English language schools in Malta. Cost, rating, list of schools

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Malta is a recognized European center for educational tourism. The island attracts a warm climate, azure seawater, a lot of sunny days a year, it is famous for its many attractions and unlimited opportunities for active or quiet beach holidays.

To study in Malta on vacation or on vacation is interesting and not burdensome. The island offers a wide range of educational centers and an assortment of language programs. English schools are popular, many come here for the sake of a qualitative and effective improvement of communication skills.

Language centers are located in tourist areas, some of them overlooking the chic Mediterranean beaches. Also, schools are located near the main attractions of settlements, this allows their students to get acquainted with the monuments of history and culture without spending time and money on the road.

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English schools in Malta: types and features

Modern institutions in Malta are numerous and varied. Some are focused on teaching children and teenagers, while others are open to adults. All centers are certified by the local Department of Education. The educational institutions differ from similar ones located in the continental part of Europe by several parameters.

Schools in Malta offer democratic prices - training here is usually cheaper than in Britain. Educational institutions are also distinguished by teaching staff. They work mainly young teachers - English speakers, in the process of teaching children and adult students, they use advanced techniques, technical tools. All this makes the educational process effective, and educational centers - ranking.

Varieties of English Courses

Each school can offer a wide range of programs to foreign students, they differ in intensity level, specificity. Thus, students are offered courses:

  • for beginners,
  • for those who speak English at the intermediate level,
  • for professionals.

Each type of program has its own characteristics. The option for beginners is suitable for those who make the first steps in learning, wants to master the language for communication in the everyday environment. Middle-level courses are chosen by those wishing to take international tests, improve their skills before entering the English-language general educational institution. Professional courses are visited by specialists (teachers, advertisers, marketers and others).

Choice of educational institution

If you need a language center in Malta, the prices of courses are not the first, what you need to focus on when selecting educational centers. It is recommended to choose an educational institution by specialization (if it is relevant), location, direction of the program.

Many foreigners highly appreciate the capital's schools. Educational centers scattered along the resort zones of the Mediterranean coast are also popular. The choice of where to learn English, is yours.

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