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Spring courses and schools with English in New York. Rankings, list of 30 best schools, tuition fees, reviews

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Below you can find top 30 spring courses and schools with English language in New York, offering exciting programs for international children, teenagers, students and foreigners. A detailed description of the courses and schools, current prices, rankings and feedback of students will help you to make your choice easier and more enjoyable. Enrollment is free of charge to our partner institutions. NO INTERMEDIARIES. Official representatives. Discounts are available on the official prices.

Spring courses and schools with English in New York. Rankings, list of 30 best schools, tuition fees, reviews

Extract of the description of institutions in currect section:

Language School Shprahkafe New York is a famous language school in the city, in which "America's heart beats". Megapolis is considered a place giving foreigners unlimited opportunities for self-realization. To feel yourself at home in New York, you need to speak English at a level sufficient for everyday communication. Achieving educational and career goals requires the development and accentuation of language skills, which can be done through training in Sprachcaffe New York.

Learn English most effectively in a language environment. This opportunity is provided to its clients by the language school: study here does not end in the walls of classrooms, skills improvement continues at extracurricular activities, at home (families, residences), during walks, trips, excursions.

There is a language center in Manhattan. Within walking distance from here are the famous department stores Macy's and Penn Station. A couple of blocks from the school begins Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue. The famous Broadway theaters can also be reached from the school grounds in a few dozen minutes of leisurely walks.


  • Bachelor (Slovenian)
  • adult language courses
  • business courses
  • High School Diploma
  • summer french courses
  • academic languages
  • summer course in geography
  • summer chinese course
  • A-Level
  • Spanish football camp
  • GRE
  • holiday camps for kids
  • GCSE
  • higher education
  • Bachelor (Norwegian)
  • language test preparation
  • high school (Russian)
  • primary, secondary education
  • BTEC
  • University preparation

Alternative countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Switzerland
  • Canada
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Grenada
  • Taiwan
  • Slovakia
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Romania
  • Albania
  • Singapore
  • South Korea

Alternative cities:

  • London
  • Cambridge
  • Miami, Florida
  • Oxford
  • New York
  • San Francisco, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Barcelona
  • Vienna
  • Salzburg
  • Tampere
  • Cadiz
  • Delhi
  • Dollar
  • Stirling
  • Elze
  • Guilford
  • Rostock
  • Leicester, Leicester
  • Rugby
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