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Primary, secondary education abroad and in Europe in Russian. List of institutions, description and prices, reviews

Education information

To make your choice easier we have compiled a list of the best institutions for international children (kids), teenagers, students with primary, secondary education in Russian language. You can choose the best course for you, focusing on the description of schools and programs, ratings, their costs and student feedback. If necessary, you can always ask for our experts opinion and help. FREE services are available when enrolling in our partner institutions, the number of places is limited.

Base level (Preschool)

  • Age: from 3 to 5 years
  • Dates: September-June
  • Price: 132500 rub / month
  • Duration of the program: from 1 year.
  • The basic level program is designed for the youngest pupils of the school from 3 to 5 years. The course for children includes international education under the International Early Year Curriculum (Dicipilins: Morning Group Meeting, Exploration & Learning, Music & Movement, Literacy & Language Enrichment, Preschool Projects & Learning and not only) and the Russian-language "Pathways" program, which includes mathematics, reading and writing, speech development, visual activity for preschoolers 3-4 and 4-5 years respectively. The duration of the lesson is 45 minutes.

    1st level (Key Stage 1)

  • Age: from 5 to 7 years
  • Dates: September-June
  • Cost: 132 500 rubles / month
  • Duration of the program: 1-2 years.
  • The first level program includes two stages: a preparatory group for children aged 5-6 and a preparatory group for schoolchildren of 6-7 years. It also offers two versions of educational courses: the international Cambridge primary curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum, and the national program of the school "Paths". The Russian-language program examines key general educational subjects that correspond to the primary school - the surrounding world, literacy, speech, literature, music, work, art, and so on. The duration of the lesson is 45 minutes.

    Primary, secondary education abroad and in Europe in Russian. List of institutions, description and prices, reviews

    Extract of the description of institutions in currect section:

    Boarding school "Intellectual" - an educational institution for gifted children, located in Moscow. The institution is one of the five best secondary schools in the city by the end of 2015. Annually, "Intellectual invites to teach children from middle and high school - from 5 to 11 class. Also, the school has a small department for junior pupils from 1 to 4 classes.

    The peculiarity of the school is its multi-subjectivity: here the student can simultaneously be a biologist and a mathematician, for the task of the teachers of the school is to give the children the widest possible and universal education. By its mission, the boarding school Intellectual calls work with children who achieve above-average results in an ordinary school, ask many questions and are always ready to improve their knowledge. Since only excellent students are enrolled in the school, the best of the best are gathered here not only from the educational institutions of Moscow, but from all over Russia.

    Additional comfort in the school atmosphere creates mutual respect between students and teachers, as well as the attitude to each student as an adult, independent personality.

    Alternative cities:

    • London
    • Cambridge
    • Miami, Florida
    • Oxford
    • New York
    • San Francisco, California
    • Los Angeles, California
    • Barcelona
    • Vienna
    • Salzburg
    • Bad Honnef
    • Stockholm
    • Smithfield, Providence
    • Warsaw
    • Istanbul
    • Granby, Massachusetts
    • Scuol
    • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    • Dover
    • Monterey Bay, California

    Alternative countries:

    • United Kingdom
    • USA
    • Switzerland
    • Canada
    • Austria
    • Germany
    • France
    • Spain
    • Italy
    • Ireland
    • Greece
    • Ukraine
    • Taiwan
    • Cyprus
    • Wales
    • Montenegro
    • Grenada
    • Chile
    • Morocco
    • Israel


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    • GCSE
    • English for Insurance
    • A-Level
    • High School Diploma
    • BTEC
    • language test preparation
    • german summer courses
    • Preparation for a master's degree
    • music+italian course
    • Bachelor (Norwegian)
    • oxbridge Pre-U
    • GIA courses
    • Pharmaceutical English
    • holiday camps for kids
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