countries and will be able to make friends around the world. In addition, thanks to the international environment, students learn tolerance and the art of international communication
  • Spring vacation abroad is an excellent "probe" for children and parents who only think about the option of studying abroad. The standard vacation program (1-2 weeks) will be enough to understand how much the child likes to stay in another country and whether this format of training suits him.

Spring language programs in Europe are usually organized on the basis of private schools or boarding houses. For children, schoolchildren, teenagers and students, the necessary conditions for comfortable living and training are created here. Campuses of foreign schools are well equipped: there are various sports grounds, cozy classrooms with interactive equipment, sometimes a swimming pool or a library, necessarily computer classes and wireless Internet throughout the territory.

In spring camps abroad, despite the vacation period, the basic pedagogical staff of the institution on the basis of which the program passes is working with the students. Therefore, the quality of teaching remains at the highest level, regardless of the time of year.

Choosing a spring camp abroad: programs, list, rating

International language schools offer foreign and Russian students a choice of several types of educational programs:

  • The "Language + Leisure" program is a training course where children and adolescents will combine learning English (or French) in the morning with various activities in the second half - sports, creative and entertaining
  • The program "Language + Sport" - this course is perfect for students who are accustomed to spend a considerable part of their time in sports activities. On the program, students can not only do their favorite sports, but also try themselves in other physical activities. Spring camps abroad offer a choice of lessons on horseback riding, tennis, football, rock climbing, swimming and so on. The listed classes are held in parallel with the study of a foreign language under the standard program for foreign students
  • The program "Language + academic disciplines" - the course enables students not only to learn a foreign language, but also to gain in-depth knowledge on an additional topic: British culture, world festivals, urban life and others. In the framework of this spring program, the child not only increases his knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar of English, but also learns the topic of interest in the chosen language. Such a format of education in the future can play into the hands of admission to foreign colleges or universities
  • The "Teacher's Study" program is a common training course for language camps abroad. This is intensive, where a foreign student spends his entire period of study in the home of a teacher who is a native speaker. This format of study is one of the most effective, because here the student is fully loaded both into the language, and into the cultural and everyday features of another country. In this case the probability of using the native speech is reduced to a minimum.

When choosing a curriculum, parents should also take into account the fact that the vacation time in our country and European countries is different (coincidence of terms is a rare phenomenon). It is possible that the Russian schoolchild will have to miss several days of studying in his native school. On the other hand, the fullness will not be as high as in the summer, and the training groups will remain small. So teachers can give maximum attention to each student.

Thus, training in the spring camps of English abroad is an effective investment of means and time.

The price of training in the spring language camp in Europe for foreign and Russian schoolchildren

The cost of training in a spring language camp abroad will depend directly on the chosen country, school or training center, as well as language learning objectives. On average, prices for 2-week programs in European countries start from £ 1,000 in Britain, and in the range of 500 to 1,200 euros in the rest of the world.

This price usually includes the curriculum itself, accommodation, meals, entertainment and sightseeing. Insurance, visa and air tickets are a separate item for parents.

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