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Education in Panama, which attracts attention with its rich cultural life, tropical climate, beaches and forests, does not differ in quality from the European one. In this country, which is considered almost the ideal place for a vacation, foreigners are offered programs of high school, bachelor's and master's programs.

Panama vocational training is recognized in many countries around the world, educational institutions listed in the international rating work here.

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Education in Panama: the choice of school and university

Education seeks to get mainly young people: entrants are attracted by the acceptable cost of undergraduate programs - it is significantly lower than in Europe. In addition, the country is considered one of the most inexpensive Latin American countries: prices for housing, food, transport here are lower than in Europe or the US, while the standard of living in the country is high, the quality of services and services meet international standards.

Every foreign entrant faces a difficult choice of a university: more than 90 universities and colleges work on the territory of the state - two of them are of international importance, many universities are known on the territory of the country. You can also study at American universities - affiliates of US universities open in major cities of the country.

We know how difficult it is for an applicant to find a suitable college, university, for himself. The experts of the SMAPS made a list of educational institutions abroad to facilitate the task for their clients.

In our catalog you will find a list of the most famous educational institutions of the country. For the convenience of choosing a school or university, it is possible to search by specified parameters. In the left panel there is a simple form: filling in the data on the priority language, type of the program, you will be able to find institutions offering educational services of the corresponding category.

Training in Panama in English: language courses

Study abroad , namely in hospitable Panama - is not only university programs and professional courses of continuing education, postgraduate education. The country offers a wide choice of language courses: in Spanish, English it is possible both in local and in international educational centers.

Courses in language schools allow you to combine language learning and cognitive, active holidays in one of the most interesting countries of Latin America. Students are offered special programs to study the biodiversity of the country, acquire and improve skills of hiking, managing small craft (boat, yacht), diving, etc.

Education can also include a cultural and entertainment program - it involves not only familiarity with the traditions and customs of the people living in the territory of the country, but also language exchange. Studying in this case means full immersion in the Hispanic environment and teaching local people their language.

Choosing a school with Smapse is easy

Do you plan to study in Panama, but have not found a suitable program in the catalog? Our specialists will help with the choice of the course and educational institution. We can choose for you individually the language school, university, professional courses. All you need for this is to contact us in any convenient way. For you, a multi-channel phone, online chat, Skype. Also, we are ready to respond promptly by e-mail to the questions of those who wish.

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