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Education information

Northern Ireland is part of the UK - it is an opportunity to get a high-quality education of the British model, and at the same time at a more favorable price. Despite the large number of common features in educational systems, there are some fundamental differences. In particular, the study of English in Northern Ireland is more priority and popular: historically it turned out that it was the Irish version of English that was the most correct, accurate, harmonious and pleasant for hearing, better preserved the historical national features. Training in Northern Ireland will provide you with ample opportunities for continuing education around the world, for a successful career and finding a job in the best companies in the world.

Initially, the country's education system pursued the main goal: to give equally qualitative education to all categories of citizens (both Catholics and Protestants). Integrated education is the main feature of the state, also the tradition of separate education is still active here (for boys and girls there are different schools and colleges).

The structure of education in Northern Ireland

As with the rest of the United Kingdom, secondary education is compulsory for all citizens from 5 to 16 years old: classical and technical schools have been set up for this purpose. The initial stage lasts from 6 to 12 years, the secondary school - up to 15 years. The secondary school is also divided into several stages:

1) Junior Cycle = 3 years
2) The so-called "transitional year" - Transition year
3) Senior Cycle = 2 years. Training is completed with exams, the results of which are recorded in the national maturity certificate Leaving Certificate (it is required for admission to the university).

Higher education is available at universities, pedagogical and technical colleges - the choice depends on the specialty you want to receive. In Northern Ireland, you can get a bachelor's degree, master's, doctorate (that is, complete a full cycle of higher education). The most developed, large and prestigious universities are in Dublin (Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin), Limerick, Belfast.

As the correct, literary English language has been preserved in Ireland, the country is extremely popular among students choosing a variety of language courses. Appropriate programs are organized at large schools and universities for vacations, there are many branches of international educational networks and local educational institutions. Here you can conduct an interesting combined course (English with leisure, sports and leisure trips), learn business English, effectively prepare for admission to the university, to pass the language exam (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and others), improve qualifications as a teacher - each student Will find for himself a suitable, optimal program.

How much does it cost to study in Northern Ireland?

As mentioned, training in Northern Ireland is more profitable at a price than in England and Scotland. For example, bachelor's higher education programs cost an average of 4 to 5 thousand pounds per academic year (medical specialties are traditionally more expensive). There are student loan programs, targeted scholarships for the most gifted and successful students.

The advantages of studying in Northern Ireland

1) It's a small, cozy country: in your spare time you will have many opportunities for traveling, walking, relaxing in nature, getting to know the national color and culture

2) High level of equipment, modern infrastructure, comfortable conditions for living and teaching - all this combined with historical, majestic buildings, quiet and measured rhythm of life

3) Low cost of education compared to pensions and universities in England and Scotland: according to statistics, boarding schools of the country are almost twice cheaper, while the quality of education is not lower

4) A mild, fairly favorable climate, a cool winter without sudden changes in temperature

5) Respect for foreigners, friendliness and hospitality of local residents

6) Opportunity to work during Study on long-term programs. Some universities even have their own organizations and programs (for example, the University of Limerick is a Cooperative Program) that help students find a job, maintain contact with employers around the world and even can arrange useful internships and practices.

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