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Many Russians today are striving to ensure that their children receive a secondary school education abroad - and for several reasons. In particular, studying abroad after 9th grade and studying after 11th grade and obtaining a professional diploma corresponding to international standards is considered the guarantee of a successful future for a single schoolboy. Practice shows that this often happens.

Primary and secondary education abroad, including study abroad after 9th grade and 11th grade, is, above all, qualitative knowledge. In European and American schools, educational institutions of other countries, children are not just listeners, but full participants in the educational process. This determines the level of their achievements. Without the knowledge of the language, most schools will not be able to do so. Language is one of the basic requirements for enrolling and even obtaining a visa, especially in high school, so English courses abroad are immensely popular. But there are exceptions, for example, after the 6th, 7th or 8th grades, you can still choose a school that prepares for the integration program, when the emphasis is on intensive language learning, and then, when the student is already able to master the material, academic disciplines are connected. Similar programs will help you pick up our specialists - English abroad can be taught by a student of any age and any requirements.

For example, you can compare the Russian and foreign learning structures.

The fundamental difference between schools in Russia and in the West is that in the first case, students are not given a choice: they study a huge number of common objects. And in the second case, the student is taught several basic disciplines, on the basis of which the educational program is being built.

The United Kingdom and The United States , for example, practice consecutive studies beginning at the age of 13 to 14 years. Studying abroad after 9th grade, the student has the right to choose a certain number of subjects that coincide with his mindset and ambitions: this will be his personal program. And only before entering university does the student pass a purposeful training on 3-4 disciplines on one of the programs of the senior classes, for example:

  • A-level - the British program of 16-18 years for high school students, traditionally accepted by all universities in England and a number of countries of the world,
  • IB (International Baccalaureate) is an international program for senior students, universally recognized throughout the world,
  • BTEC is an analog of A-level, a high school course aimed at a more narrow and comprehensive study of the subject, emphasizing the practical part,
  • High School Diploma Program - is studied in the upper grades of the American system, similarly A-Level allows you to enter the universities of America and Canada, as well as a number of countries in the world,
  • GCSE / iGCSE - certificate of completion of a junior high school (9 classes in the Russian school system), taught in institutions with the British system.

Среднее образование за рубежом

Apparently, study abroad after the 11th grade for Russian students is presented in several variants: multifaceted and diverse training programs whose common purpose is to help them enroll in a foreign university. In addition, a lot of attention in all courses is given to studying English abroad: without a reliable knowledge of the language, quality education is impossible.

American educational institutions are aimed at foreign students, and therefore, the accentuated study of English guarantees his knowledge after 2-3 years. If you choose to study abroad after the 9th grade, you should be especially sure of the quality of your language training: to work hard additionally, most likely, nobody will be with the student, so he should be ready to perceive the material at the level of native speakers. If you doubt the quality of your linguistic training, we will pick up suitable preparatory programs for you so that you can learn English abroad in a short time.

Many European countries follow this illustrious system, which, in addition to academic disciplines, provides an opportunity for the display of the talent of children in additional subjects such as painting, music education, as well as in the most Various sports: bicycle, rugby, football, swimming, horseback riding, skiing, etc. Among the countries practicing such a system of education can be notedSwitzerland , Germany , France , Italy , Spain , Austria , ] Czech Republic , etc., where the training takes place according to the international Anglo-American model.

We also provide you with a list of foreign schools withelementary education .

Samples of entrance tests for admission to private schools and colleges abroad , which you can write for us free of charge, without attending school itself. The admission services are also free (including for English courses abroad).

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Choosing a school abroad and studying

Most parents choose private schools or boarding schools for their children: all because equipping such institutions is better than for public institutions (laboratories, reading, music and Sports halls), and the level of reliability is higher and more stable. Also, individual factors are important factors: for studying abroad after the 11th grade it is especially important, because during this period the child is finally determined with further direction of education, specialty and faculty.

A point of increased importance for entering a secondary school abroad is the knowledge of a foreign language -English abroad is almost always required. For this reason, there is a need to provide a document certifying the language of the student, in this case English. But there is always the opportunity to go through additional support courses - you can study English abroad today in any country and on any continent.

The duration of study abroad is 11-13 years. In order not to have difficulties in enrolling in foreign universities, Russian students are best qualified to receive an international matriculation certificate after completing a course abroad after 9th grade: in this case, having studied for several years in a foreign environment, students already have an excellent knowledge base and a high level of foreign language . After such thorough preparation, it is quite possible to continuestudy abroad after the 11th grade .

Школы за границей - среднее образование

School education abroad for Russian students: the main advantages

Classical education for Russians abroad, including studying abroad after 11th grade, has long become a ticket to a happy life. In European countries, Russian students receive academic knowledge in general subjects, choose specialization in high school. But apart from that they learn independence, responsibility, acquire decision-making skills.

Study in Europe has other advantages. Study abroad after the 11th grade with full immersion in the language environment allows the student to master English (or French, German, Spanish, Italian depending on the chosen country). The received certificate opens the doors of the most popular, prestigious, rating universities of the world before the entrant.

Secondary education abroad: private schools and boarding schools in England, USA, Switzerland, Canada

Qualitative secondary education abroad can have different costs: it is determined by the institution's rating, the level of teaching or the stage chosen by the direction (for high school students).

In Europe, the British version is accessible and popular. Estimated cost per yearin England is £ 14,000 - 25,000 in the day school and £ 32,000 - 40,000 in the boardinghouse , in Europe the most expensive thing to study is in Switzerland : here the year in [999.9 ] The boarding house costs the foreign student in CHF 60 000 - 90 000, in the day school - CHF 20 000 - 50 000.

The prices of programs largely depend on the category of institution (general education, specialized), Russian students receive and overseas. The year of study at school-board USA costs approximately $ 40,000 - 60,000. Canadian hostelsoffer programs at a price of $ C 35 000 - 60 000.

Teaching by the high school program and also can be obtained inexpensively. For example, in France, Italy, Austria, Germany, and even in the same England, we can offer a number of schools where the cost of tuition at a boarding house will not exceed 25,000-30000 euros per year.

Study abroad after the 8th, 9th and 10th grade of the Russian school is a lot of opportunities for the child's self-development

Students leave on thematic resources mostly rave reviews about boarding schools. Western institutions are very different from Russian ones - and it's not just the training system, infrastructure.

This is, first of all, an invaluable experience of communication for each child. In addition, training allows:

  • to study the new culture, language, peculiarities of the mentality of the inhabitants of the chosen country;
  • develop abilities in the field of creativity, sports, other activities;
  • to prepare qualitatively and comfortably for Admission to higher education (secondary education abroad after the 8th, 9th and 10th grades is profile, preparatory programs are offered to children's attention).

Foreign school bench and higher education abroad - the first step to a successful career.

Contact our experts, If you have any questions. We will help with the choice of the best option for the school abroad for free.

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