Primary, secondary education in New Zealand for pupils and studens. List of institutions, rankings, prices

Education information

Getting an education in New Zealand is tempting because the English system allows after school to choose any elite university and act on the basis of final grades without passing the preparatory courses. The country until 1907 was a colony of Britain, which affected the training system.

In New Zealand, the school system includes just over 400 institutions, but only 20 of them are private. The state strictly regulates the programs and the educational system, so the quality of education here is at the highest level, while the cost is 20-30% lower than secondary education in Britain.

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Government institutions

In the first grade, the child enters the age of 5-6 years, until the 8th grade (13 years) continuing education in primary classes, until the age of 16, children are trained in the middle schol, ending 11 classes. After that they have a choice: to study subjects under the program similar to the British A-level, or to pass vocational training in college.

At the end of grade 11, all students receive a School Certificate, which corresponds to the certificate of secondary education in Russia. An adequate level of 12-13 years of study allows to obtain NCEA Level I, which corresponds to the quality standards of the programHigh School Diploma (United States) or British A-level .

How can a foreigner enter a New Zealand school?

State institutions do not provide for payment for local residents, but foreigners will need to pay for tuition. The cost of training in public schools for foreign students is slightly lower than in private boarding schools, so children prefer to study there, where comfortable living and food are provided at a high level. For one quarter ina private school will need to pay about $ 5,000-9,000 New Zealand dollars.

When an alien is residing outside the campus, the family inspects the living conditions on a monthly basis. Also, regular checks are carried out by the police: the state is attentive to the safety of the foreign student.

You will not be able to enroll as soon as you receive a Russian certificate to a New Zealand university: you need either to go through 1-2 courses of a university in Russia in such a direction, or spend a year studying in a preparatory course.

An excellent option for admission is the opportunity for foreign citizens to receive training in the upper grades of the New Zealand system, this is 11 to 13 years of education. The list of studied disciplines contains about 30 directions, the main of which are foreign, English and mathematics. For Russian students, it will be unusual to study core subjects: practical bases of journalism, radio electronics, art or accounting.

For foreigners entering New Zealand schools, a report card with scores (academy) is required. Also, the results of testing in English at the level of reading and understanding of the press are required. Many institutions indicate in the list of necessary documents two characteristics from the previous school and an essay on the topic: "Why do I act here." Foreign students are often recommended to attend preparatory courses with in-depth study of English. The result of the TOEFL exam is required not less than 500 points.

Unlike the British educational system, New Zealand does not have a clear distinction between the age of the pupils. Russian students can transfer from their school to New Zealand at any time and choose a class based on their own level of knowledge. The program of the senior classes children can pass for one year or study it some years.

To think about enrolling in a New Zealand institution is necessary in advance, as the process of checking and filing documents can take 3-4 months. Some private institutions can send screening tests to potential students for certain subjects that are studied at an in-depth level. It may take up to 2 months for the visa to be issued.

About 10 thousand foreign students are currently enrolled in the middle and upper classes of the country.

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