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If the efficiency and usefulness of education abroad now does not cause any doubt, then knowing the language at the level necessary for this level remains a big problem for many. To my great regret, the "standard English" graduates of secondary schools often only have enough to ask their interlocutor what his name is. The students of various language courses are not much better, but the "academicity" advertised by some of them has its opposite side. The problem is that the book language is very far from what is usually used in real life, and the classic question "How do you do?" Is hopelessly outdated, and its application is relevant only at the reception of the Queen of England.

And if we leave behind the brackets the questions connected with the choice of an educational institution and the search for the means necessary for training, there remains one "unpleasant" problem: how to prove in the admissions committee of the chosen university its good language training? A common practice in such cases is the passing of a language exam for obtaining a special international certificate.

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At once I would like to warn those who want to cheat:

To take such a test follows with all responsibility, and the slightest attempt to write off will lead to the inevitable and very unpleasant: "You are free. Come again next time. " Also, it is not necessary to offer a bribe to the examiner on the basis of old memory: he will not take money, but he will be able to report the incident to the police. But in case of success, you will become the owner of an international certificate, which is recognized by almost all educational institutions in the US and Europe. In addition, he has many other advantages.

  1. Even the very fact of passing the exam is very prestigious.
  2. High scores are one of the necessary conditions for further education abroad.
  3. The opportunity to leave for permanent residence (for example, it is much easier to obtain a visa).
  4. You will get a unique opportunity to test your Knowledge of the compliance with existing standards, usually put forward for entering universities and colleges.
  5. The final certificate is your pass to a different, better life and the possibility of getting a prestigious and highly paid work.

Therefore, the correct preparation for such testing is almost more important than the fact of successful delivery . The developed training course is aimed specifically at obtaining the desired result, and it showed particular efficiency in solving traditional "bottlenecks" of Russian-speaking listeners: in conversation with a native speaker and listening. The methods developed by highly qualified specialists are aimed at actualization of knowledge and error-free execution of examination tasks, while their important link should be recognized as their close connection with practice and excellent efficiency.

The most popular and popular language exams are in England and USA .

It remains to add that the course is designed for a period of From 4 to 16 weeks (depending on the type of examination and your initial level of knowledge), that at 20-40 lessons per week and the duration of each from 45 to 60 minutes allows you to fully immerse yourself in the language and make the most of the available time for training. It should be borne in mind that the groups are made up of roughly the same "students" in knowledge level and consist of a maximum of 15 people. Housing is provided, and you can choose between living in families, student campuses or hotels.

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