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Study in Netherlands. Top 50 schools, colleges, universities and kids camps in Netherlands for students from all over the world. List of schools, study fees, rankings

Education information

Modern education in the Netherlands is distinguished by the flexibility of programs, compliance with high international standards and continuous improvement of the system. The quality of academic training in educational institutions of all levels is guaranteed by the state.

The national diploma is recognized today in most countries of the world, and certificates of secondary education provide applicants with an opportunity to enter the most prestigious universities - therefore, studies in this country are very popular today.

Study in Netherlands. Top 50 schools, colleges, universities and kids camps in Netherlands for students from all over the world. List of schools, study fees, rankings

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Structure of training

The system of education is distinguished by constitutional freedom (this concerns the creation of schools, colleges, other institutions, the choice of the principles of their work), is dynamically developing. Its features explain the wide variety of educational institutions in a small European country. About 70% of public institutions are private, foreign students can study here.

Admission is available to institutions of the following levels:

  • primary,
  • secondary,
  • higher .
  • [ 999.13]

    Specialized centers and schools, in particular language centers, are also open in the country.

    1. Primary education is given to children aged 4 to 12 years. The first eight-year school cycle assumes the academic preparation of students in geography, mathematics, writing, reading, social studies, physics, Dutch and English.
    2. The middle stage has three directions: preparatory (MAVO, four-year course), general (HAVO - 5 years of study), pre-university (VWO - 6 years). Schools in the Netherlands are distinguished by a high quality of teaching services, service and conditions of stay.
    3. Bachelor's, Master's degrees in the country can be obtained inuniversity , a polytechnic institution, an institute for international training. Institutions of the first type differ in humanitarian, research profile. Polytechnical hogescholen produce specialists in various spheres of the economy. Institutes of an international orientation take on bachelor and master's programs mainly of foreign students from developing countries.

    Foreigners are also given the opportunity to improve Dutch, English on language courses - this plan is very profitable. Private schools offer a wide range of programs:

    • year-round short courses for adults (18+),
    • programs for children and adolescents 9 to 17 years (lasting from a week to a year);
    • ] Preparatory pre-university courses
    • business courses.

    The country has a well-developed English-language education: English can be The main language of teaching in school, a profile institution, a university, an institute, study is very democratic.

The advantages of studying in the Netherlands

The country has not accepted the division of universities into prestigious and ordinary universities, as in the United Kingdom or the United States. Equal value here is characterized by diplomas of all polytechnics, universities, institutes. This allows students to choose a university not by rating, but by profile, convenience of location, other priority criteria.

There are not many university and school campuses, students are offered to live during their studies in families, apartments, hotels, this contributes to the idea of ​​full immersion in the cultural environment of the country.

Institutions in the Netherlands are famous for their practical courses and progressive teaching methods. At all educational levels, special attention is paid here to the development not only of the academic and professional, but also social skills of the student, which is why many seek to study in this country.

Getting Dutch is a variety of opportunities for a career. Only in the country itself there are about 7000 international companies. Certificates and diplomas received in the Netherlands are accepted by a large number of employers around the world.

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