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English courses in Malta for adults: prices and ratings

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To know English in the modern world is practically a rule of good form, and the most effective learning of the language is possible only under the guidance of highly qualified teachers in an English-speaking environment. Combine studies today is not difficult with a business trip or vacation, the geography of travel while each chooses independently.

Learning English in Malta for adults is a great solution if you like beach holidays, unobtrusive excursions, island landscapes. The former British colony is now popular in the field of educational tourism almost more than the Misty Albion itself.

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Admission and training on language courses in Malta for adults

In order to become a student of a language school, it is necessary for everyone to do just a few steps. To begin with, the future student of the school needs to decide on the choice of the educational program and the training center, then pay the school's registration fee + the chosen course with accommodation, and then send the documents to the school staff. In addition, it is necessary to apply in a timely manner for a student visa.

The educational process itself in the Maltese language schools is built according to the methods of the classical system of British education. On the day of arrival, all students take a test, with the help of which their level of proficiency in English is determined. Some training centers also conduct a personal interview with the candidate. Based on these results, training groups for 10-15 people are formed. Thus, in one group among the students there can be both adults and teenagers, and young people of student age.

Training sessions in almost every language school in Malta begin on Monday and continue daily until Friday. Saturday and Sunday students stay for excursions. walks and rest. Other start dates can only be for long-term programs of 2 months or more, as well as for business courses and programs for specific specialization. Language lessons are held in the morning by the standard program, and if this is an intensive or super intensive course, then after lunch. In general, even with the heaviest load, the daily number of academic hours does not exceed 6-7 units. Of course with breaks for meals, socializing and relaxation.

Accommodation during the study at Malta's language courses can be organized in several ways: accommodation in a residence or student hostel, apartments, hotels of different categories, and also in host local families. Each of the proposed options (except for hotels) implies accommodation in a combined or separate room. More economical is the option of renting a residence in a residence or apartment for 2-3 people. Here it is usually meant and food, as a rule, on a half-board - this is either only breakfast, or breakfast and dinner.

Cost of studying English in Malta

Malta remains an attractive educational center for foreign students for many reasons, one of which is a pleasant value for money. Local English courses offer enough budgetary education prices that meet all European standards. Especially this contrast is noticeable in comparison with other countries.

On average, 2 weeks of studying English at a Maltese school will require a student in the amount of 300 to 500 euros. And this is only learning itself without living and other expenses. With regard to these items, rental housing on one of the previously listed options will cost at least 150 euros a week, and a maximum of more than 500 euros / week.

In addition, the specified price does not include the cost of air travel from the student's country to Malta and back, visa processing and consular fees, pocket expenses during training, as well as finance for excursions, shopping and entertainment in Malta.

Range of courses in Malta

English courses in Malta for adults are presented in a wide range, all of them are distinguished by the impeccable quality of practical directions and teaching. With students working native English speakers. The learning vector is chosen in accordance with the interests and actual needs of the students

Modern programs allow you to learn English for any purpose - from taking an international test to continuing your qualification. The most popular short-term intensive programs, most often adult students study business English and professional vocabulary. Also in demand courses for beginners.

Adult educational institutions are open all year round, the peak of the educational tourism season falls on the island in May-September. The autumn, winter combined programs are also in demand. They provide for the opportunity to study English during excursions, trips and recreation.

At any time of the year to learn the language of foreigners to be fully immersed in the English-speaking environment. This ensures the effectiveness of short-term and semester affordable programs.

Advantages of courses in Malta

Studying in a school in Malta has significant advantages:

  • a permanent stay in the language environment. You will have to constantly communicate with teachers and classmates in English. Constant practice is the key to rapid progress in learning,
  • the opportunity to study in a relaxed manner. Training takes place on a variety of programs. You can get the language and written practice in an interesting form while mastering additional knowledge;
  • traveling abroad always brings not only positive emotions, but also a wealth of life experience that will come in handy in the future.

Today we provide an opportunity to enroll in one of two educational centers. Each offers its students a variety of training programs designed for different age groups. Special English language courses are conducted for academic or business purposes. For more details and to choose a suitable school, please contact our specialists by phone.

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