English language courses in Malta: list of schools, prices

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The Maltese archipelago is one of the best places in Europe for beach and combined recreation. But the direction is popular not only as a tourist destination. Many travel to the Island for educational purposes, primarily for learning English.

English in Malta is pure, without any impurities and accent. Teach him in specialized schools and centers, which today are more than three dozen, teachers who are native speakers. The work of all educational institutions is supervised by the Ministry of Education. Also on the island there is a special association that tracks the compliance of educational institutions and programs with international requirements.

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Where to study in Malta?

Study of English abroad , in Malta, is available to all comers - there are schools for every taste and purse. Most educational centers are universal: they teach children, adolescents, adults. There are also specialized departments, for example, business or professional programs.

Language courses are offered, as a rule, in schools located in the resort area. It is a pleasure to study here: most of the centers are within walking distance of the beach, tourist and trade infrastructure, interesting sights.

Regarding the choice of a particular school, it is a matter of the individual preferences of the student. The professional consultants of the company organizing the trip to study will help to find the best variant of the program and the place of its holding.

Assortment of programs

English in Malta can be learned from scratch. Also programs for students with an average, high level of basic training are offered. The directions of education are divided into children's, school (teenage), adults (general) and special, combines their combined format.

In each school, the subjects of the lessons, the training materials are selected taking into account the age of the students, the level of their basic training is also taken into account, according to this criterion, groups are formed. Classes take place mainly in the form of interactive classes, teachers without pressure involve each student in the educational process.

The training system is as close to life as possible. The basis of learning English is not so much academic studies, as informal communication. Training takes place in a friendly atmosphere - an intercultural environment, formed by representatives of different nationalities, contributes to the rapid development of language skills.

Courses are offered in a standard, intensive and over-intensive version, each program has its own characteristics. The first allows you to combine lessons with eventful recreation. Intensive format will be the best choice for those wishing to prepare for language exams or entering the school, university. Ultra-intensive programs are chosen by those wishing to take courses for business, profile vocabulary for a short period of time.

Why learn English in Malta?

Training courses are held all year round, and program prices are far from being their only advantage.

  • The training directions are offered in a wide range.
  • The quality of education in Maltese language centers is at the level of International standards.
  • The schools employ multilingual staff, which makes the learning process as comfortable as possible for foreigners.
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