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The ideal vacation for a modern school student is a bright, unforgettable, emotional rest, and for parents, the children's free time should be spent with profit. To meet the needs of both, summer international youth camps in Spain allow - a wide range of effective combined-type programs is offered here. Children's international centers in the country invite foreign students to study Spanish and activates courses, excursions. Vacation programs are suitable for the acquisition and improvement of all types of skills, from speech perception to communication in a language environment.

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Why go to the camp of Spain for a vacation?

Each school on vacation has an educational and developmental focus. It allows:

  • to learn the language (in the country courses Spanish and English are available in a friendly atmosphere, informal atmosphere, international environment;
  • [999.9 ] Develop and improve basic skills by immersion in the language environment, local culture;
  • to have a good rest by taking part in an entertainment program (sports, beach activities, cognitive trips, walks, etc.);
  • making new friends.

Children's camps teach students effective communication without regard for nationality, cultural characteristics, etc. Staying in an international environment develops tolerance, the quality necessary for life in society.

Types and features of training in the summer and seasonal camp

Modern summer institutions for children and youth are divided into several categories. The determining factor is, first of all, orientation or educational orientation. The language center in Spain is suitable for children who want to learn and / or improve a foreign language: there are Spanish, English schools in the country, and training in bilingual programs is also available.

There are school options for children and their parents at different times of the year:

Holiday centers are also divided into sports and creative. The first provide for a colloquial and professional sports program - most often teenagers are offered football, golf, tennis, motorcycle and cycling, horseback riding, surfing. Creative children's camp can be vocal, dance, art, etc. Attention students are offered not only lessons, electives, but also master classes from specialists in this or that field of art.

Also schools are classified according to the price criterion, the cost of educational services is determined by the rating of the educational institution, its location, type, orientation.

Языковой лагерь в Испании

Prices for summer camps in Spain

The cost in most cases includes a full range of services, including curriculum, school materials, accommodation, meals, regular excursions and activities, sports games, transfers (at certain times, but not in all institutions), and insurance. Depending on the prestige, location and popularity of the school, as well as the option of living, the price for everything varies on averagefrom 450 to 1000 euros per week.

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