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Choose the city of New York for studying English abroad. This is the best option for those who want to visit the heart of America and one of the most popular and interesting cities in the world. Every moment of New York life is filled with movement, scurrying along the streets with yellow taxis, skyscrapers and several hundred people that will pass by you in one day. More than 7 million people are registered in New York, even more people just come here to get a new experience or to open new opportunities for their development. The latest here is waiting for the most incredible variety. That is why in this city everyone is likely to be able to find what he is looking for.

In addition to the incredible prospects and dynamics of the city, all visitors to New York are always ready to impress the city's sights: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, and the famous city blocks - Chinatown, Soho, Little Italy and many others. There is also a huge number of museums, palaces, theaters (Broadway), which with their splendor can attract even the tourist who considers himself far from art and culture of life.

At least once in your life everyone needs to visit this city full of life, because memories of studying in New York language courses will surely remain with you or your children for a long time.

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New York language schools for students of different ages - schoolchildren, teenagers, students

Learning English in New York is a truly rewarding life experience, because you will be introduced to a foreign language under the guidance of experienced teachers who themselves are native speakers. In addition, you will get a unique opportunity to become part of the busy life of the "big apple" and, maybe, even your dream will come true! Training in New York will also be a great investment for the future, give you an unforgettable experience and new friends around the world.

In each of the city's language schools, students will be able to find all the basic training programs: a standard English course, an intensive program, a thematic (combining lessons in English with a sports / creative / excursion program), business English, preparation for various tests necessary for obtaining secondary and higher education abroad - TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE, as well as other courses.

In addition to the subject, all programs can differ in the number of hours of study or the so-called intensity: the standard course is 15-20 hours a week, intensive - from 30 hours and so on. In addition, the classes themselves take place only from Monday to Friday, and Saturday and Sunday for students remain for entertainment, recreation and leisure. Young people can study the city on their own or as part of an organized trip away from school management. Or they can choose one of the activities that is available in New York: for example, golf, all team games (volleyball, basketball, football), sailing , tennis, as well as music, dance, theater and other kinds of creative activity.

With regard to the issue of residence during the period of study in one of the language schools in New York, here students are usually offered two options. The first is living in a host American family. Here the student receives a separate room in the house of a certain family, which is previously carefully checked by educational institutions for basic parameters. Also, in payment for renting a room can include meals for half board (1-2 times a day) or even full (full 3 meals a day).

The second popular option is accommodation in the student hostel of the school. In large cities, residences are located separately from the campus of the school (if the institution generally has its own territory, and not just one building). In this case, the hostel is also located near the school itself, or you can get there and back for a maximum of half an hour on public transport. When accommodated in a dormitory, the student can eat in the dining room if she is in school, and if not, the student can go to lunch at various cafes, restaurants and bistros that are in abundance in the central part of New York. Some institutions also offer their students accommodation in the apartments - renting a bed / room in a small apartment. This option is convenient because you can live here alone or even three of us with your friends and friends.

Best schools and courses in English in New York

So, and now we will list several language schools for learning English in New York, which for the past year were most often chosen by foreign students.

And the first such school is a New York representative of a large training network that has branches all over the world. Kings institutions are known among students from different countries, like schools with excellent technological equipment and a strong teaching staff. In New York, the training center opened not so long ago, literally a year ago. In addition to the American metropolis, language schools Kings are in the UK (London, Oxford, Boston). Schoolchildren and teenagers can study in Kings New York, starting from the age of 16. Also, there are programs for older students between the ages of 22-25 and older. This school provides an excellent opportunity to practice the language, improve communication skills, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of the most interesting cities in the country and the world.

The next school has some of the highest ratings in the city on the assessment of living conditions. The language school Rennert International has been operating in New York since 1973. The campus of the educational institution is located in the heart of Manhattan, from where it's easy to reach the key attractions of the metropolis. The Rennert International School is also considered one of the most roomy, because in one academic year, including the summer period, more than 750 students from different countries are trained here. To get English courses in this school can be already starting from the age of 13, with the average age of the students of the school being in the interval from 23 to 27 years. The geography of students covers more than 15 countries of the world, including Russia and CIS countries.

An educational institution with a slightly smaller stream of students belongs to an equally well-known network of LSI educational schools, courses and centers. Language Studies International also has branches in several countries around the world, and in this American metropolis opened in 2001. LSI NEW York, like the previous school, is located in Manhattan on the campus of the Metropolitan College of New York. This school accepts students already 12 years of age, but only for some programs. The average age of students in LSI NEW York is 22 years in summer, and 26 years in the calendar year. Since the school is on campus, students can be accommodated in a school residence on campus and eat in the dining room.

Another language school, whose body is in the heart of Manhattan, is called OHC English. This institution was opened in New York in 2007. Despite a relatively short time of work, the school managed to establish itself as a language center of international level, to study English language in which it is prestigious and promising. The school building is very well located: within walking distance there is a metro station Penn, the famous Empire State Building, as well as the areas of Times Square and Flatiron. The capacity of OHC students is not so big as the rest of the above, but this fact has its advantages - with a small stream of students, teachers have the opportunity to study more deeply with each student. The greatest activity in this language school comes in the summer when schoolchildren and teenagers from 12 to 16 come to the English language camp. On average, OHC English is chosen for students of the age category from 24 to 28 years.

The next online school for learning English in New York is called CES Embassy. This network has an educational experience of more than 30 years in general, a branch in the American city has been operating since 1980. CES Embassy is trying to place its schools in the centers of business and cultural life, so apart from New York, training centers also exist in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston and not only. In addition, CES Embassy in New York has high marks of foreign students on the proposed living conditions, because usually prices for students of the school are below the usual market. And you can live in the family, or in the student residence in the town of Manhattan School of Music, and during the summer educational programs - on the campus of Columbia University. Here, the students go through all the English language training courses that were listed earlier, and also undergo preparation for FCE, CAE, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS testing.

English Language School is the representative of one more educational network of the international level and in combination one of the most popular language schools in New York. According to the students' feedback, the school has a high rating for almost all key indicators - general rating, assessment of the quality of teaching, living conditions, the best rating of social events and school equipment. And this despite the fact that in New York the school started work only in 2009. The location of the training center is also one of the most successful - in the walking distance of 5th Avenue, Broadway theaters and much more. English Language School NY can be called a fairly large school, since only in the summer there are training for different programs of about 400 students (mostly adults), and in the remaining months - about 250 people in total. At the same time the audience is quite diverse throughout the year: they are students from 16 to 25 years old.

In New York, there is also the educational program Study & Live in your Teacher's Home. Its peculiarity and advantage lies in the fact that teachers are engaged individually with each student, which gives a faster and more effective result. Of course, the educational policy of this association implies group lessons other than personal, but the main focus is on the latter. Accommodation in the framework of this training program is organized on the territory of the teacher and is included in the course price. In total, the association brings together about 2,000 professional teachers around the world, so this format can be found only in New York, but also in other major cities. It should also be noted that such a course will cost students from other countries several times more than the courses in the listed language schools. Read more about prices.

Of course, these are only a few training centers in New York, where they study at the best English courses in New York for Russian and foreign children, schoolchildren, teenagers and also foreign students. For your convenience, we described all the prestigious schools and international programs, indicated their rating, the cost of training and collected feedback from other students - by contacting our specialist, you can easily make the right choice. FREE services for enrollment in partner institutions, the number of seats is limited. Help in the selection of institutions, advice on what documents need to be collected, what requirements for filing and the terms of enrollment.

The cost of studying and living in New York language schools

The very cost of studying at a language school abroad primarily depends, of course, on the place where it will be. That is, for example, in the suburbs, English education will be slightly lower than in a metropolis. As for New York itself, here the cost of training in a language center in all institutions of the city is approximately in the same range - from 750 to 900 US dollars for 2 weeks of study. And the same course of individual language lessons in the Study & Live in your Teacher's Home will cost around 3,500 dollars. However, we note immediately that in the latter case, the formation of the cost includes living on the territory of the teacher, while in other schools of the English language, the costs for accommodation and meals are calculated separately.

Concerning the rental of housing for the already announced period, we can say that in New York, the student will need about $ 1000 and more for living in a family, residence or student apartment. In addition, a separate item of expenditure will require food if the school does not have its own canteen on campus. Thus, the main expenses for a trip to a language school are formed not so much at the expense of the cost of the training itself, but at the expense of the cost of air travel (there and back) and accommodation / meals. If you take into account these nuances, then foreign students have all the chances to save money when choosing a budget accommodation and a pre-planned meal plan, as well as air tickets purchased in advance.

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