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Peru is a country known as the historic center of South America. Once a stronghold of the Inca empire, today it is represented by a multitude of ethnic groups: Europeans, Japanese, Chinese, Africans, and Mestizos live on the territory. The official status in the country is Spanish and the Quechua adverb. Territorially the country is divided into 3 large areas: the coastal Pacific belt, the Amazon rainforest, the Andes mountain range, and in every region full of attractions - the most famous in the world and attractive for tourists are Machu Picchu, Incan, Moche, Nazca.

The country is famous for its Spanish heritage, culture, the education system here is also similar to the Spanish one: it includes preschool, school (primary, secondary) level and higher (Profile, university) level. In universities, to obtain a bachelor's degree, you need to study for 3 years, the master's program provides for additional one-year training. As for specialties and directions, technical and humanities, social sciences have about the same popularity.

The pre-Columbian culture and short-term curricula are offered in the country, where locallanguage schools . Learning Spanish in Peru is a real pleasure: to consolidate knowledge and improve skills for students here during the travels of the Amazon, exploring the ancient architectural complexes of Machu Picchu, dating Indian traditions and customs. The choice of courses for study in the country is wide - individual, standard group classes,Spanish courses , combined with volunteer work.

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