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Mexican education is not only an academic concept: study in the country of the Aztecs and Maya, which survived the Spanish colonization, is an incredible experience, primarily communicative and tourist. Today the country is actively developing: this applies to all social systems, including education. Training here has a number of features, one of the main is the optimal ratio of price and quality: in some Mexican universities and colleges the average annual cost does not exceed $ 150, the country is known as one of the most accessible for foreign students.

As part of the Latin American region, Mexico is becoming more promising in terms of education every year. Graduates of the country's universities are in demand in South America, they have good chances of finding a job in the USA. Learn here, in the homeland of tequila, burrito, sombrero and original music, today is profitable, convenient and relatively inexpensive.

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The country ranks 4th in the world in terms of the number of foreign investment in education: British, German, American, international schools and language camps on vacation for children are open, students from all over the world come here: who to get a scholar Degree, who to learn Spanish.

Foreigners can study in the country in primary, secondary, higher private school. Full secondary education is usually obtained for 12 years of training, it is not mandatory - after 9th grade teenagers can finish their studies and start working.

Private schools are divided into academic and special schools: the first prepares adolescents for admission to higher education institutions, the latter allow them to receive full secondary academic training and a certain profession (mainly in technology, commerce).

K Speciallanguage schools , they usually accept students over 11 years of age. Language schools are open to children, adolescents, adults, they offer a wide choice Spanish courses , from standard to business. In the country's training centers, you can prepare for the passing of an international exam to determine the level of language proficiency.


  • In a country of unimaginable landscapes and cultural treasures you can learn Spanish, relax on the beach, go in for water sports. Also, the curriculum can not be combined with cognitive. For students of language courses in the country provides a large number of sightseeing programs.
  • Learn here cheaper than in the US or Europe.
  • The special feature of education is the active development of the research direction, foreign students can be fully realized in science.
  • The national diploma corresponds to international standards, is listed in USA , a number of EU countries.
  • From a Mexican university, if desired, the student can transfer to a university of another country for the relevant branch. ]
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